Let’s See If I Have Any Pull At APMEX?

I have been having quite a few discussions with the APMEX about these flash sales they have been having. I told them the Sunshine coins were butt ugly but the right price. I told them the Silver American Eagles were lower by .50¢ at another site. I told them the new fractionals were beautiful, but the implied premium was too high for serious purchases.

I told the lady that if they wanted to make a splash and move a lot of silver they should do a flash sale on “junk” silver. (Man it pains me to say that every time, can we please come up with a better name?) I said Mercs, Morgans, and Peace Dollars are the best overall investment in silver. They have low premiums, they are official currency, they are historical and beautiful. They appeal to the survivalists and investors alike.

They don’t seem to have too many for such a huge promotion, so who knows.

I did buy a 1922 Peace Dollar yesterday. What a beautiful coin, certainly better looking than those Bitcoins….

In fact they should call it the Bitcoin Flash (crash) Silver Sale!

If you want privacy, buy silver.
If you want out of the banksters system, buy silver.
If you want money that has never failed, buy silver.
If you want money for the collapse of the dollar, power grid?, internet?, buy silver.

I wish I could take pictures like this...

7 comments to Let’s See If I Have Any Pull At APMEX?

  • Prudentis

    How are those coins a good deal?
    They are 31$+ each, weigh about 27g and have 90% silver right?
    That makes about 24g of pure silver witch makes a price of about 40$/Oz at today’s price of about 36$/Oz.
    And that would be on circulated coins that show some to much wear …
    I would consider 5% premium a good deal but anything over 10% is just a standard deal.

  • silverdoc

    Looks like they put 10 oz bars on sale at .99 over spot

  • olivieraleman

    I bought 2 Silver Eagles at a coin shop and they weighted at about 31 grams on my digital scale. Is that what they should weigh? Thanx

  • Officially a troy ounce is 31.1 grams.

  • olivieraleman

    Thanx Tommy, I just started buying silver and had read about fakes, not sure how prevalent that is. John

  • T Ruble

    I have bought from Apmex, Westminster and Provident. I have never had a problem getting delivery from any of them. As for Apmex’s new fractional Mercury 1/10 ounce…..I admit I bought three, (they are beautifully done) to turn into charms for my wife and two daughters but you are right. They would be great as a barter fractional if they were priced at least close to the original mercury dime.

    Question: How does purchasing pre-1965 coins (which I have done) effect or help in crashing the fiat-banking-control cabel? Do all purchases trading the worthless FRN for silver have the same impact or does trading the FRNs for bullion result in a higher impact?

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