Repeat After Me, “I Am A Slave.”

6 comments to Repeat After Me, “I Am A Slave.”

  • jay

    could you please stop putting images of naked and scantily clothed women in your videos. I have trouble enough from my wife watching your work, now I have to be extra sneaky so she won’t accuse me of watching (doom) porn on the internet. Pictures of your newborn child would go a long way towards attracting my wife, and me for that matter. Thanks for all you do, this is not a criticism, I just would like to watch your videos from the comfort of my couch instead of having to sneak in the closet. Hope all is well

    • moreliberty

      It[‘s a shame that you have to sneak at all.

    • Rick

      Lack of trust within the household should be your only worry at this point. Get your personal affairs in order before moving on.

    • LW

      Hey Jay, you should have just pointed out that you really don’t understand what erotica has to do with the state of the union. I was going to raise my hand and ask that same question a while ago, but I too was afraid that I might be accused of just being critical. And I understand that you were probably just using your wife as a cover story too. But as you can see, when a topic doesn’t want to be discussed, the ones that don’t want to discuss it seem to miss the point and take things in a different direction. And can you see how I did that? I commented about the practices of the current state and the union without the erotic distraction. Or maybe the visuals put there intentionally to be part of the lesson. Because as the economy gets worse, it’s adding to the numbers of pole dancers and sugar daddies.

      • jay

        LW, thanks for understanding, yes my wife was just a cover example. not wanting to be too critical of this hyper sensitive website. usually any questions are followed by immediate personal attacks, just as in the above. They never deal with the question of erotica in the context of economic affairs. Just too wound up to deal with reality I guess.

  • matt

    Jealousy can be confused with love..I would say it’s more about ‘ownership’… not cool!

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