Mulligan Mint Files For Bankruptcy: Update 2

Did you feel it in the air on Friday the 13th?

In the latest of a long line of delay tactics, Rob Gray is doing what he has always done before when he gets caught, file for bankruptcy.  This will be the first of many bankruptcies now that his fraud is exposed and is in court.  He cannot file for personal bankruptcy until the 7 years is up from his last one in December of 2006.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 2.48.38 PMThis will blow up in Rob’s face because you cannot declare bankruptcy over fraud.  Especially since the Mulligan Mint Inc. did not even legally exist until 7/1/2013, only 2 months ago!  As far as I know, all of the creditors that loaned Rob money through the fictional entity known as the Mulligan Mint was prior to 7/1/2013.

The one good thing is that it is finally showing what I have suspected all along, there is a long trial of bodies in this mess. 

We already know they stole $1,400,000 from Republic Metals and I am sure their lawyers are going to have a field day with this latest delay tactic.

The next one is very interesting because it looks like from this filing that he took $650,000 from Lakota Oyate.  I know the Free Lakota Bank is Rob Gray’s  “personal piggy bank” that he “loaned” money to himself to fund his business and life,  I don’t know if this money was loaned to Rob or if this is what was stolen from the depositors of the Free Lakota Bank.  I am sure now that the cat is out of the bag officially, perhaps we will get some real information out of what is really going on at the Free Lakota Bank.

The next two individuals on the list are the ones that I feel the worst for since they are the ones that trusted the Gray’s the most.  Phil Pozderac and Steven Berryman were two employees that I had met in my two trips down to the mint.  They were very hard working and passionate people that not only worked many long hours building that mint but apparently gave the Gray Brothers $485,000 and $125,412 of their own personal money.  I am sure that this money was a significant portion of their life savings that was scooped up in this grand fraud.  While these men worked long hours for that money and many more hours building the mint, Rob Gray flew around the world and bought mansions with their money.

I do not feel sorry for American Express and their $245,000 loss.  They were warned.

One of those victims looks like $73,500 from the Evolving Heart Mission!  Really?!  The rest of the people on the list I am not familiar with and cannot say anything other than I bet they were really passionate people that wanted to believe what Rob Gray was selling and now have nothing to show for it.

I am very surprised that Provident Metals ONLY lost $20,000.  That is a huge swing from what I was told they loaned them only a few months ago… hmmm.

As for me, I am only listed for the 1,500 ounces he stole from me and none of the hundreds of thousands of profits and my dies.

Finally in typical Rob Gray fashion, Rob included his former attorney’s in this case that he did not pay.  He did this in his 2006 bankruptcy too.  Classic Rob!  I do not feel bad for the attorney’s because they were warned as soon as they took the case that they would not be paid and only work on a retainer.   They did not listen and they got screwed.

As you will see in this PDF MM4 – Attorney disclosure Rob did come up with $46,000 in a cashiers check to retain his bankruptcy attorneys.  I know Rob well enough that he would not spend his LAST $46,000 on bankruptcy proceedings which means there is a bunch of cash out there I am sure and the first place to start looking is the bank that that retainer check is cut from.

There are only two things the psychopath fears, exposure and the greater psychopath.

I have done my part of exposing this fraud.

Now I hope they all get thrown into jail.


Update 1:   US Federal Bankruptcy Fraud Checklist.  Bankruptcy fraud carries a sentence of up to five years in prison, or a fine of up to $250,000, or both. See 18 U.S.C. § 152.

