Senator Ted Cruz – The New Hope

Senator Ted Cruz, the man that will save America. Who’s ready to jump on board the new hope bandwagon? Despite all of the hype from alternative media, and especially the has been media, I will not be jumping on the bandwagon. I have heard more and more folks out there saying things such as, “The democrats don’t like him, the republicans don’t like him, so he must be a good man!” and, “He stands up for the Constitution!”, On and on and on with whatever the television has told them… Does anyone remember this speech?

So he supposedly stands up for the Constitution, but will continue to defend “our friends” Israel and war monger about Iran? What was more sickening to me, was the fact that most of the things he said Iran is doing to their own people, like fake elections, no rights, a declining economy… they all can be applied right here at home. And as you see, he uses those same reasons to support attacking Iran and defending our “friends”.  I wonder how much Aipac has contributed to his pocket book? Has he been hanging out with Dick Cheney lately? He can’t be that ignorant, can he? I suppose the most frustrating thing is that when I inform his followers of the speech posted above, they all say the same thing, “Well, I haven’t heard that one” and because they have never heard it, it can’t be true. This morning I awoke to headlines around the web about the mighty Cruz and his incredible filibuster attempting to defund Obamacare. Missed it? Here’s Senator Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham on the floor –

This is what our country has come to. An economy destined to collapse, a sick society that has been reduced to debt slavery and compulsive consumption, a joke of an education system, the worst food in the world, socialized medicine, a see something say something citizenry that actually calls the police on people dressed as pirates (see this) and then locks down schools because of them,  a sock puppet in the white house that cannot tie his own shoes without a teleprompter, and the super hero opposition to the mighty king is reading Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate Floor. I see Senator Ted Cruz for what he is, a joke, like every last one of the members of Congress, the Senate, the White House, and the has been media. I feel like just writing about the guy is a waste of time, so I will finish up. Who am I kidding? Just Look at the comments to the “we must stop Iran at all costs” speech above. We will see more of the same, propped up “heroes” and desperate Americans wasting more time, energy, and money on dead end campaigns while the majority of the nation will continue to believe the lies on the idiotbox and not care about anything important until it is too late. What about you? Do you think he is the new hope loop? Just a distraction? Or legitimate “good guy”? One thing is for sure, this country is so far gone there are no political solutions at this point. The only option left for us as individuals is to empower ourselves, and start taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. Teddy will not save “us”.

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  • Tfin

    hew was reading Green Eggs and Ham to his Kids

  • Marc

    I don’t think much of Ted Cruz. I think he is just another neocon warmonger. Having said that, I believe this little episode is valuable to the freedom movement. Ted is pretty much doing this all on his own. Moreover, he is being viciously attacked by members of his own party. Republicans actually sent opposition research on him to Fox News. I think a lot of conservatives are beginning to see is that the system incapable of being reformed and is hopelessly stacked against them. More than having to overcome the Left, Democrats, and the Establishment Media, they have to overcome 95% of elected Republicans. I am hearing more and more conservatives say that there isn’t any difference between the parties. Hopefully they are giving up hope on the current system. When this happens, hopefully they will start adopt the opposite consciousness.

    • Marc

      Here is an example. Four years ago I got banned from commenting on for telling people that Republicans are for limited government (as they say) and that moderate/establishment types have run the party and opposed conservatives for the last 100 years. Immediately after I was banned, Erick Erickson (the site’s editor) posted that instead of complaining, conservatives had to work to reform the party. Today, one of their contributors posted that they are leaving the Republican Party.

      Here, Rush Limbaugh is asking what’s the point of winning:

      My hope is that more and more people are starting to give up on the system. What I fear is that there will be a conservative savior like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz who will delude many on the Right that if elected they can still save ‘Murica. Only when all hope is lost will people adopt the opposite consciousness. That’s when real change will occur.

      • Marc


        Should be Republican are not for limited government.

      • Ryan Brooks


        Thanks for the feedback, I suppose that’s why I tore into him today, because I am seeing a lot of what you fear, people being led to believe that he is some kind of savior. Eventually, humanity will either grow up or die.

  • Mdtokar

    Did you ever think that he and Rand are playing the flip flop game when it comes to foreign policy? I don’t know I’m just asking the question.

