Native Canadians protest Fracking

5 comments to Native Canadians protest Fracking

  • Brent Eamer

    CDH is also in New Brunswick and they will have similar problems. I live in PEI so no natural gas here. But I grew up in Cornwall Ontario, and these natives are nuts, they closed the international bridge, disrupted traffic and were generally distrustful. I have mixed feelings about these thugs

  • Brent Eamer

    Not to mention the drug smuggling and coercion with organized crime out of Montreal. The band members rip off their own people. I went to a high school with a total student population of 1500, 700 were natives. The vandalized and burned down a school they were trying to build on Awkesansne. They wish to have our conveniences and modern way of living but then play the ‘it’s our land’ card when convenient. Can’t have it both ways

  • John

    Don’t paint all indians with the same brush.

  • Brent Eamer

    These are my experiences. If the tone indicated painting with the same brush then it is a result of dealing with natives for the last thirty five years. I have yet to meet any who do not exhibit such entitlement behavior. Those who don’t are probably off the reserves busy earning a living to be bothered by such nonsense.

  • Dave

    When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.

    Cree Prophecy

    TPTB are forcing Fracking on people across the world where are we going to all live once they have destroyed the planet!

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