Do you have a Silver Exit Plan/Strategy?

Do you have a Silver Exit Plan?

This basically means that we are all stacking silver, but why and for what? The reason for your actions has got to be strong to do something like stack silver.

I am stacking waiting for the dollar to devalue more and more and tangible assets like silver will gain value and become over-valued. When Silver becomes over valued I will be selling/trading some of my silver for other assets like farm land, supplies, businesses, gold & other metals, real estate, and income producing assets. I will be keeping a big portion of my silver to pass down as generational wealth! Either way I will be hoping to acquire much more silver before it starts going parabolic.

Please Share your silver plans below!

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  • lance the Permie

    I plan on using silver to acquire more land to keep permaculturing to buy more land to keep permaculturing to…well you get the point. I want to have at least 1/2 of the 25000 food plants that will grow here growing here before I expire. An institute for the advancement of permaculture is surely on this list as well…I guess I need more silver!

    • Cal

      That sounds like a great idea sir!

      I really like the aquaponics stuff and will be building a system hear soon, as soon as cannabis is legalized then will be growing that stuff legally!

      Thanks for the input lance, peace!

  • My plan is to start a self-sustaining community, otherwise known as an Eco-village; and to take out loans against precious metals for the land and infrastructure. All we mainly need to secure is food, water, electricity, shelter, & healthcare. Then we can use our surplus food/water/electricity and time to come up with enough to pay the extortion fee (tax) on the land. People lived this way for 10’s of thousands of years, with less technology, weaker crops, and much less knowledge. There is no reason one couldn’t be very successful doing it today.

  • Todd

    roflmao, i just bought $80’s worth of good’s for 2oz’s of silver in Dormont, pittsburgh, pa. AND i got them to write the receipt and it states accepted 2 oz silver for goods and services. dated and signed. historical piece of paper for me, because it was the first time someone opted to accept silver over the collapsing dollar with me. BIG :-)

  • Todd

    Now that’s AMERICA!!!!

  • Todd

    All i did was ask, you can either have these or paper if you want the paper ill just run across the street and sell these to them and be right back. ohhh nooo, well take em’ SROFLMAO

  • Orange

    I don’t resonate with buy&rent and profiting on other people’s misery.

    I don’t resonate with mergers&takeovers (shark mentality) compared to organic growth of a company.

    Buying cheap houses and renting does not create real value (or it creates very little). Setting up a producing company does.

    So the solution is to buy land and produce but don’t create monopoly. I’ll keep an eye for the lazy bastards who just want to rent compared to those who are willing to work and help 😉

    • Cal

      That’s fine if you don’t resonate with that plan. Never really asks for permission anywho.

      I feel like fixing up abandoned foreclosed homes and making them available for people who can’t afford to buy is a great thing and in a way reversing a symptom of the economic collapse. I will upload a video soon of the house were fixing up now, buy for 6k fix up for 15k and then people are in it within a month. I guess if that’s the kindve thing a lazy bastard does, then alright I can deal with it! ha

      I will also be getting into growing cannabis as soon as its legal along with my house rental idea. I can pass down a house rental as income producing wealth just like I will pass down my silver that I hold onto forever.

      Thanks for the input guys! Peace Orangey!

      • Pup

        You are right Cal. You are providing a service and adding value by providing a staple of human life; shelter. If nobody pays you then are are not helping anyone. If people pay you to live on your property, then you are helping them. Just treat people with respect and fairness.

  • Orange

    hey, that makes sense.

    But there will be people selling grandparents properties to renters just to get some cash and later renters will rent high the same property.

    Unfortunately, as Chris noticed in silver community there are many possible future tycoons that are just interested in quick buck without creating value 😉

  • Pup

    My plan is to NEVER forfeit my silver, but to pass it on to my children.

    If the current financial/economic paradigm collapses and we return to a more agrarian or pre-industrial economy, I may use some of it to buy ranch land, farmland, wooded acres, etc. Buy a business/asset that will produce tangible goods that are required to support human life. Don’t use it to buy stock in Apple. Don’t use it to buy anything in fact. As Chris Duane says, use it as collateral for a loan to buy an investment in a wealth producing asset.

    Cal, you seem sharp, and at 22 to have so much silver is a great accomplishment. However, you seemed to contradict yourself when you said in one sentence that you thought the dollar would be devalued, and assets and silver would skyrocket, and then later you said a house could be worth $1000 and the stock and housing markets would crash. I’m not sure those two scenarios are compatible.

    If the dollar is devalued, equities, houses and metals will all increase in price in terms of dollars. A house might cost 10,000,000 but in terms of silver it might only cost the equivalent of 100 ounces. So like you did later in the video, think in terms of ounces of silver, not dollars.

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