There Is A New Boss At The Mulligan Mint

Tuesday, I found out that the bankruptcy court has finally made a ruling and has placed a trustee in charge at the Mulligan Mint.  This court appointed trustee will run the Mulligan Mint.  He finally be able to look at everything and see what is really going on there.  By November 18th the Trustee will have to report to the court what they find.  At which point I believe the Mint and all of the few thousand dollars of assets will be sold off.  Unfortunately, there are now at least $3.4 million in losses in this case and I believe that more will follow as this case turns.

Kokesh jailThis is another vindication of my decision to sever ties with Rob Gray and the Mulligan Mint

Remember all of the critics that believed Rob “the Mind Mechanic” Gray, I have not heard one apology.  I will give Adam Kokesh some slack, as he is a little busy at the moment.

This is the second time that I have been tried to be tempted with money to go along with something that did not resonate with me.  The more I do it the easier it becomes.  I hope that others see that they should never sell their name, reputation or time for things that don’t resonate with you.

We all have a greater purpose, so don’t let them tempt you into a smaller one.

For all of you that are interested in reading the court documents please go to the










36 comments to There Is A New Boss At The Mulligan Mint

  • matt

    WHO IS?…Adam Kokesh..He’s that guy that’s not looking too confident these days! Don’t bend over to pick up the soap Adam!

  • David

    People of high ego and lower character rarely apologize. It is as if they think or feel doing so will will make them weaker, or they can’t admit they were wrong.

    Everyone makes mistakes and some do the wrong things. Admitting “I was wrong” or saying “I apologize for…” is a character builder.

  • matt

    indeed the look in his eyes in that interview..I would say his ego is getting a jolly good working inside..

  • Chuck Smith

    Strength and Honor. Glad you were finally vindicated.

  • DR

    Now Jack says that it is a risk to purchase Silver from MM.
    Jack, it sure took you a long time to figure out the obvious.

  • DR

    Silver Shield: I don’t understand your reply. Spirko said this in the first few minutes of his 10/21/2013 podcast.

    • Silver Shield

      So after 6 months and 4 days of me saying the same thing…he finally admits that I am right?

      What about the lie detectors and MMA fights?

      Was it the Trustee being put into place that finally changed his mind or was it the $3.4 million in claims?

  • DR

    So after protecting his buddy, Jackazz Spirko has finally realized that he is in the tank for this guy.

    There are a few posters stating that they had orders in for paradimes, one since August, and they have received nothing.


    • Silver Shield

      What a sorry story that could have been averted.

    • Mark

      They won’t get anything in the end. There must have been some pretty damning evidence presented during the hearing for the BK judge to appoint an interim trustee and basically freeze all operations. MM’s business model is pretty simple so there’s something else must be going on that hasn’t been disclosed in terms of MM’s financial health (or lack thereof). Spirko’s come down a few notches in my opinion in terms of his credibility after this. He basically went on the air and pitched MM’s product’s post BK when he knew (or at least should have known) that customer’s could get shafted and receive nothing. Add to that his comments yesterday about buying from MM puts your money at “risk”? How about “if you buy from MM you’ll likely get nothing”; that would have at least been closer to the mark. I was skeptical about CD’s claims before all of this – not anymore.

  • SpirkoNoMore

    Yup. Jack has lost lots of credibility. Have you noticed his website has become a lot more infomercial-ish too.

    Gone is his smugness with Rob about Rob’s former partners getting 1099s that will get them in trouble with the IRS. Gone is his smugness about Chris Duane. Hopefully gone is his smugness in dealing with anyone he disagrees with.

    He’s very damaged goods now. Not for just having been a supposedly savvy who got conned by a con, but because we all secretly suspect there is more going on in Jack’s strident endorsements of Mulligan Mint.

    • DR

      I think Spirko has lost ALL of his credibility. He was conned by an obvious con man.
      I agree with you, SpirkoNoMore, there is something else behind his strident endorsements. Also, from listening to just a few minutes of Jack’s Monday podcast, he seems down. There is more to this than what Jack is saying.

      • SpirkoNoMore

        Well, I’m not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice, and I don’t know any inside facts and can only surmise what is going on … but I suspect there is a good chance there are going to be criminal allegations. If so (and I don’t know), I wonder how many people it is going to include?

        • LMA

          From what I’ve read I can tell you that if MM was run as a DBA/Sole Prop. until just recently then the net for quasi-partners/agents could be pretty wide and Spirko may ultimately get caught up in it. $1MM+ in “missing” silver is no BS and gets even more messy if the silver was transported across state lines (read Federal charges). The reason that Jack seemed down I’d say is that he probably has a good read on where this is headed and what it could do to his audience. How the heck he didn’t see the signs that all wasn’t well I’ll never know – any objective person that listened to the TSP episode where he interviewed RG post-BK could tell that something wasn’t right.

