The Truth About Gun Control

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  • Christopher

    The NRA is no better then the government look if everybody had a gun there would be nobody left. Just because you own a gun doesn’t mean your going to survive. And not everybody that doesn’t own a gun is going to get killed I suggest you try a different approach with this.

  • Jay

    Sorry Chris, but your comment that ” …if everybody had a gun there would be nobody left.” is preposterous, ergo everything after that is also. Owning a gun of course doesn’t guarantee survival any more than not owning one is a death sentence.

    No different approach is necessary. You decide how you want it to be for YOU and I will decide for ME. As long as you don’t try to get in my way of owning firearms, I promise I won’t try to talk you into buying one.

  • James Tetreault

    The mistake that a lot of people sympathetic to the gun takers make is to misunderstand how gun ownership protects freedom. They think that advocates of gun ownership are saying that each individual gun owner should or can be able to hold off the power of the state.

    But that’s not the point and Solzhenitsyn gets it with his quote. The state is not deterred because it somehow cannot overpower one homeowner. It’s deterred because the attrition of losses of personnel in trying to overpower 100 million homeowners are simply too much.

    Just as you get benefit from others protesting and speaking out against government abuses and exercising their 1st amendment rights even if you never utter a word or lift a finger, you get the benefit of criminals and your government (not always distinct categories of people) being wary instead of emboldened because a large number of your fellow citizens exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

  • At 3:17 very appropriate panorama of personalities. If it’s reworked, dump Alexander Hamilton, who advocated a national debt and central banking. He also got killed in a pistol duel with Aaron Burr. Replace with Andrew Jackson, survivor of all 8 pistol duels he fought, who hated the central bank like a parent hates a hantavirus rat in his child’s crib. Buy some old style disposable silver halide cameras ($5 to $8 each) and tape recorders in case methods are developed to disable all mobile devices in a radius like Apple; boycott Apple. There are sources who will “discreetly” develop film, avoid major outlets. I had an area mayor tell me privately—he’s also a lawyer—he knows the media refuse to report psych drugs as the basis cause of the gun rampages. After each rampage, the government calls for tighter “mental health screening.” So why bother? Just define any opposition to the globalists as “mental disorder.” I suggest prayer that God will give everyone according to their deeds and on no delayed basis.

  • Robert

    Feinswine could make a maggot vomit, absolute human garbage. Sadly the future of America is bleak.

  • Owen st.hilaire

    The point is that you can not take away all the guns. It is physically impossible. By making fire arms illegal you will disarm the law abiding populace, but how do you disarm the law breakers? Why is it that gun control advocates don’t want to face the real problem but just have a quick fix that makes them feel better with out solving the problem? Cocaine and heroin have been outlawed in America for more than 100 years. Neither is grown or produced in America yet the country is full of the stuff. Is it not likely that fire arms will find their way in by the same rout? Is it not likely that 10s of thousands already have? How do you take these away? Why is it when I ask a gun control advocate these questions their response is always to scream at me in near hysteria,” So we should do nothing!?!” I submit perhaps we should realistically examine the problem as it pertains to human beings and actually find a solution that works rather than one that merely makes the faint hearted feel better for now.

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