Cannabis Revealed: Why Marijuana Is Illegal?

The answer will probably shock you.  It is time to LEGALIZE NATURE!

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Cannabis Revealed

I am probably one of the biggest proponents of Cannabis that never smokes it. Like silver is a threat to the generational debt based debt and death ponzi scheme in which we live, I believe that Cannabis is a gift from God that is a direct threat to many industries that fund this debt and death paradigm.  Just like when I explored the silver story, the more I looked at Cannabis, the more I became more aware at its incredible potential in a post dollar paradigm.  I hope to at the very least get people to question their perceived reality of Cannabis.

As you know, I grew up a staunch Republican, Marine, business man and stayed away from cannabis because of the propaganda and the intense legal ramifications associated with it.  As I awoke to the illusion of our political and financial reality I went on a path of questioning everything else from spirituality to drugs to human consciousness. There I found the real reason why Cannabis is illegal, because is because it is a powerful weapon against the Debt and Death paradigm.

Cannabis has been used through out  history on every continent and by every civilization.  Cannabis is the strongest natural fiber. It was used for rope, parachutes, a replacement for steel and even the word canvas comes from cannabis. It easily grows everywhere it is actually used to reclaim land once abandoned.  It grows in poor soil conditions and can grow more plant matter per year than most other plants out there.

In 1619 the King of England ordered farmers in the American Colonies that they must grow Cannabis and even allowed people to pay taxes in Cannabis.  George Washington grew Cannabis and even the Declaration of Independence was written on it.  By 1850 there were over 8,000 plantations of 2,000 acres or more that grew Cannabis.  Cannabis was so prevalent that it was pictured on the 1914 $10 Federal Reserve Note showed the wealth of our nation in manufacturing and agriculture, specifically the Cannabis harvest.

With the abolition of slavery in 1865, there was not really an economical way to process Cannabis until 1935 when the decordicator made Cannabis extremely economical and it was named the next billion dollar crop by Popular Mechanics since it can be used in 25,000 products from dynamite to cellophane.  In fact if you look at all of the uses of Cannabis it is not so much a crop, as much as it is an industry. With the new uses and devalued dollar of today, Cannabis would not be a billion dollar crop, I believe it would be a trillion dollar industry.

The most basic reason why Cannabis is illegal is simple economics.  What would be the effect of Cannabis being legalized to the paper, corn, cotton, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drug, prison, and even banking industries?  How many of the 45 million Americans hooked on powerful anti-depressants that have been known to cause homicidal and suicidal psychotic break, would be better off smoking Cannabis?   How many less prisoners, prisons, police, courts, drug raids, seizures would there be if Cannabis was made legal?  How much money would the medical industrial complex lose if people knew cannabis cured cancer like in this recent Harvard study? How much money and power would flow out of the money centers if nature was made legal?

Cannabis is so versatile that Henry Ford made a car out of Hemp fiber that was lighter than steel and 10 times as strong. Here is a video of a man using an axe on a the hemp car to demonstrate how strong it is.  Henry Ford not only used Hemp fiber to build the car he even fueled it by Hemp oil.  In fact, Rudolf Diesel who invented the diesel engine originally used Hemp oil to power his car.  Meanwhile John D Rockefeller was dumping gasoline into the Cuyahoga River because he had no use for gasoline and causing the river to burn.  He immediately moved to have the gasoline engine become the standard in the auto industry because it served his industry over the farmers that would have benefitted from the industrial used of Hemp oil.

The person perhaps most responsible for making Cannabis illegal is William Randolph Hearst.  You know that billionaire megalomaniac, propagandist, war monger that is depicted in Citizen Kane pining over a child hood toy on his death bed after wasting his entire life pursuing power over others.    When he was not starting the Spanish American war for American Imperialism with his yellow journalism, he was the chief propagandist against Cannabis because now with the decordicator in 1935, Cannabis became a huge threat to his millions invested into the timber industry.  After all Cannabis can yield more paper in less time and impact than logging.  He set about to make a new drug called Marijuana illegal because if he called it Cannabis people would have thought he was crazy since it was so prevalent everyone’s world.  WRH printed racist stories about blacks and hispanics raping white women and soon after Refer Madness was released in 1936 showing people having psychotic and murderous breaks.

