Silver Shield Report #92- The Turning Point

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 12.36.57 PMI started to make a YouTube video about all of the stuff I see going on, but it just got too large to fit into a little video and quite honestly would not be appreciated by most.

This is why I love doing Silver Shield Report’s where I can get much more in depth on ideas and themes than worrying about presentation.

While most of America is busy getting their kids off to school, watching football or waiting for the new iPhone to come out…

While most indoctrinated people are watching Riots in Egypt, or immigration and Obamacare debates…

I am watching seemingly minor stories that no one is watching, that are screaming to me that the single largest event in human history, of a dollar collapse maybe at our door starting as soon as next month.

This will lead us into next spring where I believe the world is going to look very different than the warm days of the sanguine summer we are living now.

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5 comments to Silver Shield Report #92- The Turning Point

  • John Patterson

    A very enlightening article. More truth that should be known by all Americans.
    I encourage folks to watch the video on and share with others. Truth in the video, if acted upon, will help defuse the government and return American to the freedom we deserve.

  • Didymus

    has similar themes to the Jim Willie CB commentary…

    and the wars in the Middle East might lead into a “world” war, with China & Russia on the “other” side…

    • Silver Shield

      I have been talking about the anti Hegemon as far back as my Sons of Liberty Academy in 2009.
      Logic takes many people to the same conclusions.

  • Jeremy

    Joel Skousen has been talking about WWIII for years and does a great job of articulating how the build-up to this will be and what the trigger events will be – how the Middle East plays into this, etc.

    He’s literally done dozens of interviews on this topic. He’s also the best-selling author of “Strategic Relocation” – a great book.

  • Al Estilong


    Did you see that interview with Greg Hunter and Karen Hudes? You need to do a SBSS session with Karen Hudes. What are your thoughts on her? She had a positive outlook and seems rather proactive on doing the right thing.

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