Official Silver Bullet Silver Shield Coins

The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield started as an article February 25th, 2011 and went viral to over 400,000 people and translated into 7 languages.  It was hailed as the best article written about silver in years.  It was a simple plan for the individual to attack  a corrupt and immoral paradigm and shield themselves from it’s inevitable collapse. Then is became a popular video series on YouTube with over 1.5 million views.

Now it has become the most popular independent brand in silver.  The Silver Bullet Silver Shield coins are silver with historical significance.  Each coin has a unique message and serves a means of stacking real wealth for the Ultimate Exit Strategy.  There we will have the physical capital to create conscious solutions to collectivist problems.

Below you will find the most current information on the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series including the Authorized Dealer list.

I will no longer support anything with Silver Bullet Silver Shield after December 31st, 2013.

I will launch a new brand January 1st, 2014 and move on with a more abundant spirit.

Current Releases
Evolving Past Silver Bullet Silver Shield
1oz Copper Warbird Warbird BU 3d - Copper - Sample
1 oz Copper Sic Semper Tyrannis Standing Freedom BU - Copper - Sample
1 oz Consumerism aka. Santa Slave
Consumerism PROOF - Sample
Consumerism BU - Sample
Retail Pre-Sale Starts November 29th. The last day for Dealer orders is December 20th.
1 oz Peace On Earth
  Peace on Earth - PROOF - Sample
Peace on Earth - BU - Sample
Retail Pre-Sale Starts November 29th. The last day for Dealer orders is December 20th.
1 oz Argyraspides
  Argyraspides - BU - Sample
Argyraspides - PROOF - Sample
Retail Pre-Sale Starts November 12th. The last day for Dealer orders is December 20th
1 oz Sic Semper Tyrannis
Sic Semper BU
Sic Semper Proof
Retail Pre-Sale Starts November 5th. The last day for Dealer orders is December 20th
5 oz Trivium
1 Final
Retail Pre-Sale Starts Oct. 28th. The last day for dealer orders is December 20th.
2 oz Freedom Girl
  FREEDOM COIN V2 - BU - Sample
FREEDOM COIN V2 - Proof - Sample
Retail Pre-Sale Starts Oct.18th. The Last day for dealer orders is December 20th.


Final SBSS Public Releases
Design Sculpted Die Created Dealer Orders Public Orders Last Day Orders
2 oz. Ag Freedom Girl 47.18mm x x Oct. 7th Oct. 18th Dec. 31st
5 oz. Ag Trivium 64.03mm x x   Oct. 17th  Oct. 28th Dec. 31st
1 oz Ag Sic Semper Tyrannis x x Oct. 30th Nov. 5th Dec. 31st
1 oz Ag Silver Shield x x Nov. 3rd Nov. 12th Dec. 31st
1 oz Ag Peace On Earth x  x  Nov. 25th  Nov. 29th  Dec. 31st
1 oz Ag Santa Slave x  x  Nov. 26th Nov. 29th Dec. 31st
1 oz Copper Warbird x x Dec. 18th Dec. 20th Dec. 31st
1 oz Copper Sic Semper Tyrannis x x Dec. 18th Dec. 20th Dec. 31st


New Brand Revealed January 1st


 US and Canada
 Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.16.33 PM  Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.17.02 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 7.48.49 AM Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.38.01 PM
 Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.28.56 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 2.43.59 PM
  UK and Europe
 Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 1.29.49 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.37.45 AM
  SBSS DE Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 7.51.47 AM
 Global Private Broker Services
 Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 7.50.20 AM
  *If your dealer does not carry Silver Bullet Silver Shield, have them contact us at DTOMsola (at) yahoo (dot) com


Silver Bullet Silver Shield Sales
2012  Debt and Death 53,427
1. Hard Strike- (All Arrowheads in detail) 20
2. Soft Strike – (Shallow strike Arrowheads flat) 100
3. SBS-s (- the “s” on problems) oiled est? 300
4. SBS-s (- the “s” on problems) clean est? 560
5. Regular oiled 3,000
6. Regular/Proof 41,457
7. BU both sides Est? 4,000
8. Wide Reed 3,900
2012 Trivium 56,969
BU 52,970
Proof 3,999
2012 New Year’s SSG Member’s 2,012
2012 Slave Queen SSG Member’s 2,013
2013 Slave Queen 88,000
BU est? 80,000
Proof est? 8,000
2013 Freedom Girl 275,000
BU est? 250,000
Proof est? 25,000
2013 Warbird 48,716
BU 42,060
Proof 3,880
BU Warbird/ Proof Shield SSG 1,776
BU Warbird/ Proof Love SSG 1,000
2013 Love 17,080
BU 14,040
Proof 3,040
2013 AG47 16,900
BU 14,460
Proof 2,440
2013 Cannabis 17,320
BU 15,120
Proof 2,200



