Too Poor To Prepare

What about those that are awake and too broke to prepare?

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4 comments to Too Poor To Prepare

  • MichaelR

    Great advice! I sometimes think some of these hard asset gurus are as elitist as the politicians and bankers, not interested in the little guy. In regards to preparing I have always thought in terms of “nobody can do everything, everybody can do somethings.”

  • Gareth

    Good luck, Sonya.

  • Brent Eamer

    Mesmerizing video, it almost put me in a trance.

    I purchased the Ultimate Survival Bundle. I purchased it solely for the updated electronic version of James’s book. Since I have the hard copy. It is updated and revised. Then I started to look through all the videos and other material. I really hope many of you purchased it. It is fantastic

  • Jesse

    Chris, what if you’re not only too poor to prepare, but too young to prepare fully?

    I’ve been following your stuff for almost a year now, and I know you say constantly not to worry about things outside of our control.
    There is one problem, I’m not 18 yet and I am too dependent on my parents; there is a lot more outside of my control. I’ve tried to show them stuff but unfortunately they are generally too busy working a job each and trying to support 4 kids.
    I’ve manage to get my hands on what silver I could with the capital I had available about 21 Oz; I’ve started trying to grow some food. But I seem hopelessly unprepared for a dollar collapse.

    I live in a suburban area called Berwick in Victoria, Australia. While it is not urban, the sheer amount of suburban houses in the area is dangerous. Sure there is a supermarket within walking distance I could raid, and local parks have a decent amount of ducks if things get worse. But realistically, after conducting a more in-depth analysis, trying to survive here with this many people is unsustainable in the long term, if not dangerous. Even though I have 5 different uncles and Aunties that live in more rural areas and are more self-sufficient, I somewhat doubt that if things got bad that we’d be allowed to camp on their property; although it seems a possibility. What you mentioned with family members charging rent when you take people in might work; except I’ll end up being the renter.

    I’m unemployed (currently, although I’m working on it; subsequently I have no income), I have no preped food supplies. Gun control in Australia is tough, and I’d have to be 18 to acquire a gun license for sport purposes; although I’m sure with enough determination I could jump through the hoops and obtain one. However, paying for and storing fire arms is a bit of an issue…
    I’m slowly working on doing what little I can and trying to become more independent. Independence however, is difficult when you are dependent on others for shelter, food and protection.

    It seems my dreams of becoming an engineer and economist (to push for honest monetary reform) are unlikely if this all goes down.

    But thank you all the same for this video Chris, it was most helpful.

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