Prohibition of alcohol lasted from 1919 to 1933 and the Federal Government used it as a way to push it’s Federal power on the states and created this huge bureaucracy to fight alcohol. When alcohol was made legal again, the government shifted to narcotics and number one on that list was Cannabis which accounts for over 80% of “illicit” drug use. Harry Anslinger was the head of the newly created Division of the Treasury Department called Federal Bureau of Narcotics. and he declared war on this new drug called Marijuana saying,
“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

“Marihuana leads to pacifism and communist brainwashing”

“You smoke a joint and you’re likely to kill your brother.”

“Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”

So between racism and the false belief that it will make blacks pacified communist murders Marihuana Tax Act passed in 1937 with little or no debate and most congressmen did not even know Cannabis was included in this.  By making easily grown Cannabis illegal it also supported the centralized drug trade that the Anglo American empire runs going all the way back to the British East India Company, the Opium Wars and even today with Dick Grasso having the Farc investing in the Stock market and HSBC laundering dug money even today.

Things that cannot go on forever… won’t.  After spending trillions of dollars over the next few decades on the failed war on drugs, we now have more prisoners in the prison industrial complex of American than Stalin ever had in his Gulags.  I believe that like the last Great Depression made alcohol legal again, this next Greatest Depression will make nature legal once again with Cannabis.

If it was not a threat to power, then why on earth would they make it illegal?  After all there is not one death, ever, in thousands of years of use attributed to smoking Cannabis.  Yet over 400,000 people die from tobacco, every year, just in the United states. People will say that people would abuse Cannabis and that is why it should be made illegal.  Have you looked at how people are abusing food, video games, porn, alcohol, prescription drugs, consumerism and the entire planet?  Why don’t we just make everything else illegal or at least the things that actually kill people.  No, people should be able to do whatever they want including Cannabis, so long as it does not harm anyone else.

In fact the government would have you believe that it is so dangerous that they list Cannabis as a Class 1 drug and listed as more dangerous than cocaine, and meth.  The real reason why Cannabis and most of the other drugs on the class 1 list are considered more dangerous is because they experiential drugs that open the consciousness of humanity.  Any drug that dulls the human senses from alcohol to the 45 million unfeeling anti depressant addicts is fine according to the government.
But natural drugs like Cannabis, Ayahuasca, Psychedelic mushrooms and peyote that open human consciousness beyond the illusion of the controlled world and reveal that there is a deeper and more powerful existence than what is forced in front of us.

As we come to the close of the age of oil and the men that warped our reality with the latest revolution of  this debt and death paradigm start to fade away, humanity is going to be faced with a choice, to either continue spreading debt and death through collectivism and building unsustainable and dangerous worlds for our children or are we finally going to become conscious and realize that were are all one and start to build societies that are sustainable as resonate with the nature.  I believe silver and Cannabis will be the two most important commodities to deal with the collapse of the debt and death paradigm built on the back of oil.  Silver will be used as money to replace the petro dollar, and be a key component of the next generation of industries that will blossom out of the ashes of the current collapse.  Cannabis will also play a major role as millions of people will no longer have access to their anti depressants, gasoline, and cheap clothes from China, Cannabis will fill as a natural solution for the problems of humanity.  Look for more states to make gold and silver legal tender and legalize Cannabis because those states will be the ones that will come out of the collapse the fastest and strongest.

I hope to at least opened silver stackers eyes to the truth about Cannabis and I hope the new Silver Bullet Silver Shield Cannabis medallion makes the millions of politically active and freedom loving cannabis users aware to the massive potential of silver. I created the Cannabis medallion as a mock of the second most popular silver coin in the world the Canadian Maple Leaf.  If we are going to pay homage to a leaf what better leaf in the world to do that to than the Cannabis leaf with all of it’s thousands of uses and benefits to humanity. From fuel to food to paper to clothing to manufacturing to medicinal uses it is time to make this decentralized easily grown crop legal once again.

The SIlver Bullet Silver Shield Cannabis is expertly sculpted by our famed sculptress Heidi Wastweet to almost look like a Canadian Maple Leaf coin except for some major changes. First I replaced Canada with Cannabis since the spelling is so similar and then used the outline of the Maple Leaf but made it look like we re-struck it with a Cannabis leaf over it.  We also changed the French saying of Argent Pur which means Pure Silver with Legaliser Nature which is French for Legalize Nature.  After all it is insane to think we would make something that has so many obvious benefits away from humanity.  The Silver Bullet Silver Shield Cannabis is finished off with Heidi’s initials HW on the bottom of the leaf.

42 comments to Cannabis Revealed: Why Marijuana Is Illegal?

  • MATT

    well Chris..once again you have excelled in your delivery of yet another sad truth that our illusion masters have convinced the zombie masses of…EXCELLENT and Thanks again!!