1. Concealment of assets.
2. Serial bankruptcy cases.
3. Failure to keep usual business records.
4. Incomplete or missing books and records.
5. Conduct well outside ordinary business or industry standards and practices.
6. Unusual depletion of assets shortly before the bankruptcy filing.
7. Recent departure of debtor’s officers, directors or general partners.
8. Unanswered questions or incomplete information on debtor’s schedules and statement of financial affairs.
9. Frequent amendments to schedules, statements of financial affairs and monthly operating reports.
10. Inconsistencies among recent financial statements, tax returns and debtor’s schedules and statements of financial affairs.
11. Absence of knowledgeable officers to testify at the Section 345 meeting.
12. Inability to contact principals of debtor at debtor’s stated location
14. Frequent dealings in cash rather than recorded transactions
15. Sudden depletion of inventory post-petition without plausible explanation.
16. Inflated salaries, payments of bonuses or cash withdrawals by officers, directors, shareholders or other insiders.
17. Transfer of property to insiders, shareholders and relatives shortly before bankruptcy
18. Payoff of loans to directors, officers, shareholders, relatives or other insiders shortly before filing.
19. Transactions with non-debtor subsidiaries, parent companies or affiliated corporations owned by the same or related persons or entity.
20. A history of prior litigation or post-petition litigation involving breech of contracts, fraud misrepresentations, etc.
21. Complicated corporate structures and relationships.
22. Creditor confusion concerning corporate structure.
23. Fire, theft or loss prior to or after filing.
24. Failure to pay withholding and sales tax.
25. Startup of a similar business near the time of bankruptcy filing.


Update 2: Hare Psychopathy Checklist.

Factor 1: Interpersonal/Affective

  • Glibness/superficial charm
  • Grandiose sense of self-worth
  • Pathological lying
  • Cunning/manipulative
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived and egocentric)
  • Callousness; lack of empathy
  • Failure to accept responsibility for his or her own actions

Factor 2: Lifestyle/Antisocial

  • Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  • Parasitic lifestyle
  • Poor behavioral control
  • Lack of realistic long-term goals
  • Impulsiveness
  • Irresponsibility
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Early behavior problems
  • Revocation of conditional release
  • Criminal versatility

Traits not correlated with either factor

  • Promiscuous sexual behavior
  • Many short-term (marital) relationships
  • Acquired behavioral sociopathy/sociological conditioning



M2 Bankruptcy 1

M2 Bankruptcy 2

68 comments to Mulligan Mint Files For Bankruptcy: Update 2

  • k caven

    Am I DAMNED GLAD I didnt order from them-had them on the phone last week but had a bad feeling and backed out

  • Tiberius Kirk

    Are you ever going to gain/regain control of ? That’s got to be confusing many people who are new to you or are trying to buy from you.

  • Cal

    Approx $3,542,366

    Wow this guy is so done for. Its nice seeing justice being played out.

    • Silver Shield

      That is just the top 20 creditors…
      I think there is much more money with Free Lakota Bank depositors.

    • GreatInca

      Imagine the smuggling operation Rob Gray will end up involved in or even running while in prison. Though some prisons are so difficult to smuggle stuff in that inmates resort to gambling operations using commissary items as currency and their cells are fully stocked with commissary items (These inmates usually don’t need to keep a job in prison either).

  • RogueLibertarian

    Hey Chris…you said that a psychopath fears two things: Exposure and a greater psychopath. I guess that makes you the greater psychopath right??

    • Silver Shield

      Cute but no.

      I did the exposure, which he did not fear when he told me that I would get “nothing”.

      The greater psychopath in this case will be the government when they throw these thieving band of gypsies in jail.

  • Michael Stewart

    Thanks for exposing these criminals, Chris. I knew the truth would be told in the end, you’ve always been a straight-shooter who could tell it like it is. I’ll definitely be buying Thrivalist, and congratulations for having Alexander Patrick brought into the world!

    • Silver Shield

      Thank you. It was a very long road to vindication and I had a lot of help from other victims that stepped forward like Gus Demos, Glenn Tener and his website, Silver Willie, Bernard von Not Haus, Michael Badnarick, Laura Curry, Taylor, Eddie Allen, Phil Pozderac, and of course the Republic Metals guys that have funded a blitzkrieg legal attack on the Grays.

      I know there will be a criminal case soon and there will be more to thank later.

