The Real Story of Ruby Ridge Idaho – August 21 1992

21 years ago there was a siege taking place, as the FBI sent in over 400 men equipped with armored personnel carriers, helicopters, the latest in surveillance equipment and even an armed robot to get one man. Here’s what happened –


5 comments to The Real Story of Ruby Ridge Idaho – August 21 1992

  • Andy

    I get emails from you but cannot open the contents………

  • YEA,all over a illegal shot gun,that the government sold randy,and then when they measured it in court,IT TURNED OUT TO BE LEGAL in size and the government lost,BUT NOT AS BAD AS RANDY,they killed his family,over the shotgun that was perfectly legal to own,THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T HIRE THE LOWEST IQ TERRORIST YOU CAN..ALL 400 TERRORIST SHOULD HAVE been put on trial for murder 1,then stood up against a wall and SHOT,all of them….THIS same group of terrorist just killed a viet nam friend of mine last week…………..

  • Rich Mellott

    Thanks for putting this information up. It’s a real eye opener on this ever increasing tyrannical Government.

  • There is a WAR ongoing

    Thank you for posting this. So many dismiss recent history such as this and information about these events is not easy to find.

  • Harley

    I met what was left of Randy’s family at a gun show when I was a teenager. I became penpals with his daughter for a while. They were good people. My father was regional commander of the Texas Constitutional Militia and when I tell you we had a private army mobilized and ready to declare war on the federal government at the drop of a hat after this shit I am not joking. We had the full backing and cooperation of Mr. Gritz as well. You people have no idea how close this country came to open civil war in the 90s.

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