  • Jay

    The art work of the proof isn’t correct. Should be the one with Legaliser Nature… if else it’s the same as the stolen ones.

  • nonja bis

    In the artist pictures the rim is narrow. In the actual medallion the rim is too wide. Why is the rim so wide?

  • Well done! After participating in a broadcast of the Combat Veterans for Ron Paul, I was motivated to research and write an article for the American Daily Herald in May of 2012. Many similarities to this video, but my editor suggested I look a little more closely at Hearst’s incentive to criminalize cannabis, and it wasn’t because cannabis outshines other textiles…though it surely does as well as the other areas you discuss. You’re spot on, we NEED cannabis to get us through the collapse of the Debt and Death empire and its worthless fiat currency.

    Still love my Warbirds…I’ll try to get my mom to spring for some Cannabis rounds, though, they’re lovely!

  • Nanigirl

    You Rocked it again Chris, great work!

  • Don Juan

    How long will these be around for? How many are being produced?

    I am not joking when I say this is the best proof in the world ever. If its absolutely needed I am going to have to sell some stuff to ensure I get some of these. I maxed my next 2 months purchases on the Ag-47 proofs with out prior knowledge of these bad boys. I aint tryin to stroke you’re pole but this proof is an eloquent representation of the new generation (well at least for canadians), well done sir, well done. Thanks eh!

  • Doing my part to help get the word out…

    It is the position of Overgrow The World and the Marijuana Party of Canada that the time has come to REPEAL Cannabis Prohibition. All things going well, with your silver helping to spread the word (and hopefully, what we discussed the other day as well), we will finally be able to achieve the FREEDOM we all deserve on this issue…and then move forward to tackle the ever-growing list of assaults on common sense, basic human morality, scientific and medical facts.

    For those who wish more information on cannabis as a CURE FOR CANCER:

    For those who want to know how and WHY we need to REPEAL cannabis prohibition worldwide:

    Google “The Fallacy of the Legalize and Tax Cannabis Initiatives”, “Overgrow The World Global Public Plantings”, “US Patent #6630507”, “Cannabis Cures Cancer”…and if that’s not enough to get you started, think on this a bit:

    Cannabis was “legalized” the second they wrote the first statute which made it “illegal”, thereby “importing cannabis into the realm of statutory control and enforcement.” It’s been 100% “legalized” ever since.

    What most people meant to say was that prohibition should be REPEALED. Of course, since nobody ever looks up the meaning of words any more, they think that “decriminalize” or “legalize” or “re-legalize” or “tax and regulate” or “regulate like _____” mean “it’s free again.”

    They don’t.

    “EVERYTHING that people have been begging for” hasn’t resulted in the FREEING of the plant, or your ability to access, possess, or grow it yourself…and yet, the one word that DOES represent what everyone “believes they have been saying” is the one word they REFUSE to say…while wondering why every effort to regain their freedom fails…

    re·peal [ri-peel] Show IPA
    verb (used with object)

    1. to revoke or withdraw formally or officially: to repeal a grant.
    2. to revoke or annul (a law, tax, duty, etc.) by express legislative enactment; abrogate.


    3. the act of repealing; revocation; abrogation.

    1275–1325; Middle English repelen < Anglo-French repeler, equivalent to re- re- + ( a ) peler to appeal

    A repeal is the removal or reversal of a law.
    There are two basic types of repeal, a repeal with re-enactment (or
    replacement) of the repealed law, or a repeal without replacement. The
    motion to rescind, repeal, or annul is used in parliamentary procedure to cancel or countermand an action or order previously adopted by the assembly. Removal of secondary legislation is normally referred to as revocation rather than repeal in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Under the common law of England and Wales, the effect of repealing a statute was "to obliterate it completely from the records of Parliament as though it had never been passed."[1] This, however, is now subject to savings provisions within the Interpretation Act 1978.

    So now that you've FINALLY actually read the definition of the word that DOES represent what you "believe you were saying" since the 60's…NOW does it make a tiny bit more sense why ALL EFFORTS HAVE FAILED to restore our freedoms so far?

    It's time we REPEALED prohibition. For everyone. Everywhere.

    "More of the same" isn't working. It never did. It never will.

    IT CAN'T…because it was never DESIGNED to.

    Not "decriminalization." Not "legalization." Not "tax and regulate." Not "regulate like _______." Not "government controlled." Not "corporate monopoly controlled." Not even "for approved and specifically licensed medicinal use only."

