Silver Shield Report #94- The Thrivalist Manifesto

ThrivalistI have spent the past 3 years not only waking people up, but doing it in a way that ends with positive productive action.  I saw that through my own awakening process that so much of the battle is in our minds.  The process can be very difficult and take much longer without proper guidance.

I was recently asked to put together an ebook that would act as a way to properly guide to the awakening process.  This ebook will be part of a massive collaboration of 40+ survivalist authors working together to reach millions of people.  This comes at a time where I believe the consciousness is about to tip.  I am very proud that I was the only author asked to talk about the process of awakening.   This is my attempt to get people to not only survive the collapse, but to really thrive.

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2 comments to Silver Shield Report #94- The Thrivalist Manifesto

  • John


    When is the release of the silver bull coin set to launch? I’m very curious about this one because I feel that it’s going to be a best seller that in the end will be a highly valued coin because of the story it tells. Thanks for continuing to put out quality information and analysis!
    Congrats on new addition!


    • Silver Shield

      I am working on very competitive pricing with the Mint and the retail partners to make an exceptional value to go with the great silver story and art.

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