The Psychopath Next Door

If I had one wish for the world is to identify psychopaths and get them out of your life.

99% of all of the problems in the world come from them and worse, how we empower them.

This story is so interesting to see how a psychopath can enter your life and what can happen.

Identify these people in your life now because when the collapse happens, they will lose their minds.

I also liked the opportunity to speak with Jane and hope this opens up more opportunities to expand the conversation.

1.  What was your motivation behind delving into this sick story of murder and deception?

2.  It is very difficult to identify psychopaths, especially if you have no prior experience with them, because they are experts at hiding their true motivations and emotions.  In fact, my second most popular video on my Greatest Truth Never Told Youtube Channel is called Identifying Psychopaths.  Can you describe the mask of sanity Jodi Arias presented to the world and the sick twisted person that was underneath that you expose in your book?

3. Hurt people, hurt people.  I have found that underneath almost every psychopath there is some emotional or physical trauma that happened in their early life that motivates most of these psychopaths.  Is there anything in Jodi Arias’s past that might have turned a once normal girl into a murderer?

4. Since psychopaths tend not to have any real sense of self, as they are emotionally shallow people, they tend to mimic the looks and language of their intended target.  They are essentially playing a role to get what they want.  Can you describe for us how Jodi Arias physical, linguistic and even sexual presentation changed so much from her blonde bombshell relationship with Travis Alexander to her boring brown hair and glasses routine at her trial?

5. Psychopaths live in a world where their perception is their reality.  They have to create a little bubble of lies in which they operate that provides the justification for all of their horrific actions. This way they are always appear calm and composed and there is no sign of internal struggle.  This fools so many people into believing the lies they say.  Where as people who have identified the psychopath and their lies, tend to come off more emotional than the psychopath.   Can you talk about the bubble of reality Jodi Arias lived in, while we clearly say saw her psychopathy?

6.  While psychopathic murders tend to get the most attention in the media, I feel the world would be better off if we could identify the psychopath next door and cut them out of our lives.  What should people do if they realize that they have a toxic and possibly psychopathic person in their lives?

7. A psychopath is defined  by a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.  I look at a guys like Anthony Wiener, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriguez and a lot of the people that are at the top of power in politics, finance and industry and see so many psychopathic traits in those we empower.  Do you feel that power corrupts or that the corrupt seek power?

8. Jane I wanted to finish up with your overcoming alcoholism which I know is something you speak very openly about. I see how generational sins are passed unconsciously from one generation to another.  I also see that we all have it in our power to face whatever demons may haunt us and make it a point to not pass it on to another generation.   Do you have any help for people that are dealing with these generational sins?


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  • LW

    This woman sounds as if she has a personal problem with Jodi Arias. Saying that, the rest of what she has to say loses some credibility. And you again fail to prove that “hurt people, hurt people”. But it’s always nice to know there are others out there like me who will “sound a little crazier” to try and get the word out about these people. So I’m not actually criticizing the point that you do it like you do, it’s just that I personally don’t give them the benefit of the doubt.
    And I don’t know about the Weiner, or most of the others you mentioned, because I don’t see them enough, but I will agree with you about Tiger Woods. The first time I ever saw him (U.S. Amateur) he was running around pumping his fist after a first shot that somehow failed to go into the water and then the chip off of the wooden pillar that went in the hole. All this surely done through the great skills that he has. Including the skill that he feels almost no pressure and lives only for the competition, minus the human factor. And also, all this done while his opponent was watching him in the disbelief of his arrogance. To cut this short, what he did to his wife was just more proof of what lies underneath that coolness. Which is more coolness.

    • LW

      I think what missing from the psychopath definition is what I think should be the number one characteristic that gives them the honor to be called a psycho, the need to feel superior by influencing, toying with, or gaining outright total control over anyone, any group, or anything that has genuine feelings. So I don’t think that A-Rod or Lance truly fit the profile. They might, but most likely the are just egocentrics and proponents of moral relativity. The pols, now that’s almost a given that they are guilty until proven innocent.

  • wahrheit

    I hadn’t even heard of this lady until now – I generally avoid the filthstream. I think her, her actions and the media circus surrounding both are all just a symptom of a much greater problem in our society.

    I don’t think it’s any accident that these kinds of things happen. It’s mainly a result of the arch-psychopaths, the hidden, occult types that pull all the strings, like the human sex slave traffickers, the Jimmy Savile, british royal family types, the satanists that very deliberately seek to poison and desecrate humanity through even seemingly innocuous things like Walt Disney films – see . Time and time again, they’re the ones who project themselves as against the very thing they are, from the DC boytowns (Mark Foley, Barney Frank and the like) to Belgian child sacrifice castles (Dutroux) to the Dyncorps/CPS pedophile machine.

    They consistently pervade all aspects of our lives with propaganda Edward Bernays would blush at.

  • Maria

    I find this definition rather superficial, many non psychopaths fit the description.

  • Dave

    I recal this news anchor and her cohort Nancy Grace, whom she speaks glowingly off, pimping the George Zimmerman trial everyday. I can’t say with certainty she was promoting the racial politics of her media masters, but she is suspect because of her position in network news….

  • Peter

    There is a book “Political ponerology” by psychiatrist Andrew Lobaczewski. It is precisely about the etiology and role of psychopathy in politics. He thinks that psychopathy is at least partially a genetic defect.

  • Bob

    Joan V. Mitchel is my opinion is a sell out. She’s just like the “Race Baiter’s” we all know and what ever. Arias is a Sicko for sure but I don’t need to read the book JVM wrote to know this – Oh can she show me the book One More Time in the Interview ????

  • LW

    I just came back to see if a certain person came to evaluate my comments. And I couldn’t help but notice the freeze frames of you and Joan for some reason. And I understand that freeze frames can make people look silly and out of context. But it reminded me of that woman on Fox News (I don’t watch it at all anymore) that used to dissect peoples faces while they were talking, or in most cases, lying. She would look for signs of stress, or for body language. Well looking at these two freeze frames, if I was to analyze them, it kind of seems to me that you were under some stress to agree with what she was saying. And she was under some stress to make you believe it. Maybe it was that scrunch between your eyes and her closing her eyes as she laid it on, that led me to this humorous conclusion.

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