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So I have been a little quiet lately on YouTube mainly because my wife was very pregnant and needed a lot of help with the kids and home.  She went into labor on labor day and Alexander Patrick Duane and he has just been a great little boy.

I am very thankful I get this opportunity to experience being a father again.  Unfortunately with my first two children we had a tremendous amount of stress in our lives and children sense this.  Since then I have completely changed my perception of life and now I do not have to change diapers, I get to change diapers.  It is the same reality but one viewed through an  Abundance mentality.

It is during times like this that I become very present and listen to the quiet voice.  I credit my wife for introducing me to the abundance mentality of giving without any expectation in anything return.  I credit my daughter’s birth with changing my focus from myself to something greater and start thinking generationally.  I credit my sons birth with forcing me out of my comfortable little world and taking a leap of faith and putting my life into action.  I can only hope my new son will have some further impact on my life to make me a better man as I go along my path.

Those three life changers for me came just before some major events in the real world.  I got engaged to my wife in July of 2001 and a few months later 9/11 happened and I was activated for a year.  The love she showed me helped keep us very strong while I was away.

When my wife was about to give birth to our first child I was starting to question my reality because I was going to be responsible for another generation.  When my wife was 7 months pregnant with our first child I saw the Time Magazine cover showing a cartoon man hugging a home and because I now saw debt as money I suddenly saw that the housing bubble was about to implode.  I quickly sold my house at the top of the New Jersey housing bubble and in my process of finding a place to keep my money I went all in on silver in 2005.

I then spent 3 years going through the anger and bargaining stage trying to get others to see the collapse I saw coming.  I tried to get my friends and partners to sell their assets at the top, but got frustrated because I was giving answers to people who never asked questions.  When I found out I was going to be a father a second time with my first son< I felt a strong motivation to stop trying change my world with those around me and just change my surroundings.  I saw my very successful consumer world was coming to an end and I left everything behind in moved to Ohio in September 2008.  1 Month later the economy collapsed with the financial crisis.

From the next few months I slipped into depression.  Even though I extricated myself from a very toxic environment that was doomed a month later I kept emotionally worrying about things outside of my control.  It was not until I started to logically do things inside my control that I started to reach the acceptance level.

Now that my consciousness has changed and I look back at my own awakening I see the similarities others going through the same path.  What is true with individuals is true with societies.  My awakening was marked with a progression of growth that is very predictable.  That is why I am 100% confident that humanity is on the verge of snapping out of denial and into the anger phase of humanity.

The system is unsustainable and those that own this paradigm only know the same Debt and Death playbook . The rest of the world knows this game way too well and there will be a massive collapse of the current order into the most local and most responsive levels. This collapse will not be equally bad everywhere all at once.  I am confident that humanity will come out of this collapse much stronger than what we went into it.  Sure many will be burned in the fires of anger and much more will enter into self destructive behavior, but those that are aware and prepared will enter into a new order that will allow tremendous freedom and a massive wealth transfer to those that provide real tangible value.

With the birth of my new son I see that life will go on and won’t even notice the collapse of this imaginary paradigm. I see that the anger will burn out and that beauty will save the world in the end.  It is this thought that guides me to not give doom porn that is very popular or even give a play by play of the collapse because in the end both are a tremendous waste of time.  Only by focusing on things we can control and having a vision of what you want to create can we truly be free.

I have made many attempts at snapping people out of denial and helping them along the path to acceptance.  What started with the Sons of Liberty Academy, then Don- Tread- On.Me, The Greatest Truth Never Told and the Silver Bullet Silver Shield has led me to my latest effort called Thrivalist: How to Thrive After the Collapse.  This 100 page ebook takes the reader quickly through the awakening process. To understand the paradigm is doomed but we are creating friends , skills and wealth to become independent of the paradigm.  For if you are not dependent on the paradigm you will be like the breeze not caring which way the wind blows.

The Thrivalist will be released September 16th along with 40 other authors in the Ultimate Survival Bundle.  I am very excited to be apart of this project where so many experts tackle the many different issues in becoming free from this paradigm.  It covers everything from prepping, to gardening, to rocket stoves, to Chuck Baldwin talking about keeping your arms, to homeopathic remedies, to self defense.  My contribution to the project is to give people a reason to thrive and not just survive.  It is my hope that this book acts as a catalyst for many people to not only get it but to act on it.

I will do a proper review of the Ultimate Survival Bundle on the 16th until then you can go to the link below and see for yourself.

12 comments to The Thrivalist

  • MATT

    love your work Chris..enjoy your new little one

    The AJ clip is hilarious..shows him for what he is.

    All the best Chris


    (when’s the next round due out?)

  • Chris

    WHat is the ultimate survival bundle? A book? (I didn’t see the link at first glance). Your family is beautiful, Chris, congrats. I don’t have one myself, but if I could turn back time and do things differently I would only hope for one like yours

  • vahan

    Congratulation for your son. I will like to thank you for your work and wish all the best for your family from Luxembourg.


  • in case you haven’t come across this utube clip in your research.

    Just found it today. Wow!

    Not verified.


  • Richard Hayward

    Congratulations on your new addition to your family. I enjoy listening to your views, it’s like a breath of fresh air. We moved from Miami, fl. to Lewiston, Idaho 16 years ago and we are ready. Peace.

  • John Gazdewich

    Chris Duane, your wife and kids are so lucky, and so are you to have them! Carry on and keep leading us well!

  • Deryl Johnson

    Congratulations on the new child Chris. That child is a blessing to You, and Your children are lucky to have a Father like You to guide them. You possess wisdom far beyond Your Years. No wonder that Your favorite medallion showed itself at av time when You are blessed with new member to Your family. God Bless You and Your Family.

  • Ryan

    You are a very blessed man to have such a lovely family.

  • Congratulations Duane! Looking to make a move to Texas soon from Maryland, thanks for all that you do and God bless,

  • Gareth

    Cherish each moment, bud. As you know they go from a totally dependent being to crawling to walking at an amazing rate. A two-year-old has more in common with an adult than a new-born in terms of cognitive development.

    Cherish these early months and congratulations again.

  • Chris, wow your SOLA series was SO good, and well worth a repeated watch. Your insight into things and focused topics / concepts is impressive. Sparks many good things and paths. Stackers and other self reliant folks do see like you.

    Paix, et le meilleur pour votre famille.

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