      I most of all want to thank people like you that believed and supported me when times were most difficult.

      • Bruce Hanby

        Silver Shield,

        Thanks for the update 2 you shared. I am assuming that my 5 ounces of the para dimes that I ordered back on December 4th is gone and I will never receive these.
        I have been told that they are still paying their back orders just I little bit behind. I should receive my order by the end of January. Please let me know what you think.


        Bruce Hanby

        • Silver Shield

          I have no idea what they are going to do. It is easier to kiss it good bye and be surprised than expect and get nothing.

  • MATT

    WELL..Big few weeks for you Chris..Vindication, new member of the family AND to see this piece of crap getting his just deserts!

    Onwards and upwards..

    any new rounds in the pipeline?

    • Silver Shield


      I actually have a lot in the pipeline.

      Heidi has the next 8 designs into her.

      GSM has 3 sculpts including the new 2 oz Freedom Girl which is spectacular. I think the 2 oz size is the right size for these coins. You can really see the detail of Heidi’s sculpts.

      Then it is a 5 oz Trivium

      Then a 1/10th oz coin which is my very first design.

      After that we have all new designs for as far out as the eye can see.

      I am particularly excited for the Standing Freedom 1/4 oz. Very hot!

      • MATT

        You bloody beauty!! (that’s Australian for ‘GREAT!)

        mmmm The 5oz Trivium sounds like a VERY good idea ;))

        take care Chris..Your work is very much appreciated by many I’m sure

        One day I’ll buy you a drink..;) It’ll have to be in oz though as I don’t have any desire to visit the US anytime soon! Not big on having my cavities probed 😉

        Just a suggestion..I never got any of the 1st Death & Debt rounds and the only ones available have the milkspots and way overpriced..maybe a ‘revamped version’??

      • Richard Hayward

        Always enjoy watching your latest video’s, very informative.

        Excited and can’t wait to see the new Freedom Girl. :-)

  • speedspirit

    In your first paragraph you state his last bankruptcy was 1996 it should read 2006

  • David

    I guess Provident got the hype job to do business with him, and he is a salesman. Of course their close proximity made them extra susceptible. As a customer [and I have seen nothing but ethical order fulfillment from them] of them and your designs I warned them your designs had been stolen [Freedom Girl etc.], further production was unauthorized, and they should carefully evaluate the legality of doing business with him. I got a businesslike reply which I sent privately to you. So like you I am surprised they only are listed for 20K. That may be due to their close proximity and ability to hound Mulligan for fulfillment. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    God bless you and your [larger] family!

  • canadian dirtlump

    Hi Chris,

    First off congratulations, and blessings to you and your family regarding the birth of your boy. Anyone who is a parent knows it is the toughest and most important job in the world.

    Secondly, I’m happy to see this as partial vindication for you (as you say more to come). As I noted in previous threads in this regard, based on a fair and balanced look at the situation, how anyone could have not seen the truth ( albeit in the rear view mirror ) is beyond me. That said, I never doubted you for one second. I’ve got a tube of Cannabis 1oz on the way to go with all the rest of my collection ( I need to find some of the first ones in the aftermarket to complete – those are tough to come by ) and they are all beautiful. I’m pleased that the line relaunched, as now I’m done with government mints, and I have my stack established, and your ongoing collection is exactly what myself, and numerous friends will use to keep adding.

    Now, I’ll leave the reservation and get a little nasty. I see Joke Crisco’s survival lardcast featured rob gay from the ( bankrupt ) mulligan mint <— sorry if I got any of those names wrong I wasn't wearing my glasses when I read the title .

    In a previous thread I stated that Joke was mentally preparing either himself or his listeners for this day, and boy was I right. He laid it out perfectly and pre blamed you for this. As you know one of the marks of a self respecting sociopath is to never accept blame for the larger issues. In that podcast, Rob with his little hype man bitch Joke squarely assign blame to you for the mint going under.