          A couple of listeners posted on his site that they had large pending orders and his only response was “then you’re a creditor under the BK” – he has to know that they’ll get shafted. Which opens up another liability point for him since he openly advocated buying MM’s products – personal liability to those that relied upon his recommendation. I’d be interested to get CD’s take on why Jack so stridently advocated for MM even when it became obvious that MM was a mess – ignorance or naked self-interest? Apologies if you’ve already covered it. I agree with others that there is more to this whole thing that what it currently known.

          • Silver Shield

            I don’t know or care to know why Jack did what he did.
            It does not matter at this point in the game.
            I did my best to warn everyone and I know I saved a ton of people from further losses.
            And this was all at the expense of my lost profits, dies, website and brand.
            I would not have done anything different.

  • SpirkoNoMore

    On one of Spirko’s interviews with Rob Gray, they were seemingly suggesting that Republic Metals was going to capitulate or compromise due to *possible* criminal charges against them for their *allegedly* holding Rob Gray against his will.

    It appears such is not the case.

  • Zzyyzz2013

    I noticed that after Jack recently warned his audience not to buy silver from MM, he advocated they buy his Sentinal copper rounds from MM.

    Now, when you go to the MM site and click the link to order, a big, coloful pipup appears, advertising the Sentinal coppers.

    What do you guys make of that?

    • Rich

      Because for Spirko, always the salesman, it’s about moving product. Jack knows (or at least has a pretty good idea) that the BK trustee will deem MM defunct and wind up operations for liquidation late next month. So, again being the salesman that he is, he’s trying to move as much of MM’s junk before that happens (so that he gets paid of course). If you’re sensing a bit of cynicism you’re not too far off base. What’s nonsense is the fact that Jack placed himself ahead of his listeners and didn’t take a critical look at MM’s operations and make an objective judgement call on his own months ago (BTW, sticking an impromptu camera in RG’s face doesn’t count) and warn them to jump ship re: MM. Per his own comments on TSP he casually states that orders placed with MM pre-BK may go undelivered (thus the customers get nothing) if the trustee winds up the company. After he devotes an entire show advocating for RG and MM – and at least tacitly suggesting that his listeners continue to patronize them! That fact alone deserves a very public and profusely stated mea culpa on his part as many of his listeners will get taken by MM when the trustee liquidates them next month.

      On a positive note, this has been very eye opening in terms of what Jack really stands for and what he really thinks of his listeners. Either he’s an idiot or he thinks that his listeners are morons and can be treated as so many sheep to be guided here and there by the gentle prodding of his daily nonsense. I’d bet that he viewed TSP as a vehicle to move tons of silver through MM all the while making a sweet bit of coin for himself. However, I (and many others I suspect) should have been tipped off by Chris Duane’s determination for exposing the truth that MM’s (and JS by association) are nothing but a bunch of hucksters selling the modern version of so much snake oil to to ignorant masses. Some have suggested (and rightly so I believe) that Jack sounds bored/down as of late – I’d suggest that this is due to the fact that he knows that he’ll have to answer to his audience for MM’s shenanigans and the role that he played in perpetuating them. Long answer to a short question but that’s what I think.

      • Zzyyzz2013

        On permaculture and the modern survival mindset, he is spot on. On most other stuff, he does kknow what he’s talking about but is too arrogant to realize it. To my mind, he is the epitome of a closed minded individual who attacks people who question him. The very essence of what he claims to hate.


  • Rich

    Ha! So we were right that Jack’s advocacy of MM life post-BK went beyond mere good intentions. He states in a recent comment on TSP that owed $20k by RG and is a named MM creditor! Looks like MM is holding an open house soon too:

    Geez, the balls these guys have.

  • DR

    You would have to be STUPID to order from the MM.
    Jack keeps getting in deeper and deeper.

    How many lies has Spirko heard? And he still doesn’t get it.


    • Rich

      What’s bizarre to me is that Jack keeps doubling down on this nonsense. Why on God’s green earth would you encourage your audience to place orders with a company that could very well be liquidated less than a month from now?! The only thing that I can conclude is that his actions now are motivated purely as a means to get as much of what he’s owed as possible and issue some sort of “oh well, sorry fellas” nonsense if it all goes to hell after the trustee submits his report to the BK judge on 11/18. Good God, what a mess.