    ALL of those are just different forms of "specifically delineated" PROHIBITION.

    If you want it over, you have to REPEAL it.

    Unless you really WANT "more of the same?"


  • Gareth

    Excellent, bud, excellent!

  • Michael VanDoorne

    Sorry to say, but your marijuana leaf design looks more like a leaf from a Maple tree.

  • Keith

    This is a really excellent summary of the history and the facts, Chris. I do hope you will now stop mentioning Adam Kokesh’s use of the drug in a pejorative way.

  • Jeremiah perez

    Your intelligence is inspiring.

    Wake up people, We are many, they are few.

  • Rob

    Of course, everyone has an opinion, just like they have something else.

    My opinion, Chris, is that hopping on the “legalize pot bandwagen” does nothing for your cause. It is a huge distraction and pulls in all the wrong kind of people. I will never argue the points about “medicinal marijuana” or “economic benefits” of the stuff. The reason is that this is all a mirage, a facade, to promote liberal thinking in general. The promotion of marijuana in any way, shape, or form is destructive to society. It always masks ulterior motives.

    You’ve got some great ideas, Chris, and I count myself among your followers because of your desire to bring a certain truth to our society about economics and politics via Silver. I’m with you on this. But this new society that you talk about bringing fourth thru sound money and silver must be based on morality. No civilization has been built on anything else.
    There is some truth about how the “machine” has used cannibis for its game. But going down this road is very counter-productive. I am 50 years old and am very proud of the fact that I have never touched marijuana or drugs. The biggest reason I have refrained is not because “they are bad for you” or that they are illegal. The reason is because their use is extremely symbolic of a certain outlook and philosophy on life. That philosophy and outlook is NOT what builds society and civilization. I would venture to say that putting a pot leaf on a silver coin is a very counter-productive activity. Many see it as “funny” or “cute” or “in-your-face” attack on the Establishment. But doing it is just playing right into the Evil One’s hands. I’ve seen many lives destroyed by it’s use. Many people are enslaved and murdered to produce and distribute it. As with anything in life, you have to ask yourself, “What good does this do for myself, my family, society and civilization?”. By supporting this activity, “am I marching under the banner of civilization, or militating against it?”.

    Isn’t supporting the common good and civilization the purpose of supporting silver? I was under the impression that this was your goal, I hope it’s true.

    Chris, I implore you to reconsider the any kind of connection between silver and marijuana.
    It may not be immediately apparent, but this is not something that is productive, good, or what you ultimately want to be associated with.
    Your friend,

    • Silver Shield

      Cannabis and silver are so similar that the perceived reality on the average person has been so warpped that people have no clue about how important, useful and valuable they are.

      First get rid of the Liberal or Conservative mindset, it is a false Hegelian Dialectic. You either want to be free or enforce your will upon others. Both modern day Liberals and Conservative want to control others and that is not something that I want any part of.

      You agree withe the medical and industrial benefits of this would be trillion dollar plant but want it to remain a illegal class one drug because you have seen lives destroyed by it. Just like the gun debate, things are not good or evil, it is the intent of those sick people that yield it that make them bad. I know far more people being destroyed by soda, cheeseburgers, cigarettes and these smart phones than cannabis. The point is that individuals should be free to do whatever they want so long as the do not hurt others. At that point they should be held accountable. But to make nature illegal is apart of the scarcity mentality that runs this debt and death mentality.

      Any violence associated with cannabis is just like prohibition. Make something people want illegal and you are going to empower the worst in humanity with power and profit. Allow the market decide and you will see amazing productive people respond and transfer wealth to those that would seek abundance.

      Philosophy is exactly what creates a society. It forms the consciousness of those that power it. I am working towards a society that would have two laws. Do no harm. Do what you promise.

      Start making things illegal and you the. Have to regulate, tax and have a unproductive bureaucracy or government born.

      We can do better.

      This society will be fueled by the real capital silver can transfer to the next paradigm, but it will soon fade as we will need to invest and provide value in many industries. Cannabis might be a tremendously undervalued industry with a low barrier of entry that we may be able to enter into and become a world leader in a sustainable, profitable way. I hope ultimately to have the capital to support a wide variety of pursuits and talents with the massive amount of capital we will have, but I think it would be rather closed minded not to consider all ideas as we head into this new paradigm.

