Why Should I Buy Your Silver Bullet Silver Shield Coins?

Email from bzkitboy- Why should I buy Silver Bullet Silver Shield versus straight Bullion at cheaper prices?  

My response:

When I started stacking silver in 2005, I bought only 100 ounce bars with the mindset that the more the merrier.  I could buy 100 oz bars for 1% over spot and the premiums for Silver Eagles were an outrageous $1.49 over spot or close to 20% over spot.  (This was back when I used to sweat .22¢ moves in silver.)

In 2008, I saw how the Silver Eagle was a superior investment in good times and bad versus raw silver.  During times of volatility The ASE had much higher premiums relative to the underlying silver.  When the market got hot, newbie silver stackers ran to the Eagles and when silver crashed to $8 from $21, you could not buy Silver Eagles for less than $16 or 100% premium to the metal.   My 100 ounce silver bars could hardly even catch a bid at $8 because it was competing as a raw commodity.  So I saw that the best moves were to sell higher premium silver during times of volatility for more metal and when the market leveled out sell the bullion for the higher premium stuff that is now more reasonable.

I was a huge fan of Constitutional Silver for many years, because it was cheaper than the ASE.  A few months ago I said that Constitutional Silver would be the first silver to disappear. I have since watched the premiums become more expensive than newly minted ASE.

A member of the Silver Shield Group recently had to liquidate some of his stash to pay for some unexpected bills.  He told me of his experience of trying to sell his basic bullion and no one really wanted it on eBay.  And since eBay takes up to 13% of each transaction he did not wan to sell.  He called me and I told him to sell his Silver Bullet and Silver Shield that had much higher premiums.  His SBSS collection helped him pay his commitments and save the majority of his physical stash, because of the premiums he was able to still get on them.

From Fredrick D on YouTube:  What would be the difference in buying one of your Silver Bullet and Silver Shield silver coins compared to buying lets say a Silver Eagle?  I have a cousin that buys and sells gold and silver and he is telling me not to buy your Silver Bullet Silver Shield collection, because in his experience, the silver eagle is “accepted everywhere” were his exact words.  I guess my question would ultimately be, in the end, is 1 ounce of silver is 1 ounce of silver no matter what is on it?

My response:

As long as you are buying silver, I do not care what kind you buy.  In the long run you are preserving your real wealth.

That being said I think the Silver Bullet Silver Shield offers some unique advantages over the American Silver Eagle.

  1. Relative Rarity of SBSS vs ASE-  Yes, it is true the ASE is very popular and liquid, but with almost 40 million produced a year, they are very common and will never have much numismatic value.  The recent SBSS Warbird has only a mintage less than 50,000 this year.  Assuming the purchase premium is the same (typically the ASE has been higher) the SBSS commands a higher premium on eBay than the ASE due to it’s relative rarity.
  2. Private vs. Government-  The reason I started the SBSS was that I thought it was intellectually dishonest for silver stackers to reject the Fed and their dollar, the government with their wars and snooping only to go and run to the US Treasury and buy silver eagles from them.  The SBSS has spawned a resurgence in privately minted silver with many following the successful path we have started.  I believe long term we need to have private creation of wealth and need to encourage this with every dollar we spend.
  3. New Designs vs. S.S.D.D.-  The ASE has been around for over 25 years with no changes.  Hard to get excited about a 2014 ASE when the 2013 ASE only had one digit different.  I am in the process of bringing 50+ new designs on to the market.  My hope is to create excitement and bring new people into the silver community with powerful images and ideas.
  4. Truth vs. Propaganda-  The ASE sells the idea that the US is righteous guardian of peace spreading Liberty all over the world.  My Warbird design showed the true nature of the debt and death we spread.
  5. Emotional Attachment For Most Collectors-  The most avid supporters of my work tend to have a much stronger attachment to the SBSS series than any other silver they own and will usually sell anything else before they let go of their SBSS.  This coupled with the small mintage of the series makes for a tight market and higher prices for previous issues.
  6. Most Bang For Your Buck- The series has generated a lot of new designs and have relatively short production periods.  This has led to much higher retail premiums on the secondary market versus the ASE and every other national mint.  So even though the retail price for these coins are comparable, if you look at any of the previous designs of the series versus the ASE they constantly pull much higher premiums.
  7. Historical Significance– I believe that by the time silver reaches the levels I expect in a dollar collapse, the historical significance of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series will be recognized.  History will show that not everyone that was alive during this debt and death paradigm, were unconscious supporters of it.  Many are buying Silver Bullet and Silver Bullet coins because they plan on transferring this generational wealth to their children, whom I am sure will be most grateful that their parents had enough foresight to get their wealth out of a doomed paradigm.
  8. New Silver Exchange Coming-  I am within a few weeks of launching a new Silver Exchange that will be a peer-to-peer auction site with only a small advertising fee for successful auctions.  It is my belief that this will create a much more efficient  secondary market than eBay for silver since our group has all of the major buyers and we know so many sellers.  This will create a lot of liquidity and interest in the series and silver in general.