    What I find more distasteful is that JOKE spins it as a positive thing. Being apparently a gangster entrepreneur and capitalist he conveniently forgets that the underpinnings of capitalism involve having people invest their saved money i.e. capital into a business to have the business person run it properly and conscientiously. He is papering over the fact that through what can only be mis management, and likely fraud and theft, Mulligan mint was ran into the ground and took the "nuclear option" as Jack spoke about before – as if a proud entrepreneur talks like that. Now "capitalists" who trusted this door to door snake oil salesmen are going to lose out big time – including employees. THIS IS A GOOD THING? I actually feel bad for the bloviating bearded double chinned bandit because he apparently got a severe tune up from the mind mechanic.

    In no way should or can bankruptcy be spun into being a positive thing. It is a steaming 3 coiled defecationally enhanced testament to being either an inept businessman or a thief.

    To be clear, you don't know me from Adam, and this is simply my observations How anyone else who comes by this story can't see it the same way is beyond me. Proof is in the pudding thus far I guess.

    Again thanks, and I'm happy for you on the family and business front.

    • monkey

      Agree completely – nail on the head – it is shocking to hear someone try desperately to spin filing Chapter 11 as somehow a good thing. If you’re filing Chapter 11 for a company, you’re either a thief, a terrible businessman, or both.

  • JoeO

    I just posted on Spirko’s site and it was deleted.

    I have not listened to or downloaded one of his podcasts since 1118 which is late April of ’13. At that time I noticed a change in the direction of the show. I also noticed a change in him. I had this bad feeling.

    Just today I lookled at coinflation with a link to this page. I have been catching up on this for the last 2 hours.

    It is quite obvious that Spirko is being played. Too bad. I used to like him.

    • Michael

      You said,

      “Just today I lookled at coinflation with a link to this page. I have been catching up on this for the last 2 hours.”

      Can you explain what you mean by his change in direction, as well what you mean by coinflation?

      I’m interested.

      • JoeO is a website that tracks coin prices and the price of gold, silver and other precious metals. You have to go to the site to see all of its features.

        His show started to go more towards him and away from his original message. He bought land, then realized it wasn’t good for what he wanted then he bought other land…

        Then he started to get involved with Silver people. If I buy silver, I want it for the silver, not for the ant or the Indian on the coin. Just give it to me at the cheapest price.

  • James Andrews

    I am confused? He filed Chapter 11 not Chapter 7. In Chapter 7, the business ceases operations, a trustee sells all of its assets, and then distributes the proceeds to its creditors. In Chapter 11, the debtor remains in control of its business operations as a debtor in possession, and is subject to the oversight and jurisdiction of the judge.

    How is this vindication? Chapter 11 just gives Gray time for the lawsuits to be resolved and protects him during the process.
    If he filed for Chapter 7 that would certainly be a victory for Chris. As an accountant, I don’t understand the celebration.

    • Silver Shield

      Why the vindication? Because when I left on April 17th I was the only victim and every authority I went to was not interested in what was clearly a civil case.

      I knew in my heart that there were a lot more victims. I exposed this fraud to protect future victims and found a bunch of current and past victims including Glenn Tener who successfully sued Rob in the past forcing Rob to flee Philadelphia and file Bankruptcy in 2006.

      You can learn so much more at

      Now I have a list of current victims and he has exposed himself to fraud in bankruptcy court because the company Mulligan Mint inc that he is putting into Chapter 11 did not exist until two months ago. All of those creditors are owe from before that. It is probably not the smartest thing on earth for a person to steal $3.5 million and then form a company and then try to cover up the fraud in Bankruptcy Court.

      You maybe an accountant but you either do not know that facts of the case or how fraud is treated in Bankruptcy Court.

      And of course all of this legal Kung fu is to keep Rob from having to face his fate in the state court that has already filed Writs of Attachment on everything he owns.

      Why anyone would even spend any amount of time defending or lending any support to this criminal is beyond me!