    • Justin DeArmond

      dude are you fucking serious? you know what really pisses me off is people who have done no research whatsoever and just rely upon the propaganda and fear mongering that has gone on in this culture. how is curing cancer and virtually every other known disease/ailment know to man a “bandwagon”? the truth is, is that people with this sort of “opinion” (every one has one just like something else right?) have done no research and have no idea what this plant can do. its a shame that so many have been brainwashed to believe this…its such a terrible plant that absolutely no one has died from it EVER…or that the founding fathers used it copiously…or that it was in every doctors black bag a hundred years ago. it really is useless to argue with those that think like you do sir but I just had to point out what all of us are thinking…you are on the wrong side of history…and I said good day SIR!

  • DingieM

    Actually the battle is not about marijuhana or cannabis, its about hemp oil.
    The establishment does not want hemp oil to be used because it can treat many difficult diseases very effective, including cancer.

    The “elite” spin it into pot smoking.

  • john

    Sorry but the Cannabis Coin should be called the maple leaf coin looks nothing like a pot leaf! Very Bad design! As much as I am a supporter I will past on this one!

  • Brent Dickson

    Where can I find the infographic shown in the video with the corporations and govt ageny logos for “why cannabis is actually illegal”?

  • Don Juan

    Seriously? Bad mouthing the leaf on this proof is just ridiculous, I have been smoking chronic half my life, its image is accurate. Please do note the fact that the maple leaf is the first image with the pot leaf placed on top to create the image…. as a Canadian I will assure you the image is genuine.

    Now I am going to address the “fact” of evil pot. When I was a young man I was put on ritalin due to the fact I had energy and had a hard time paying attention to boring teachers (imagine that!), so instead of getting extra recess time I got a narcotic. I never liked the idea of the pill so I secretly disposed of my pills every lunch and morning and just said I was taking them, but soon I noticed ANYONE who had ANY side effect of the pill just got more pills! I knew more about how big Pharma and the system would force helpless kids to take narcotics by grade 7 than 90% of adults know now, and if you refused sure as shit they would watch you to ensure you were dosed. As soon as I could make the choice I took myself off that crap so I didnt have to watch other kids get poisoned. I noticed in high school most of the kids who were on meds were now fairly messed up in their heads, but I guess who wouldn’t be from having their minds develop on narcotics….

    I grew up in an economically defunct area of southern Ontario in Canada (just for clarification its all defunct now..Thanks NAFTA), so there was not much hope for a future, so alot of people picked up drugs and alcohol EARLY… watching what alcohol, coke, and various other drugs did to the lives of the users I started smoking pot. I know for a fact that pot is not addictive and certainly does not destroy the lives of its users, if you want to do nothing but sit around and smoke pot all day thats the individuals fault, you can sit around all day drinking coffee and not accomplish a damn thing as well!

    I knew the whole system was full crap by the time I was 13, I started smoking pot around 14 (not condoning it, just the way the cookie crumbled in my area), once I realized that the government was lying about pot and other facts I started asking questions. I would sit around getting baked and using yahoo search (now I feel old…crap I am only 27), to figure out some answers, one thing lead to another and I was a “conspiracy theorist” before I left high school, 9/11 happened in grade 11 for me… lots to look at on google.

    I owe a lot personally to smoking chronic, it has kept me out of trouble and opened my mind, I have been stacking since I was 23 and looking into it since I was 22 (I have Scottish blood I research where my money goes), pot has helped me be ahead of the curve. I am super pleased and proud as hell that this proof exists. For all those who don’t want to complain, grow up. Thanks for reading my rant sorry all ghramatical errors and such, I am just a product of my environment.


    I am a quasi redneck construction worker and I destroy any banker in a conversation about finances, I was insulted by an employee of of a bank while working there I requested the smartest person in the bank be brought to me. When they brought me the “smartest guy they have”, I asked for his favorite financial instrument, he replied mutual funds and let him go on for a couple minutes about how awesome they are. I than schooled his ass in HFT, Libor scandal, creation of money, derivatives etc, than I summed it all up by calling the “smart guy” a used car salesman since he only sells a pre-packagaged product and has no control over it what so ever, it is only a product handed to him. If pot is so damn ass terrible for your mind how can I shred a guy in 2 min who has a 4 year degree?

