How 1 Black Man Defeated The KKK


10 comments to How 1 Black Man Defeated The KKK

  • Paul Mitchell

    Watching this video made my day! The best in a while!

  • Al

    Nice, that’s the way to handle it. Also, that Klansman looks like he’s reformed. Love melts hate.

    • todd brunozzi

      Al, i like that Love melt Hate….. this video as well made my day, we’re all the same, cry the same and bleed the same. god bless the world!

  • Raj Bhatia

    wow I love this video !!

  • Becky

    Great video!

  • Mike S

    Nice sentiment, but it’s just from his creative imagination. I was a Klan Infiltrator ( for a group I chose not to disclose) for years. Nothing about this guy’s story is consistent with inner Klan Workings, but are quite consistent with television dramatizations thereof.
    There is no “Klan rule” that states a physical touch from a Non-White is forbidden. That there were 20,000 black Klansmen in the “Negro auxilary” of the KKK should be enough to debunk this guy’s credibility. The Kloran (KKK handbook, if you will) makes no such reference to any of the rules he claims were broken not any of the punishments he claims. A two Week suspension from robe wearing? Seriously?

    The guy does not know that the robe and hood represent. He calls his robe “sheets” at one point.

    Klansmen do not refer to “burning” crosses. They say they “light” them and are very particular about the distinction.

    Also he refers to the “entire” Klan. In the 5th Era, there were dozens, if not hundreds of separate “Klaverns”. Even if this guy mismanaged his klavern, as he attempts to have us believe, the “entire klan” was not brought down by comedic affection toward poultry.

    The 5th Klan was brought down by COINTELPRO, and by infiltration and interdiction.

    The Video is a fraud, and the “Klansman” is a liar.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not an advocate of the KKK by any means but…this video means that all blacks are a kind, magnanimously long-suffering, caring souls overflowing with love and tender wit, meanwhile Whites are ignorant, hateful, irrationally violent racists and witless bigots? I got it. Thanks for the heads up and the anti-White propaganda.

    The interview moderated by a debonair, sophisticated and collected Brit was a delightful touch of charming civility to boot. Just divine.

  • TJ

    Agree with anonymous. The KKK is still here, and so are the black panthers because the natural and normal tendency is for people to form tribes and kinship groups. Human bio-groups are inherently unequal and pretending otherwise merely prolongs the misery of everyone involved.

  • It’s always the subtle things that never end. The KKK is one thing, but what about the American Psychiatric Association? Their journal still bears the image of Benjamin Rush (1746-1813), considered the father of American psychiatry, concluded that Blacks skin color was caused by disease. Psychiatry has done immeasurably more harm than any “hate” group. Psychiatry in fact does pose a severe threat to the Bill of Rights with its “he is insane whom we so deem” stance.

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