Physical Silver Contracts Coming To Hong Kong…

“Stay tuned – I can’t exactly say when we will be offering our silver contract, but rest assured it will be sooner rather than later.” This is according to my source at the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, yesterday.

While the Anglo American Empire is limiting it’s cattle from investing in precious metals like Domestic Terrorist von Nothaus, FOREX restrictions, and “conflict gold”, China is encouraging it’s citizens to buy metals. You can walk into any bank in China and buy gold and silver. (If you walked into our banks looking for gold or silver, they would look at you cross-eyed and then drool.) Precious metals are advertised on the Chinese sites, but suspiciously missing from the English versions of those sites. Can you imagine our government pushing metals like this…

With the advent of the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange this is the first major market that is selling physical gold out side of the Anglo American control. The market will expand into all other commodities in due time. In fact the two most versatile commodities oil and silver could be a major tipping point in the seminal shift of power from the west to the east. While the west uses gangster techniques to force consent, the East has been investing their trillions into businesses ventures that secure real assets.

My hope is that with the opening of the HKME silver contract that this will severely limit the ability of the CME to raise margin costs mercilessly to try to kill the silver bull. If traders have another market to place their money, one that has much more friendly terms, the money will flow to there instead of being forced out of the market. I believe that the attack on silver was timed to be just before the opening of the HKME in the middle of May.

The other factor I think will be interesting to watch is how much silver is traded versus delivered. I believe that the grand majority of the trades are super computers trading in and out of trades trying to pick up pennies in front of this silver steam roller. According to the Andrew Macguire testimony, here are 50 to 100 paper contracts traded for every 1 ounce of silver delivered. I wonder what that will be in Hong Kong? I would feel much more comfortable buying silver in Hong Kong, because unlike the Anglo American Empire, China sentences people to death for crimes involving fraud. The United States used to have death penalties for forgery, now they just call it QE3.

One final thought…

Why is it that I get better news from Russia’s RT and Iran’s PressTV than our own media?

Why is it that there is more economic freedom in China than here?

Why is it that Muammar Gaddafi is pushing for honest money and we are not?

The answer is, of course, that this is an idea whose time has come. The World Is Cornering the Elite. Those that get ahead of the curve, will be the ones to shape the future. Right now it seems Chinese Communists are playing their cards just right, while our Elite tries to keep pumping drugs into the debt junkie. Keep stacking.

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