Silver Shield Report #91: King Cannabis

Cannabis v2 BU - SampleToday we will be discussing the Cannabis and how I think it will play in a Post Dollar  world.  This discussion was extremely helpful in putting together the Cannabis Revealed: Why Is Marijuana Illegal? video, but we talk much more in depth and look for solutions.

King Corn is known for being the most important crop in America and I am going to do a video exposing this powerful tool of the criminal elite to control humanity.  I believe King Cannabis will be to the next America to what King Corn is to this America.

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15 comments to Silver Shield Report #91: King Cannabis

  • Randy Atkins

    I am interested in the cannabis silver coin. Where can I buy these coins?

  • Brent Eamer

    Kinda looks like the Maple Leaf…
    Except for the fourth ‘9’

  • Markus

    I would like to know why it says “LEGALIZER NATURE” on the coin, when most likely it should read “LEGALIZE NATURE”.

    This seems to be a clear case of misspelling, and if so, how could the coin reach the minting stage without that having been identified and corrected?

    If it is intentionally spelled this way, then why?

    • Silver Shield

      Because on the Canadian Maple Leaf they write Argent Pur in French for Pure Silver so I wrote Legalize Nature in French.

  • SP78

    Apparently from 2 of these comments above Chris has already attracted a new & wider audience that seem to be suffering from some the less desirable effects of cannabis.

  • ukerry

    You’re right, SP78, we should instead promote the use of authorized prescription drugs with all their “more than desirable” side effects.

  • Matt V

    Hey Chris

    Just received warbirds and love proofs from sd bullion. But the proofs where not in a coin case just in a plastic case with the authenticity card. Where can we buy the case the proof coins came in before the big blow up at the crappy Mulligan Mint?

    I know it might be dumb to buy the proofs. But they are a nice collection to have. Chris they should come with a nice case!
    Had to send one of the warbirds back for a new one it was not in a proof like state it had like a black tarnish all over the front. And the plastic case was broken.

    Chris! I love the coins and the message.
    Thanks, Matt. V

  • Lance

    Great looking coin! I picked tobacco for the first hemp farmer in Canada (I lasted 2 weeks…crappy job) then went on to become the first licensed medpot grower (we grew for Jim Wakeford, the first license holder) in Canada. I’m not in that business anymore but it sure is nice to see the surge in pro-cannabis EVERYTHING today. This is the first silver coin that ever caught my spouses attention. Cheers.

  • Orange

    Industrial hemp is legal today but only few companies are working with it. Many have abandoned industrial hemp because it is not profitable or because other fibres are better.

    • Hemp fiber exceedingly outperforms the fibers it outperforms in the classes it out performs them in. Instead of shaping society around inefficient, dirty, costly, militarily-challenged petroleum, it seems the public would be glad to convert to a clean, sustainable, renewable Hemp-based economy from which they can produce ALL things that can be synthesized with petroleum bases.

  • Chad

    What is the date of AG-47 and Cannabis production. I’m accustomed to seeing end dates on the offerings, but I can’t find the dates on these two.

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