    Peace! Keep Stackin! :)

    • Justin DeArmond

      I applaud you my friend! cannabis has been a constant companion for me since birth. perhaphs that slights my perspective but I think the opposite. it give me a unique view of the miracle plant. I have seen the worst of drug culture and it certainly wasn’t cannabis’ fault, quite the opposite. people who are in dire straights are clamoring for help in any way that they can receive it. who are any of us to say that goddamn flower isn’t any better than therapy or for fucks sake SSRIs? yes some drugs are bad..but the medicinal benefits cannot be ignored even by the most adamant detractors. once they or a loved one contracts a fatal disease, say cancer, what wouldn’t they do to save them or themselves, id bet theyd look into cannabis in a new York minute. sorry had to say that. I myself was once upon a time a construction worker (better part of 15 yrs! paint landscape drywall laborer, pyrotechnitan, you name it!) all that being said you and I are from similar stock mr Don Juan…grew up seeing some shit, went to school of hard knocks and graduated a phD. broke my back 3 times and had 3 discs removed with a 4th pending in my lower back. stay at home father of 2 and still cant wait to grow a forest of freedom in my yard as soon as I get to Colorado! best way of civil disobedience I know of. just conjuring my Thoreau!

  • R. L. Trickel

    Hi Chris;

    Loved the video and just forwarded it to my college roommate. We both questioned the illegality of cannabis then and now even though we don’t use it (now). We saw the refer madness film back then and laughed at it. But it isn’t really very funny how they use the propaganda to control public opinion and our laws. I love your call to question everything and to think anew, it has changed my life. I hate the way they control the educational process to teach us only what they want us to know and to obey authority without question. It’s an uphill climb to learn the truth. It’s so easy to just follow the herd and not rock the boat. I only wish I could have had a clue what was going on much earlier in my life. Now I’m nearing sixty and comitted to finding the truth and shouting it from the roofops, even at the risk of pissing of the establishment and the sheeple. The one big surprise in all of this is how many people I think I’m sharing the secret of the Federal Reserve, etc. and find that they already know it. I think that America is indeed waking up and it’s all because of the leaders like yourself. Thank you many times over. I only wish I could donate money to your cause. At least I’m helping to spread the word by telling everyone about your Web sites and your videos. I can’t wait to get one of your Cannibis coins.

  • Alex Franks

    Well I am ready to listen been hoping for legalization for marijuana and hopefully see it as a business providing for my family and have a product that society needs.

    To many people are brain washed with the Big Pharma drugs and the poison they are creating in legalized drug Labs.

    Not hiding any more in the shadows…

    Alex Franks

    • Justin DeArmond

      thank you for not being afraid anymore…so many of us out there that fear for our families safety….no longer..the time of cannabis and honesty and healing has arrived

  • Dave

    One of your best vidéos Chris!


    Very solid.



  • Boldarn

    Great video , Chris ! So very true .

  • David

    As all have heard the drug-related violence in Mexico, and involving illegal drugs brought into the U.S., is horrific. The #1 cash-producing product providing income to these gangs is not meth, heroin, or cocaine, it is marijuana. If it was legal for personal use in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico it would remove a lot of demand…and the funding away from these drug cartels.

    I’m not advocating getting wasted and pissing one’s responsibilities & life away, but those that want weed for smoking will get it.

  • jude

    I realized this years ago, after I found out hemp was illegal along w/marijuana…what other reason on earth would explain why something that can not inebriate or alter one in any way,in terms of recreation [it can make you sick] is illegal and classed as a “drug”? no other reason. worst of all is that the seeds are extremely nutritious and would serve to close the hunger gap…which IMHO makes its illegal status criminal.

  • ukerry

    Great info video and many good comments. I have never touched the stuff probably indoctrinated by authorities as to its evil effects kind like we couldn’t eat meat on Fridays. God said it was a sin. However, I take exception to the call for legalizing it. If we do, should we also legalize the growing of trees, plants, vegetables and so on. Should we legalize our right to live? To legalize it means for the authorities to tell us it’s OK. Where did they get this power? Should we legalize the free choice to use or not use a seat belt? Remove any of these laws. As long as we don’t harm others, it is our decision to make. Maybe we should have laws to criminalize most prescriptions drugs.

    • Sleepy

      Ironically, “God” never said anything like that at all. The Roman Catholic church made that “rule” and far be it for minions to question…

  • canadian dirtlump

    As a holder of many maples I was hoping to see slave queen on the obverse to really do a takeoff on the maple LOL

  • marz

    Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  • Orange

    Industrial hemp is legal and there are many factories growing and producing different products in Europe.

    So what’s up with this full scale conspiracy? People thought electric cars are conspiracy but they are everywhere not and no one is buying.

    Only thing that isn’t allowed is smoking pot and using THC plants for oil.

  • Blitzblutz

    Wow! I learned a lot from this video (and all the others) and I have really altered my viewpoint on Cannabis.
    Thanks Chris.

    P.S. I love your silver coin designs.

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