      • RogueLibertarian

        Chris, Rob has been on the TSP forum for the last day answering some very difficult questions from many people. Would you do the same here on your forum?? If so, then I have a question for you: It seems Rob Gray is trying to move on from this matter and rebuild yet you seem to be solely focused on destroying him. Do you wish to destroy Rob or do you simply seek return of that which is yours?

        • Silver Shield

          Psychopath lie like breathing.
          The guy is a career criminal, hypnotist, self proclaimed “mind Mechanic” and knows that you guys want to believe so bad…

  • monkey

    As part of the filing, he should have also had to file, and you should have received, a list of his assets. Would you post that info – assuming doing so is legal?

    • Silver Shield

      I did not see a list of assets.
      It would be a lie anyway.
      This is all public info btw.

      • RogueLibertarian

        Now Chris, c’mon even you know that lying on a financial disclosure to the court is a surefire way to get oneself some serious jail time. As a matter of fact it’s almost, but not quite, as sure to get one jailtime as false imprisonment; like the manner in which Republic Metals held Rob Gray at gunpoint in their offices. I wonder when we’ll be hearing from RMC concerning the launch of their new mint. When that does occur, I for one, will be very interested in who will be partnering with them in this new venture. :))

  • I’ve been an on and off listener of Jack Spirko and generally like what he has to say. I spent an hour listening to his episode 1208. Through the episode I was wondering if perhaps Jack is trying to help him out because he has outstanding deliverables from the Mulligan Mint? I have heard him selling silver rounds in the past. Someone has to make them. Perhaps it is this fellow?

    I also wonder what SBSS’s issue with Mulligan? I understand they were former partners…but that’s former. Right?

  • SouthernWatchman

    Interesting case made by both sides. This whole thing seems like an episode of Law and Order.

    The biggest question I have at this point is: What’s with the unlawful detainment/kidnapping charges? How legit are those?

  • Marc

    Since when is destroying a business is considered to be vindication? If there are things that Chris is owed due to the dissolving of his business relationship with Rob Gray and M2 then it could have been handle through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or the legal process. Once Chris obtains what he is owed he could then just walk away. Apparently, more than Chris getting the things that he is contractually owed, he has set out to destroy M2. This is not about justice; this is about vengeance. If none of you like M2 or Rob Gray don’t do business with them. What I don’t understand is why are so many of you celebrating their filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What is it that you all have to gain by the failure of their business? If Chris has personal issues with RG and M2 then so be it but what has Rob Gray or M2 done to any of the rest of you to cause you all to cheer its bankruptcy filing? There has been a lot of talk about the scarcity versus abundance mentality. I believe that any future success by Chris or M2 doesn’t have to come at the expense of either of the two parties. Chris has posted videos about the society that can be created after the paradigm shift. Is the society you all seek to create one where we all tear each other apart due to soured business relationships.

    • Silver Shield

      You guys are too much.
      Are you the kind to blame the girl for being too hot after she gets raped?
      I had my dies, my brand, my silver and hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from me by a guy that ran up $250,00 on an Amex, had rock star vacations to Singapore, bought a mansion on an air strip and that was before he stole $1.4 million from Republic Metals.
      He also stole the retirement money of two employees over $500,000.
      He stole from a mission and the Nation of Lakota.
      He screwed 2 of his 4 attorneys just on this case for non payment.
      I just talked to a close friend of his deceased Grandmother that told me that Rob even stole from her by charging $30,000 on her card before she died.
      Anyone who is an apologist for this thieving psychopath should have their head examined.

      If you love the guy so much send him your money.
      I am sure Rob will give you a great deal.

      • Marc


        If you read my post I don’t think I have defended Rob Gray on anything. In fact, I can’t since I have no first hand knowledge concerning his relationship with his creditors. I have only questioned your motivations for wanting to see M2 fail.

        You stated:

        Are you the kind to blame the girl for being too hot after she gets raped?