45 comments to Official Silver Bullet Silver Shield Coins

  • maxblockm

    How about a 1 or 2 oz with Freedom Girl on one side and Love on the other?

  • Mike Peters

    This is not really a comment, it’s a question.
    Why is it after all this time there is still no reliable information on the quantity issued for the SBSS rounds? Why are so many rounds that were issued with certificates being sold on ebay without certificates? And, How is it that only a small hand full of sellers have verities that could only be obtained by a few very privileged insiders?

    • MikO

      If I look up a few inches on my screen, I see fairly reliable SBSS counts listed in a table, with a breakdown of variations of the coins minted. Maybe your browser is broken?

      Can you provide a link to so many rounds being sold without certs? I am truly interested. I personally would not buy a COA coin without a COA, what suckers are?

      What verities (varieties?) are you speaking of? And where might I see these for sale?

      • Mark

        This list is not even close to a complete listing for example Truvium had BU and Proof and then had Half-Proof and an Opposite Half-Proof. The Coins “Free Reign”, and “Your Highness” are not mentioned. Small Reed, Wide Reed and who knows how many other variations are actually produced (Well Chris does). I too would love to see an updated actual list of the coins past and present.

        • Silver Shield

          I do not care, recognize or support the bastard coins of the collection.

          • Mark

            That is fine and I can understand your side of the fence, so to speak.
            I happen to like the coins and think the artwork is fantastic along with just over bullion pricing. I am simply investing in some silver. How should we know which ones are “bastard” coins. The first coin you produced Debt and Death had how many variations that you Do recognize. How many different variations were released for each coin is what I want to know.

            As Joe consumer/investor I really could not care less about what about your disagreement was or take much stock in the pages of crap the two of you write. History will simply say these two yahoos had an idea it went so far and the greed and whatever else took over, but hey look their coins are kind of cool and may even gain in value, which is my only concern.

            So every coin that I find out there on ebay or anywhere else that is not in THIS list is a “bastard coin”?

  • Andrej

    I’m sure that freedom girl 2oz (or 1oz)is the pure beauty with great message and could be much more than just a sort of numismatic silver round with limited coinage.I see it as potential to be as known as silver buffalo round and by beauty overpass also the American Eagle and the new Pegasus round from – I hope you will make an exception among your nice silver medallions and make “silver girls” the best selling silver round for accaptable price.

  • harrald

    Nice to see a list of future releases! The serie is great! Very happy to see you pulled SBSS through the difficult times! (although there’s now a timer on the old sbss site, so i’m very curious what that means)But great work Chris!

    The cannabis, warbird, ag47 and love proof and BU just arrived, and they’re beautiful! :-)
    Only need to find a place where they sell the (empty) blue proof cases, where the other proofs came in. Someone know? Thanks.

  • matt

    cant find the 5oz trivium anywhere!?

  • matt

    HMM! Have the 5oz Trivium been released..??? ANYONE??

  • zsolt maksa

    Hi Gentlemen!
    Do u guys know how many 2oz Fredom girl will be minted??

  • eric

    Please dont rape us with premiums! Will theu ever go down? I fear what they will be on the fractionals. They May be enough to stop getting all of them, Im already not getying the two oz and five oz, I jusy feel like ur starting to roll them out for money, drifting from the original purpose…. To stack as much as possible, cant do that with high premiuns. I love the desgins, but at the ef the day a round is a round. Hate to sound like a jerk, but it had to be said, cuz most people here are your followers, even though u advocate against that. Plus everyone would love cheaper silver, and gettung more of coins out to the people would be great, think 10% more!

    • Son of Liberty

      Just buy them from the dealer when they first come out dude, they’re cheaper than american silver eagles and so far have retained their premium if you need to sell them for some reason. How much cheaper could you really go? Sunshine Mint rounds from Amagi Metals are only a dollar or so less, and they don’t have one-off tooling costs to recover because they’ve been using the same design for years. Same with the US Mint for that matter

  • Roger...

