Do You Have Thought Fungus?

Pushing the baby stroller on a segway, pregnant women belly flopping on the bed, bird poop facials for $180 a pop, and then… there’s the “real” news! Societal and economic collapse bringin’ ya down? Do you maybe have some thought fungus? The one and only Mr. Peak Crackers joins me on The Sound of Freedom to explain…


1 comment to Do You Have Thought Fungus?

  • Michael

    It’s true we have a fascination for the morbid, whether it’s true or not. But as for positivity and negativity, one always leads back to the other. You can’t stay in one mood constantly or permanently. I do look for certain uplifting influences when feeling down and strangely when I feel a bit up I look at the doom and gloom because it is a balance in a way to how I am feeling at the time. Even in this video, before the six minute mark you are sliding into doom and gloom while saying “but let’s be positive”. Let’s face it, we don’t need to be told how to be positive or negative. So when someone puts up a video on being positive, it comes across to me as more of the uploaders’ struggle with the negativity they are just currently feeling. Isn’t every social movement an attempt to usher in a counterbalance, negative against positive and positive against negative? Where does the cycle end?

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