        Nope. As I have said, I have not blamed you for anything concerning the fallout between you and M2. I have only questioned why are you committed to seeing M2 fail.

        You stated:

        I had my dies, my brand, my silver and hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from me

        Who paid for the dies and for the registration of website? If you paid for these then they should be turned over to you. If Rob Gray paid for these then he might be legally entitled to these assets. I don’t know the details concerning your contractual arrangement with him.

        Also, you use the word “stole” very loosely. Here is a formal definition of the word steal:

        take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.

        Based on this definition, can you accurately say that he stole yours and RM’s silver? Did he take the silver without your knowledge and does he have no intention of repaying it? I believe that he should have repaid your silver by now. But have you two arranged any kind of repayment plan? Has he attempted to arrange a repayment plan with RM? He has listed you, RM, and FLB as unsecured creditors in his Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Therefore, he has acknowledged his debt to you and RM. If he s unable to come out of Chapter 11, you and RM should be repaid as part of the liquidation of M2’s assets. I do understand your frustration with him repaying your silver but can you say that he “stole” it because he has not or cannot immediately repay it?

        • Silver Shield

          I went to the guys office and he told me to my face that I would get “nothing”.

          And since then I have gotten “nothing”.

          The irony is that in the end he will have nothing.

          Sad how people want to believe until the bitter end.

          Tell me, when Rob is in an orange jumpsuit will you still be defending him.

          Please read the $3.4 million dollars of people that have had their money stolen in this scheme>

          Please read about how this is not his first rodeo.

          Have fun listening to the “mind mechanic”.

          • Marc

            I went to the guys office and he told me to my face that I would get “nothing”.

            And since then I have gotten “nothing”.

            Was your 1500 ounces of silver included in the context of “nothing?” FWIW, Rob Gray insisted that when you saw him you demanded “sculpts, dies, domain names, websites, customer lists, and affiliates.” I don’t know whether you demanded this or not since I was not present at that meeting. But are you sure that Rob meant that you wouldn’t get your silver back or if he meant the other assets that you allegedly (according to him) demanded?

            • Silver Shield

              All of things are mine and were stolen.

              Marc what is your motivation for being an apologist for a guy that just screwed over multiple people for over $3.5 Million?

        • SouthernWatchman

          I too am completely impartial in this. Both parties are pointing fingers and making allegations. I really do hope the Justice system works correctly and not play into the hands of those with the most Lawyers.

          By the way Marc, did any of your questions get answered?

          • Marc

            No I haven’t. My question to Chris has been why he is seeking to destroy M2. If he has a contractual/legal claim on certain assets, there are avenues to have his grievances addressed without all of the mudslinging. Also, I wanted to know why is everyone else congratulating Chris on M2’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. What do they have to gain by M2 going out of business. Chris may or may not have some legitimate grievances but all of Rob’s customers should have received their orders.

            I don’t know what’s is Chris’ motivation. There is a way that Chris can benefit if M2 is to go into liquidation. Some of the assets that he wants that may be legally owned by M2 (e.g. SBSS sculpts, dies, domain name and website, customer lists, and affiliates, etc.) could be purchased by Chris for pennies on the dollar.

            By assessing Chris’ actions, it appears that he is more interested in retribution than justice.

      • MATT

        Chris..from personal experience I learned that to TOTALLY free yourself of the Psychopath you have to Remove yourself from any kind of contact with them..Remove yourself from the arena in which they move as there are usually many ‘believers’ still surrounding them and defending their actions due to being still under the spell of such mind mechanics AND finally not even respond to those who wish to defend such people..It is a lengthy process and not easy to completely let yourself be unaffected by the person at the center AND those who surround them. It seems from your replies you are still in the process of detaching from the noise around them as the scars can be long of luck and believe me..Unlike the Frank Zappa song says “the torture never stops’ it actually does but needs longer than you would hope!

