The Ultimate Survival Bundle Reviewed

chrisduane-USBcontributor_1-300-x-250I wanted to give a quick review of the Ultimate Survival Bundle, because when I was first asked to promote it I could not believe what a tremendous value was in it.  Now that I have contributed to it with my book called the Thrivalist: How to Thrive After the Collapse and now that I have seen the entire bundle I thought it would be useful to give a quick overview of the entire project for people to grasp what is being offered.

The Ultimate Survival Bundle is 36 authors with 50 Contributions broken up into 8 disciplines.

  • Total Preparedness

The Total Preparedness section is anchored by the massive 540 page Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook (eBook) by James Stevens
This ebook has already been downloaded over 800,000 times and is a compendium of practical information and well worth alone the entire cost of the Ultimate Survival Bundle.
It comes also with a 1-Year Premium Membership from online PREPARE Magazine

  • Survival Basics — Fire, Water, and Shelter

This section covers the primal needs water, fire and shelter. It is difficult for the average person to think on such primal levels but I can assure you that in my time inthe Marines and particularly my training in Norway that these three needs will override every other desire you have. It is good to have these basic principles and train with them when your life is not on the line.

  • Homesteading — Gardening and Livestock
  • Food Cookery, Preservation, and Storage

Homesteading — Gardening and Livestock Food Cookery, Preservation, and Storage is the largest of the USB. These are sections that I found most informative as it is my greatest weakness. I believe that when the dollar collapses, those that create real value will be the ones that benefit the most form the new value system. Those that can provide excess food will find that they have skills and opportunities to exchange the most amount of value with others in their community. This section shows everything from planting guides, building greenhouses, urban or compact gardening, caring for chickens and goats. Then it goes into food preparation and storage

  • Alternative Energy

Next to producing food, those that produce energy will be the next most valuable resources to have and barter for. The Alternative Energy covers three simple post collapse forms of energy of solar, wind and rocket stoves. I love rocket stoves because it is what most of the world that lives off of less than $2 a day.

  • ThrivalistLawful Government, Civic Responsibilities, and Sustainable Currency

The next section is about what our world will look like with my Thrivalist book and two contributions from Chuck Baldwin about guns and authority. You can see a review of the Thrivalist: How to Thrive in the Collapse.

  • First Aid and Alternative Medicine

The First Aid and Alternative Medicine section literally priceless in an emergency or collapse scenario. Life will become much more dangerous and we will not have access to the kind of healthcare or medicine we have today. I think this section is full of practical information that has been lost in our collective consciousness.

  • Self-Defense and Security

The Self-Defense and Security section was right up my alley as I was a former Marine and appreciate the focus on the warrior mindset needed to win in challenging environments. I am most impressed with Coach David Alexander’s BET Traget Based Self Defense. You are going to get a downloaded version of his DVD on what I think is the most effective and practical means of self defense. This is not some overly complicated series of moves that would never work in a real world environment. Coach David Alexander has trained with some of the best fighters in the world and has created a great no fail way to defend you and your family.

The other contribution I really enjoyed was the 7 Shortcuts To Finding The Perfect Survival Retreat . For those of you that are probably living in an unsustainable area or urban area this is a great first step to opening your mind on where to move to or at least have a place to bug out to.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 12.48.14 PMIncluded in the Ultimate Survival Bundle are 13 other free bonuses from thee contributors that provide even more value to the Ultimate Survival Bundle.  This includes a very, very interesting audio series about distilling alcohol. I have said many times that food and fuel will become the two most valuable things to humanity. Alcohol is a clever way of killing two birds with one stone. I saw in my study of post collapse soviet union that alcohol demand was insatiable and I think this will be a great opportunity to create wealth and fuel.

I feel the best value of this Ultimate Survival Bundle is that it is a low cost way to expose yourself to many different disciplines you will need in an emergency environment.

This is also a great way to get the family involved. All of the information in the Ultimate Survival Bundle can easily be put into a weekend activity to involve your family. You can share neat information you are learning with your family and show them positive productive skills without scaring them about the possibility of the collapse environment.

