The Fast Effects of Hyperinflation

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  • ChicksDigIt

    Hyperinflation won’t be no thang if you’re in the phyzz! Join the Silver Viral Project and wake some SHEEPLE UP!

  • FemalesLoveIt

    I’m feeling really sad that I only have 51 ounces of silver, please tell me if that is adequete enough. I wish I was informed earlier, I guess I was one of the SHEEPLE. Funny thing is, I found out through Robert Kiyosaki’s book when silver hit $28/ounce.

    • Silver Shield

      51 ounces will probably put you in the to half percent of the world for holding silver. You will probably be the richest guy in town when this goes down.

      The average wage for hard labor throughout history and half of the world presently is 1/10th of an ounces of silver. So I look at it as 510 days worth of pay saved up in a new paradigm. That is a good buffer.

      Keep it up!

  • FemalesLoveIt

    I decided I am going to become an etrepreneur and fail many times at realestate before the currency collapse, for the education of course. While still stacking silver, so when the time hits I have some experience and can invest wisely.

  • Nathan

    Good stuff. Btw, thought I’d post this…it’s a vid from BrotherJohn’s channel on youtube that’s going viral, Silver Shield…

    He’d started to get interested in Bitcoins….that is, BEFORE it crashed from $15 to 1 cent! in minutes. He recorded the decline LIVE…and thought you’d wanna make folks aware of it.

    It starts around 11:30

  • Cyrus

    Hi FemalesLoveit,

    Please try to up your holding to 100 oz. or 100 silver dollars in face value. This is an important milestone. If you have family, try, please try to add 100 oz. per family member. If you can do this you will be okay.

    BUT, FIRST, make sure that you have at least 6, I repeat SIX months in storable food set aside for you and your family. To store water i purchase the “cheap” Clover Valley brand of sodas at the Dollar General and let my grandson drink them. Them I rinse them out and fill them with water. The average person needs a gallon of water per day for drinking and cooking. More than that and you need a well.
    Hope this helps.

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