Silver Manipulation Will End In A BANG!

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  • speedspirit

    Question. When the dollar dies do you think we will have to wait long to see the value of silver reach its true value? Will the SDR’s have to run its course before Silver finds its true worth?

  • The bearer of bad news is sometimes trying to help, not throw water on the party. We don’t necessarily “win” when metals spin out of control—nationalization is a looming specter. In the almost 7 years I’ve been working, with very little cooperation from long community leaders (only they know why), to bring the apex group of metals suppressors to light, and during this time, Joel Van Der Reijden has been at it over 5 and a half years, the group finally erected a site where they identify very few members, as one example, Caspar Weinberger, and don’t mention that while Defense Secretary, he drained 24,435,000 oz AG from the national silver reserve to gift to shorts and users. A few more pinpoint surfacings of the group have occurred, possibly in response to our accusations of dire secrecy against them. One such is Tom Kean, former New Jersey Governor, who chaired the whitewash 9/11 Commission, see at how he got the “Pilgrims Society Medallion of Service to the Nation” in 2006, meaning, service to this Crown sponsored group. Kean is a Roosevelt relative (FDR stole gold and silver from Americans on a giant scale)—witness Pilgrims member Julian KEAN Roosevelt, John A. Roosevelt, FDR’s son, also appears as a Pilgrims member in older Who’s Who volumes. Tobie Roosevelt, widow of FDR Jr., openly admits to being a member of “The Pilgrims of the United States of America and The Pilgrims of Great Britain, headed by the Queen of England”
    Julian Roosevelt some years ago bought his way into being president of the American Historical Association, whose members “educated” the public that the Crash of 1929 caused the Great Depression when in fact, it was England’s attack on the world’s silver money system out of British India starting in 1926 that caused the Depression. The more people are made aware of this “Pilgrims Society,” the more our ownership rights tend to become secured. This is the group that claims “to keep the world on the right track” (Congressional Record, August 19, 1940) now I discover that David Rockefeller senior has been a member since at least the leaked 1949 roster. Unfortunately, Paul Volcker, a Pilgrims VP, who stole 60 MOZ silver from the Hunts, is Obama’s top economic adviser, and chairs the Group of 30 central bankers in D.C. I am trying to get Rand Paul to assist in a subpoena of this shadow organization’s membership roster, and I expect to find Jamie Dimon in its management.

  • Marc

    Canadian billionaire predicts end of US Dollar as world’s reserve currency – Ned Goodman lecture

  • Marc


    Delete the last to and post this one

  • Marc

    This is what I meant to post. It is relevant to what you have said about the decline of the US dollar

  • Jim

    OK, I’ve bought in a while ago. My biggest fear right now is that when the stuff finally hits the fan and the country is upside down, the government will set the tax rates so high, that all gains will be gobbled up by taxes. What’s to stop a broken government from setting the tax rate to 90%? And when you add Massachusett’s 10% tax rate that’s a 100% tax on precious metals.

  • Chad

    Back then, if given the chance, would any of us had purchased gold or silver? Get real people. The euro was in the ascendency it was believed that trade would flourish. The housing market was up. I was not “edu-macated” on these matters. My mindset was completely different. We can only know what we are allowed to know and what only we can see, read or touch. Those institutions that can mold a human beings beliefs and key decision made at the high level are not out in the open. We hear the critique of Rockefeller’s “competition is sin” but I was thinking… if we take such words and spin them in a new light… if everything was a competition then we would be at each others throats, so he is correct from a certain point of view… If competition was totally controlled by brute force (ie of money alone,) WE would never have had the chance to purchase gold or silver, because us common guys would have been priced out of the market forever and relative upward mobility and creativity that can arise with that.. would be diminished. You know the son’s of liberty ( back in the old days) was founded by freemasons. I have mixed views on that subject.. perhaps it is the worlds most ancient religion masked under various names.. even in Catholicism and Mormonism, even communism, ( the penis of osiris is all over the place), even north korea, vatican… so it’s been here since before any of us were born… even the Germans have their Frederick the Great and we our George Washington.. I guess can the lodges question the 13 families or not?

  • Chad

    Despite all this crazy shit that manipulates this world…… take heed at what is important….

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