Having it in ebook form is a great way to store and consolidate information. Unlike the mass amounts of books I have you cannot easily move that much physical information and you have the ability to print it out if you need to.

I am going to include 3 special bonuses for all of those people who get the Ultimate Survival Bundle in the link below.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.04.21 PM1. First is the Thirvalist Origins audio companion to the Thrivalist ebook.  For over two years now I have been working on establishing the intellectual foundation for a post dollar world.  The Silver Shield Report is full of my best work as I am much more fulfilled and energized by working on solutions rather than giving the play by play of the collapse or fearing things outside of our control.  This first Silver Shield Report Thrivalist Origins bonus is a very valuable companion to those that want to not just survive but thrive.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.06.53 PM2. The second bonus is The Warrior Spirit interview I did with Silver Shield Group member and Ultimate Survival contributor Coach David Alexander. We explore how important the Warrior Spirit and how to develop in yourself at any age.  I found this interview one of the most powerful interviews I have done.  I feel that mindset is the most valuable tool to win in any environment.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 2.08.20 PM3. The final Bonus is my Ultimate Silver Investor series. I believe that when people truly understand the silver story, it is a transformative event in their life. No longer will they view the world in what we have been indoctrinated into, and be on the path to be mentally and financially free from this collapsed paradigm.

The Ultimate Survival Bundle will only be available for 8 days Starting Monday September 16th. I don’t know the final pricing, but the numbers they are talking about is very affordable and is a tremendous value. If you do decide to get the bundle, I will email you my three bonuses the Thrvialist Origins, The Warrior Spirit and Ultimate Silver Investor that are yours to keep for free.

18 comments to The Ultimate Survival Bundle Reviewed

  • Marcel

    Hello, I bought the bundle and while being logged-in, I went to the URL
    And there it did show a focus on your contribution, but the rest of the page was like I was not logged-in and invited me to buy the bundle and showed all the different books I would get…
    I could not get access to these 3 extra bonuses.

    Thanks for checking it out,


  • Doug

    These bonus resources from bundle contributors are added to the bundle free of charge!

    Just placed my order and the bonus resources you mentioned were not included. Do I need to alert you that I went through your link?


  • TnRick

    I guess I made the mistake of purchasing from the wardee USB site instead of from your link?

  • GreatInca

    I’m sticking with the $29 version. They are offering a $97 upgrade version (not sure if it is $97 total or $97 additional). Some cooking membership and a bunch of plans. At least their were no JavaScript nags. I think the ‘$700 retail price’ is baloney.

  • GreatInca

    I’m Invoice #745. I’m thinking they’ll get to 2500 or so by next Monday.

  • GreatInca

    You better get leechin! I’m a hoarder. Many people are not. The below will affect fellow non-hoarders:

    Please note: You have until November 30, 2013 to download all the Ultimate Survival Bundle files. After November 30, 2013, the download area will no longer be available.

  • GreatInca

    Want to leech it all super-quick? Get the FireFox FlashGot plugin – Flashgot . net. Leech it all in just a few clicks. FlashGot is a very good YouTube ripper too.

  • Sonya

    Hi Chris

    I appreciate the work you do & continue doing.
    I know the saying only to well: ‘ If we are aware, we can prepare’.
    But my problem is, (and I’m sure many others are in the same boat – which is why I decided to write this),
    To be in a position to prepare we need resources, and resources cost money.
    What about those who are stuck, jobless, making ends meat week in week out?
    For me I’m totally aware, and would love to be in a position to prepare for a whole community.
    But. I’m financially embarrassed/broke.
    What do we do??

    • Silver Shield

      I went through being depressed and jobless for almost a year after I left New Jersey. I don’t think that I would have listened to the advice I am about to give you but here goes…

      Stop emotionally worrying about things outside of your control and start taking positive productive action in the things you can control. This will get your mind out of the scarcity mentality and start the beneficial cycle of the Abundance mentality. When you start to make real physical positive change in your environment, good things start happening. It can be a small as cleaning your house, working out, stacking an extra can of food, buying an ounce of silver or planting a tree. Everyday make a real change in your world and overtime you will feel surprisingly better.