    My big concern about the 2 and 5 ounce medallions deal with how they are sealed and sent to me… Will they come in the round plastic holders or those square ones that I don’t like…??? Will they come in tubes if I get enough of them…???

  • eric

    Nice to see the minting. Thanks. why are the estimates for sq and fg not certain? Mulligan mint Im guessing.

  • Too many releases to fast with to few dealers having to high premiums and no limit to the minting quantities. Hummmm.

    • matt

      HEY CHRIS..Can you clarify to the numb nuts here who keep bringing up mintages..and perhaps show previous release mintages..THANKS!

  • Really amazing design man, you knocked it out of the park. I am a little curious about why you listed McVeigh and Booth as examples in your overview. Not exactly role models. Thanks.

    • Silver Shield

      I could not explain the meaning without showing those examples.
      The Virginia State Seal is what inspired this design.

  • AnonPatriot

    547 ounces of silver mined per annum. 82 million of gold. 5 of platinum.

    Is this maybe the reason why silver trades at such a lower ‘spot’ price, compared to gold and platinum? Are bullion dealers trying to unload a lot of surplus silver bullion, by telling people there will be a future shortage of silver?

    • AnonPatriot

      IE, 547 MILLION ounces of silver, 82 MILLION of gold, and 5 MILLION of platinum…

    • Silver Shield

      What is the ratio of ounce mined between gold and silver?
      What is the ratio of dollars between the price of the two?
      What is the second most versatile commodity next to oil?
      what is the amount of money printed on a daily basis versus what is mined?
      What was the amount of silver the US had in their stockpiles in 1950 versus today?
      Try answering some of these questions and come back later.

  • Rex

    Can you double check the AG-47 Proof numbers?

    You listed 2,440.

    I have COA 2620 from Amagi.


  • Shane

    Greetings sir,

    I followed a link to an authorized dealer listed below, and the description crediting the coin designs appears to be inaccurate. The description also indicates that they were minted at a questionable mint. I will only purchase these coins if the copyright holder is receiving due compensation. Are the coins listed at Gainesville legitimate?

    Thank you

  • Leon

    Just received a 1 OZ Silver Consumerism Proof-Like Round in my order from Amagi Metals and there is no COA. Where is the quality control from the mint? If proof rounds are going out without COAs, how can mintage numbers even be trusted?

  • Shane

    Thank you. These coins are beautiful and send an important message. I believe I missed the boat on them, however. I had a nice set of them in my cart at SilverGoldBull, and the premiums per ounce doubled overnight (to about 7$ per oz).

  • Mark Niemczyk

    Heidi Wastweet’s Freedom Girl IS World Class ART. Even bought a number of Copper rounds to give away. PLEASE mint some Freedom Girl 5 oz. proofs and maybe 10 oz. proofs. Please find new ways to share that art with the world. i.e. posters iron on transfers.I bought a T-shirt and it doesn’t even fit me. Need 4XL or transfers please.
    Mark N.

  • Pat

    How many of the wide reed Slave Queen standard silver rounds were minted in the one week they were produced as I can find no production number on this version of the slave queen.

  • Gaberdine

    This is my first time reading or hearing about this person and his beliefs. I have to say that I am astounded and deeply touched by what he believes. The very last human being that I was blessed to share this life with, who had these ideals, was my mother. She died 16 years ago and my heart has ached to meet another human soul like her. And to think, of all places to discover this good soul, it would be associated with the precious metals group.
    I have spent my entire life helping others, at a personal level and in my work. Perhaps I am naive but my experiences have always been that those I genuinely helped seemed to rapidly move to a place of taking me for granted and then expecting that I would always help, and actually feeling entitled to my help and being angry when I was no longer willing to help. I had never asked for anything in return. Many people have been suspicious for my offers to help, for no gain or benefit to myself.
    Unlike this young man, my experience has been very different.
    I am profoundly happy that I have been generous but just as perplexed that my generosity has not resulted in abundance, except that I have always world very hard, have given away much, and have saved while others did not. I have and helped others when I had nothing only to have my requests for help, on three occasions over 35 years, be ignored and refused.
    My mother was extremely generous also. I watched her generosity and love be taken for granted. It was heart breaking to see.

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