So if you are interested in buying the final days of Silver Bullet Silver Shield you can start here…

Official Silver Bullet Silver Shield Coins.  

January 1st, I will announce a brand new series to replace the soon to be retired SBSS line.  It is my hope that with a fresh start we can once again get the ball moving in the right direction after a very rough 2013.

Have a Happy New Year.

15 comments to Why Should I Buy Your Silver Bullet Silver Shield Coins?

  • Andrew

    I buy “Chris Duane” SBSS coins because they’re pre-numismatic coins. But I also buy Constitutional dimes and quarters (i.e. Junk Silver). During the run-up to $50 in 1980 an enormous amount of Constitutional dimes and quarters were melted. Nobody knows the actual number of Pre-65 dimes and quarters still available. The official mintages listed by the US govt. exist for all to see, but an enormous amount has been melted. Constitutional dimes and quarters are also pre-numismatic coins.

  • matt

    Chris..Is it possible for you to release the mintage numbers for each of the SBSS series?


  • Roger...

    I’m looking forward to your new designs… I find the new silver exchange you mentioned very interesting… I wish you the best possible success… Roger…

    • Silver Shield

      Yeah I think the Exchange is going to be huge for the silver community to flip coins at a dramatically lower cost than FeeBay.

  • Marc

    I don’t care for the Fed’s silver but distinct advantage that it has is that it is widely recognized and accepted. For those of you who are stacking in anticipation of a doomsday scenario, you’re better of with coins that will be readily accepted in exchange for goods and services. If you buy Chris’ design , I recommend that it be done so with the objective that it can be used as money as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Chris has a large following but it is highly unlikely that you all will only exchange goods and services with each other. And I don’t know why people get caught up in the numi value of Chris’ medallions. Too many of you are thinking in a dollar denominated world. If the premiums get sufficiently high enough, you all should expect for the designs to be counterfeited. With today’s technology I would suspect that it would be relatively easy reverse engineer the design and produce dies that would make the originals with the counterfeited designs indistinguishable. Oops, there goes your numi investment. As it is said, a fool and his mine shall soon part. Again, I buy silver with the mindset that at a future date it will be exchanged for goods and services. To those of you who claim to have taken the red pill,you all have the dollar denominated mindset and are hoping to flip Chris’ medallions like those who wanted to get rich quick by flipping real estate in the 2000s. The ironic thing about Chris’ attempt to turn people on to the numi value of his medallions, the best way for them to be used as an alternate currency is for them to be produced in great numbers and be highly recognizable and widely distributed. That means that he would have to remove the all time limits/quotas on production. That would of course diminish the numi value. So Chris, do the silver community a service. Remove all limits on your production run and mint as much of your design that can be sold. And don’t just mint 1, 2 and 5 oz medallions. Once we are out of the dollar denominated world we need small denominations of silver. It would be great to have to have some 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 oz “coins” that can be used for the exchange of goods and services in the future.

