SGTBull07 and Lindsey Williams Interview

I have mixed feelings about Lindsey Williams, but I always listen when he is on, and this is a good one. The reason why I have mixed feelings is if he was truly letting us in on the Elite’s plan, he or his source would be shut up. I cannot deny that his predictions have been good and in this interview he has some good ones. He is calling for the collapse of the Euro and the Saudi Royal Family and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. This will lead to the collapse of the dollar. The of this chain is the final default of the dollar. The Elite will seize all of the real assets in the default and take title to millions of properties. This whole thing about control.

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  • marktag

    The Elite have a wacky rule in that they need to make public moves as they think it is some kind of fair warning.

  • Michael H.

    If you’ve listened to Lindsey’s interviews with Alex Jones, he talks and talks, while Jones repeatedly asks for the secret information Williams claimed to have. Finally, Lindsey usually lets go of a little secret intel near the end of the interview. I remember hearing him saying a while back that Oil was going to $200, and the euro was going to collapse soon. Guess his time table was off..

  • Fink

    He has had some predictions that paid off yet: The whole premise of being an insider to the elite, yet they don’t mind him talking against their interest, sounds like a schtick. He might have better luck being a very good trends forecaster like Bob and Gerald. Gain more followers – his generation follow the “snake oil salesman” methodology.

  • Fink

    BTW I always imagine bob as a cross between two movie characters both portrayed by Gene Hackman in “the conversation” and “enemy of the state” – bob sitting inside of a chain linked cube rigged with booby-traps.

  • Fink

    I agree with you Michael H. The info you have been waiting an entire hour while he prattles on about how we will be amazed amounts to about two minutes of useful info

  • Heward

    As far as prattling on, well, he IS a pastor.

  • andre

    i know what you mean ,he says he speaks for one of the elite,the one that’s left .
    why would such men allow him to speak.
    is it as Williams said once ,that these elite have to warn people first ,because of some misguided belief that it absolves them of guilt because they warned first and there fore we let it happen or could it be that they so revile the general population ,that they taunt us before they strike ,because they know we cannot organize enough to stop them ,in there opinions ,are they playing with some stupid beasts who they have dominion over or are they following some type of old world code of behavior that compels them to expose them self’s , or are they flashers who are sick and want to get caught,i cant fully say .
    most of his stuff has been accurate ,although a logical person could have seen allot of it himself with enough basic data , but some stuff like the price of oil dropping dramatically to less than 50.00 from 145.00 was accurate but illogical ,if they could get 145.00 bbl and control price of oil ,why would they allow price to 1/3 of 145.00 just a couple of years ago ,and Williams called it . so is he real or is he memorex ?

  • iron.heart

    How exactly is LW still privy to the elite’s inside info., since he himself claims his source is now dead?

  • andre cassano

    he had two sources ,one died the other still lives

  • Cyrus

    My Dad was a life long oil man. In 1980 or ’81 I gave him a copy of The Energy Non-Crisis by Lindsey Williams and asked him what he thought of it after he read it. He said he believed every word of it but Lindsey didn’t go far enough. He told me about several hundred or even a 1000 natural gas STORAGE wells in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma where gas was piped back into the ground to be stored for later use.

    Dad spent a lot of time in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Singapore and several others. He honestly believed that there was more oil in the U.S. than all these countries combines on or offshore. Did he cite scientific data? No. But he had “brought in” too many wells to be fooled by a “snake oil saleman”.

    I spent several years with the National Security Agency and 18 months with the CIA and about as much time with the U.S. State Department in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. I noticed an odd thing about intelligence operations. We would always get tips of coming events that were being orchestrated by global leaders. Please consider that this was in the decade of the ’70’s and early 80’s. I came to the conclusion that the “elite” would always “tip” their hand before things happened. I just assumed it was so people would say “oh, yeah, that is no big deal I heard that on the news” and tend to down play it. Maybe what Lindsey says is right about the elite. I think he is too honest a man to willfully deceive someone.

    But you are right, Heward. He is a pastor and they usually go the long way around the barn to close the door.

    Death to the New World Order.

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