      • DreadMatt

        Jack Spirko has no choice but to double down! And then double down again! My guess (and this is a guess only) either he is too arrogant to see what’s really going on or he is in on it with Rob Gray. Now for months I couldn’t believe he was in on this whole thing, but there is no way he can’t be at this point. There is too much doubling down for him to just be prideful and not want to admit he was wrong. He has stated countless times how Rob Gray has been his friend for years. There are query Jack has not and will not answer. Like hey jack can you verify from your friend Rob weather Chris Duane claim that Rob gray kept Chris silver is true or an outright lie? Hmmmm that question alone will make things all to clear. Or hey jacket haven’t you ever publicly reached out to Chris to find out the other side of the story? Geez jack you sure did choose a side pretty quickly. How come? I think he and Rob are in this together all the way. All or nothing.

  • Keith


    What episode did Jack comment he was owed $20k? I want to hear what he said.

    It seems now he is offering a 3-day, $425, permaculture course in which he teaches the students permaculture while they do the labor in his property. I imagine they don’t do all the work, and I’m sure he teaches them a lot, but it is pretty slick to get other people to fund the improvement work on your property while they also do the work themselves. Perhaps this is normal in that industry?

    Nonetheless, it seems a LOT of people bought from MM beard on trust in Jack’s strident personal endorsement. I suspect a LOT of people are going to be financially hurt because of their trust in Jack when he likely should have known better.

    Disclaimer: I don’t know any of this for sure, it is conjecture on my part.

    • Rich

      He stated it on the comment section of one of his blog posts but I can’t find it now. He might have removed it upon further reflection. ‘t said the he was owed $20k in commissions and that as such he was a creditor. However, I looked at the list of the top 20 unsecured creditor list in the BK filing and he wasn’t on it (some of the lower end creditors listed were below $20k).

  • DR

    Jack/Rob are saying that the court order says they have to fill orders in REVERSE order. In other words, those who order today will have their orders filled before those who ordered yesterday.
    This makes NO sense. I can’t find the paperwork that supports this.
    Does anyone have a link to the paperwork is that supports this?

  • Keith

    “What’s bizarre to me is that Jack keeps doubling down on this nonsense. Why on God’s green earth would you encourage your audience to place orders with a company that could very well be liquidated less than a month from now?!”

    Frankly, I think he’s not as smart as he thinks he is. On several topics, he’s very good. He’s also very good at internet marketing. However, many/most of the ideas he promotes are just nonsense. I think he’s a gullible chump who gets suckered easily and doesn’t have what it takes to see through the bs.

    For his sake, I hope he makes preparations for the decline of TSP. You can already see the quality declining in the show, more of the heavy merchandising of trinkets, as well as his questionable “classes.”

    I also hope for his sake that he doesn’t get caught up in criminal or civil matters because of his heavy endorsement of Rob Gray and the Mulligan Mint.

    Regardless, it is good to see his smugness leaving.

  • DR

    So who is going to the “Dog and Pony Show” at the MM?

    If you go, take cash. Try to buy some silver. See what happens.

    • Rich

      I think a better question would be “who’s not going” – to which the obvious reply would be most everyone else. I don’t quite understand what holding an open house (where the only people that’ll go are those in close proximity to MM) when his market reach is global. Kind go like Amazon holding a similar open house – who cares what their facility looks like, where’s my basketballs that I ordered two days ago!

      I’d say that this is just them trying to sell what’s left of their silver stores (or some copper rounds – why anyone would buy that is beyond me). Jack said recently that MM was having difficulty securing silver so the end must be near. He probably has no real orders to speak of (who’s going to risk ordering from a BK company?) so the open house cash and carry is his last option. Not a good option to be sure but at this point he has no moves left.

      • Keith

        Jack is marketing the copper sentinals as a means to support the mint, and as a mean of spreading the message. The markup on these medallions is rediculous. Certainly not valuable as any sort of barter item in a SHTF scenario.

        I suspect (don’t know) Jack is just trying to get what revenue he can before MM goes under, likely basically taking TSP with it. I’ll say it again, it’s nice to see Jack’s utter smugness beat out of him.

  • Keith

    Does anyone have vids from people talking at the Mulligan Mint? I would like to see what the speakers were saying.

  • SOLA Founding Member

    “The only thing that really matters is your name.” is from Edgar Albert Guest. The work in its original form can be seen here:

  • Rich

    So, what happened at the 11/18 hearing? MM’exposed has some cryptic statements about the Gray’s possibly being prosecuted but nothing at all about what the trustee determined re: MM’s remaining a viable going concern. Thoughts?

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