  • Matt v

    Chris do we have to join The silver shield report to get your new coins that you will be doing. I do have all sbss coins. And would love to keep stacking your great coins . Thanks Matt v

    • Silver Shield

      No I will still be working with my retailers for the grand majority of the coins like before.
      The members coins are limited edition strikes like the double Obverse Santa Slave/ Peace On Earth coin.
      These tend to be very limited productions and for only the most ardent collectors.

  • Ron C

    Chris, what do you mean by “soon to be retired SBSS line”?

    I’ve purchased each of your designs so far, and I remember you saying there would be 40 or so designs. Are you now halting what was your original intended run of 40 coins after these last 2 coins (Consumerism and Peace) ??


    • Silver Shield

      I am starting a new line January 1st to continue with the best aspects of what I started.
      I have so much more to release…

  • Cary


    I have some ASE’s, even some 2010 NGC PF70’s. Those are very nice, but I’ve never really been excited by ASE’s overall; junk silver excites me much more.

    I buy silver for many reasons. My main reason is to make sure that my family will survive whatever comes our way. Some of my silver I have bought specifically to barter with, to survive day by day on; lesser quality ASE’s could reside here. Some of my silver I bought specifically to turn into a future residence; considering the concepts you laid out in the Ultimate Exit Strategy, I may now never get rid of this portion of my silver. Some of my silver has been purchased specifically with the intent of creating a legacy of generational wealth to pass on to my heirs; higher quality ASE’s and all of my SBSS investments lie here.

    I have already passed some of my SBSS silver on to my son; he is quickly learning the true value of real, honest money. Sadly, few people I know can say the same about their children. Most people, apparently, just don’t have the time to deal with reality, as the day-to-day issues of a decaying modern life keep getting in the way; well, that and video games and football and junk TV. And yet, in the end, they will not be able to escape the suffocating presence of reality once it shows up and becomes the elephant in the room.

    It’s unfortunate that more great Americans haven’t woke up yet; regardless, this epic battle between good and evil will go on, as it has through the ages. However, there is a good chance that enough people are waking up this time to defeat this evil we face once and for all. The paradigm shift will likely be different this time because more people are aware of it than ever before, for many reasons, and are able to take action to survive it. Plus, we are blessed to have the incredible opportunity of the ages before us, with this ridiculously low-priced must have commodity that is rapidly vanishing from the planet, the one and only, silver.

    Live long and prosper, success in your future, love in your life.

  • Chris

    Please note; these are not coins. Call’em what you like; rounds, medallions, or tokens, let’s use words as if they have meaning.

  • Rob

    I have been buying silver /gold since 2003. I have Eagles,Mapleleafs, 90%, and bars. I began buying coins that have low/limited mintage. Canadian Maples Wildlife, Perth Minth etc. The Timber wolf Canadian wildlife is selling for about $20 premium from 2009. My SBSS Trivium is selling on Silver Doctors for about a $45 premium, Freedom Girl $35 premium. So these SBSS command a much higher premium that other limited mintage coins in alot less time.
    Before Christmas I bough several hundred Semper Tyrannis for $3 over spot- they are now selling on Silver Drs for $8-$10 premium, and Argyraspides for $3 over spot and are now selling for $8-$10 over spot im just a few weeks. I traded some 100 oz and 10 oz bars and just paid the premium/shipping. When I saw Chris was ending the SBSS coins Dec 31, I figured these last couple designs which could be bought for $3 premium would eventually command the $35-$50 premiums as his first few designs, though never thought the premium would triple in a couple weeks.

  • kip caven

    WOW Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats just about AMAZING-
    ive been rassling with buying junk silver or the new SS-
    5 oz Freedom for 118-very nice……….

  • kip caven

    But Rob-
    How is the Trivium selling for a $45 premium when i just bought one for less than that? Got a 1 oz Freedom Girl for less than 40-
    Im not trying to argue by any means! Please dont take it like that-
    I just dont understand about the premiums that are the same price as the coins or more!
    If you dont mind, PLEASE explain-Im not a coin genius-I try to do the best I can and ALWAYS welcome help and opinions.
    Thanks for your time-

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