    • Ryan Brooks

      I am not sure I know what you are getting at here… I do know that I was dumb enough to go fight in Afghanistan, and I do not take neo con war hawkish talk lightly. That speech he gave about Iran is asinine. And his liberty buddy Rand was the one that voted for economic sanctions on Iran, which is causing their economy to go to shambles as Teddy points out as a reason to go bomb them and “free” the Iranian people…

  • Mdtokar

    What I meant by the foreign policy flip flop game, I believe Paul and Cruz are trying to out smart the mainstream media. If they came out with the same ideology as Ron did with his foreign policy, the media would discredit both of them. With both Rand and Ted acting Hawkish the media does not have a chance to attack them and consider them a “fringe” candidate.

    I am sure you have talked to the average Republican. They like everything Ron Paul has to say except his foreign policy. I believe Rand and Ted share most of the same ideas and are not dumb enough to start another war without congressional approval. Both of them need to target the average Republican if either of them want to run in 2016. I just hope if they are the ones who win in 2016 they “Flip Flop” on their current foreign policy beliefs.

    PS I liked your “Preparing Chicken” video. Keep up the nice work!

    • Ryan Brooks

      Anything is possible. These days, if you want to win the Presidency, you have to go on Nickelodeon, maybe to be considered a “genuine” republican you have to tow the neo con line ?

  • bob unger

    I am against all illegal wars and against all foreign aid—to Israel or any other country. However,I do wonder why you select his statement re “our ally Israel” as the basis for criticism. Hasn’t he made other statements about allies besides Israel??? Do I detect an anti Israel bias??? Israel is run by the same people who run the USA. I am fighting to replace the NWO globalists such as Netanyahu w Israeli nationalists in the same way I want the Constitution, not the NWO, to rule America.

  • Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the next generation of false/controlled opposition. Ron Paul, Patrick Buchanan, Ross Perot, et al., were last generations.

    As a Christian Patriot, I could care less about saving anti-Christian Amerika. My focus is Texas. Eliminating property taxes to defund the public fool system. Economic boycotts of anti-Texan corporations. No usury banking system. All “interest” owed by Texans forgiven. Death penalty for convicted rapists, sodomites and baby killers.

    It’s time for so-called “Christians” to take a stand…or get the hell out of Texas.

    /s/ Make “Nick” Your Pick for Texas Governor in 2014
    “For God…Family…Property…and NFL (no free lunch)”

    V for Victory…and Viva Cristo Rey!

  • hateNrage

    There was a few points to bring up. This resolution he supports “comdemns human rights violations”. Are these people crazy?? Do they know the amount of human right violations they have promoted with the “WAR ON DRUGS” and “LACK OF BORDER SECUTITY”??? What about the over promotion of the DEA, CIA, ATF,ICE, FEMA, Homeland Security (which btw is now IN EVERY MAJOR CITY’S POLICE FORCE). What about the congress ignoring 80-85% of the people and bailing out the auto makers. Which btw are still being bailed out with suppling millions of vehicles gifted to the police, sheriffs, and state police departments just for asking for the grant. Notice that it is CHEVY Tahoes, and Dodge Chargers, hmm big coincidence about that I guess. What about the overwelling millions that have been “PAID” in fines, for banking scandels and wrongdoing. Why can that money not go back into the 401k’s, housing markets, and jobs that it was stolen from?? Everytime there is a problem, they wash a solution down our throats.
    2nd For the hundreth time I do not care about the middle east. We have spent trillions tring to help, secure, fight, secure again, give weapons to, help again, fight again, secure again, ect, ect, ect. This has been going on for over 100 years. If the goverment would have forced cars to go 100mpg it would happen. But instead we talk about 75% of fleets bing over 30mpg. (Again a joke and slap in the face)( all vehicle manufactures no longer report any mpg ratings on any heavy duty trucks, deisel, which makes up a large percent of the total vehicles sold). Again the goverment has placed money over people. They have taken greed over the duty of presurving our heritage and legacy. Our forfathers should be so sad with the lack of guidance the new age goverment gives its people.
    Finally anyone who thinks any senator or represetitive stands for its people is wrong. They are all millonares. At no time in history has there ever been any more millionares elected. They are all the 1%ers. They all want more for themselfs and there friends. They all want more!!! They want us to depend on them. This man makes me want to eat some lead. He sounds so fake and without any feelings for his retoric. If you are gonna lie about it then at least sell it to us!! :) I really want to drink the kool-aid but you have to try a little harder.
    If I lived in Iran I may want to keep this government out of my live also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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