        all the best..go and hug that boy of yours..thats all that matters! 😉

  • Gus Demos

    This is my first comment on Chris’s site, and I hope Jack & Rob read it. This whole thing has turned laughable. Never in my life have I seen people stick up for a man that just got caught red handed STEALING, EMBEZZLING, & MONEY LAUNDERING 1.6 million dollars. Consignment does not and has not & will not ever mean LOAN. 70,000 oz were CONSIGNED AND VANISHED. This by definition is THEFT & EMBEZZLEMENT. No one “called in a loan” no one “asked for their silver” back. IT WAS VANISHED. Now either Jack is UTTERLY RETARDED and does not understand what many of these words mean, or he is in on it… How a troll could stick up for a man that formed a Corp 3-5 days before he was going to tell republic he Stole their money, you people are truly either retarded, or bias & blind like many of the sheep we pity… You should be worried about the victims, not the criminal you idiots. This man is 20 for 20 on the hare psychopathy checklist, and if Jack & his trolls wanted to ask some really tough questions, they would ask Rob were the 2 tons of silver vanished too, its hard to misplace its the size of 2 Toyota’s….. “Rob was working on a payment plan”…. <<< Best defense ever, ask the 100 people from his past how his "payment plans" end up….

  • Ken Grakauskas

    I wonder if Bix Weir got it shoved up his arse.

    Once can only hope…

  • SouthernWatchman

    Question for anyone who can answer it. On this document, why are there large numbers of pages missing from Rob Gray’s disposition?

    • Gus Demos

      They only included pages that are relevant for case, but you’ll notice that David & Rob had 50 contradictions between them. They are both to incredibly stupid to realize they just handed the SEC & FBI all the testimony they’ll ever need to put it all together. The goal isn’t money. Its Rob in jail…. We laid this all out for them months ago, & now its all come true…. All the entities, all the bank records, & now with the BK a list of the victims… All his BK did is allow me to go criminal on him again with the victims the FBI & SEC needed…. This psycho Asshole will go to jail….

      • SouthernWatchman

        Yes, I can gather the general goal based on other posts on this comments section, heh. But still, context is very important and I’d have liked to see the 50+ pages of missing Q n A. Missing pages make me wonder.

  • ByeByeSpirko

    The Spirko Apologists should go read some self-help books on Denial of Reality. Jack is a great permaculturist but that’s ALL. Everything else he spouts is half-informed or misinformed. And now this mess. Spirko fanatics should separate the Teachings from the Teacher, lest they fall into the cult of personality trap. I used to listen to him go on about permaculture and it was good, but this mess has me questioning his judgement. I know overwhelming evidence when I see it. I like Chris for his message, not his d!ck.

  • KKP

    What about Jack Spirko and Adam Kokesh? Will they be implicated in all this?

  • Good job Chris, the exposing, lots of hours of work there. Greetings and cheeese from Holland

  • Rahul S

    This must be a sigh of relief for you Chris.

  • eric

    how can the MM still take orders? From what I’ve seen they’ve still been up and running. Maybe just taking peoples’ money, even still, how do they have an open shop? I dont get it

  • eric

    MM made the Wall Street Journal!

    Perhaps a better question to ask Mulligan Mint executives: Where did the silver go?
    “That’s the big question,” Mulligan Mint President Rob Gray told Bankruptcy Beat. “We don’t really know.”

    • Silver Shield

      He never ceases to amaze me.

      If the fiduciary of the metal does not know where it is they should report the theft.

      If they do not report the theft, logic would dictate that they are involved in the theft.

  • DR

    So, the county sheriff came and took the Silver. No wonder Rob did not “Press charges”.
    Spirko is looking dumber and dumber every day.

  • jD

    For those of us with pending orders will we get them? Or are we all just screwed?

    • Silver Shield

      You will be at the end of the line of $3.4 Million of creditors that have already been screwed…

  • Heath Holladay

    I am being burned from this company for 200 oz of silver coins don’t do anymore business with them I paid in full with a cashier check from my bank an also used postal money orders never received my orders

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