Anger Phase Self Defense #7

I haven’t posted for awhile.  I have been working on re-editing my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System.  You can watch the re-edited and updated version of Part 1 (Empty Hand Self Defense) if you buy The Ultimate Survival Bundle or go to  If you get The Ultimate Survival Bundle through Chris’ link you will get some great Bonuses.

I am also starting a new idea for my YouTube channel called “Ask Coach David”.  Ask me a question on Self Defense, Paleo Diet, Strength & Conditioning and even Economics and I will do my best to make a video answering your question.  Here is an example:

Here is a video of me practicing with “Bob”

The following two videos were shot during one of my MMA Classes.  Tell me what you think.  Coach David Alexander (

If you have any comments, leave them below and I will do my best to answer.  Thanks, Coach David Alexander

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