      Most of the battle is in our head as we are the masters of our universe.

      Next get rid of all toxic influences that bring you down. Thoughts, friends, habits, debts, where you live, etc. One can only maintain a positive spirit for so long in a toxic environment. No matter what the cost, cut out anyone or thing that does not make your life better. No matter how small.

      Then comes finances which is what everyone wants to jumpy to first even though that is a terrible mistake I feel. Without the mental and social change first, financial change will never truly happen. This is why so many lottery winners end up back where they started. The financial front is two fold, first stack real assets. I don’t care how broke you think you are, if you are in America you can afford a silver dime by forgoing a coffee, soda, pizza, cable, beer, lottery, or cigarettes. That dime is more than the entire days wage of 2/3 of the world today. I have a pizza delivery guy with three kids that has more real wealth because he buys silver dimes from the tips he makes. He has more real wealth than most people I know. He is thinking generationally and want to leave his kids something far better off than he was given.

      If you are poor you have to think longer term and stacking a silver dime a day will in not to long will give you a substantial buffer of real wealth that cannot be stolen from you with inflation. It is my belief that when the dollar collapses that silver dime will represent a days wage for food and shelter. Not bad for less than a cup of coffee.

      The second step is to delay debts as long as you can. Chances are if you are poor you have debts. Debt is slavery of the free. First stop taking on debt no matter what it takes. Second work on delaying that debt because in a currency collapse those that benefit are those with real assets and debt NOT those that sold their real assets to pay off their debt.

      Finally start doing something you really love. If you have a crappy job start something on the side that you love doing and are talented at. We all have a song in our heart and most men to to the grave with it still in their heart. If you bring out what is inside you, you will be saved. The combination of all of the things I told you over time will lead to a real change.

      I know. I have lived it.

      • Sonya

        Hi Chris

        Thankyou for your straight-up advice. It is very much appreciated.
        I know this is truth as it resonates in my heart :-)
        I will definately take on board what you are saying here.
        Law of attraction etc….
        I can now use your advice to share with others with same mentality :-)
        Many Thanks
        Keep up the good work :-)

  • Modern Money Mechanics


    Like evreyone else you could have told this guy that purchasing your product was the answer to his problems, but you did not do it. Good for you.

    Instead, you said (in effect) ignore my product and look inside yourself for some perspective. Good for you.

    Then you laid out a sequence of baby-steps to see the world as a self-sustaining individual and not as a conditioned self-absorbed hopeless immobile robot.

    That was a great reply. So thank you for your generosity of spirit.

    • Silver Shield

      Just trying to be the change I want to see in the world.
      BTW I wrote that at like 5 in the morning, bleary eyed, on my phone, with my baby next to me.
      I think I need to walk away soon…

      • Moira

        Hey Chris, congrats on the new baby. I just had my second child, a boy, on May 28th. Exhausting but so wonderful and special to be up with your baby at night. Just the two of us rocking away in the chair.

  • Uber

    FYI: anyone looking to buy the basic bundle, it is 4.73GB of files, so allow plenty of time if you have ADSL Broadband.

    I used the DownThemAll extension for Firefox the download the files; I just selected all the text containing all the links, right-clicked DownThemAll selection, ticked all the file links, picked a target folder, then left them download.

    It looks like the server didn’t like more than about 2 concurrent connections, even on my fast fibre connection; so best add a server config for to your downloader to limit the connections, to stop file download stalls.

  • Gareth

    Just ordered. Wonder how much i’ll get away with printing-off at work lol.

    Hope the new one’s doing well, Chris :-)

  • michael

    Hey guys. I purchased the bundle and have maybe a real dumb question. Do I get a hard copy of these or are they ebooks. If they are ebooks how and or where do I get them? Sorry but I am confused and need help.

    • Silver Shield

      No everything is digital. I printed the stuff I wanted I keep. Everything else is on a thumb drive.

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