Stop Thinking Like A Slave!

13 comments to Stop Thinking Like A Slave!

  • matt

    I wanna know how you keep getting away with using very popular pieces of music on your vids!?

  • moreliberty

    Good video

  • Brent Eamer

    I just might strip the audio out of that and play it once a week. Excellent work

  • Nia

    I bumped across a GREAT video that lays out this whole PONZI scheme! Pass this along to EVERYONE you know to wake them up and to remove themselves from this BOND-age!!!

  • Veri Tas

    Great video message! But how do we get around the necessity to earn a living? It’s either your own business with the very high risk of failure or finding salaried employment and the drudgery of becoming a yes-man or woman.

    • Silver Shield

      Yes start doing things that you are passionate about in your spare time.
      Hone your craft, meet good people give away your value and abundance will find you.

    • Goldsaver

      Ask yourself, why do you need currency?

      Most of us need it for shelter, food, water, clothing, energy and transportation.

      What if you no longer needed currency to have those things? Would you still need to find “salaried employment” full of drudgery and frustration? Or would you be able to spend your time doing things that make you happy and exchanging your efforts for the honest efforts of others? Do you remember your teenage years? Most did not have to worry about shelter, food, clothing, etc. because parents provided those needs. In those days, what did you need currency for? Gas for your car, maybe. Some walking around cash?

      What if you could have that freedom back?

      • Silver Shield

        Currency is a means of exchange, account and store of value.
        Without it you would live a life of limited choices.
        Most of the world lives on $2 a day and while you will survive, you certainly will not thrive in a hand to mouth existence.

        • Goldsaver

          Chris, don’t you mean money? Currency is no more than a token, no different than airline miles or in store shopping points. Currency is controlled by the issuing authority and subject to their whims.

          Money is a store of value and a measure of your value to your fellow man.

          I have no problem with money. I admire the beauty and simplicity of the symbol. I detest what we have to do for currency.

          My earlier response was to the question, how do you become free without been a salaried slave. You reduce or eliminate your need for currency and you begin providing value to your fellow man in exchange for money or equal effort.

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