I Get That The World Is Doomed. NOW WHAT?!

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  • Farmer

    The lunancy of this Syria “strike” really shows how f—k the “leadership” of this country is.Even the most brainwashed know this is horse feces.
    I try to go on a news fast, and concentrate on my garden fruit trees and a simple life. No one knows how this is going to play out. Love. Family. Friends.
    The rest is spectulation.
    Small planet. Big universe.
    Short life.
    Peace and love to all….

  • Farmer

    One two many n’s in lunacy.

  • Thanks Chris and Gus! You confirmed what my gut says, “Keep laying tile.” Even though it doesn’t make sense to most of my friends and family (7 years post HS ed plus two degrees). It makes sense to me. I do it because I love it, definitely not because it will make me a millionaire.

    And I know the day fast food workers get their pay doubled to $15, is the day I double my prices. Simple.

    And I know the day the dollar is no longer worth the paper its printed on is the day some paper pusher who needs their 60 year old leaky shower pan repaired as cost effectively as possible is the day they pay me in hard currency or other valuable consideration. Simple.

    No we don’t take VISA
    No we don’t take Amer Express
    And we don’t take your worthless buck-a-roo
    Now Accepting Silver
    so you may have a happy healthy place to pee n poo.

  • MoreLiberty

    I’m not going to take gold or silver, I will barter with items that have intrinsic value though.

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