End Of The Petrodollar?!


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  • Jeremy

    Thanks for all the great recent videos such as this one, Chris!!

  • NIX

    Chris, i would really like your wisdom and your take on that one. i know your not a fan but: i think that they will try this if history is a good guide.http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel?feature=watch in your view could they pull this off? you’ve red so many books what is a realistic scenario. peace

  • 0ld-shekel

    Hi Chris ,
    Can I disagree with you this time ?
    I’m really concenred when you say “u.s” (and not “americans”) but you say “Israelis” and “Saudis” .
    I think this little difference is important on psychological interpretation .
    It makes the americans innocents (beacuse its the gouvernment = u.s) while ALL “israelis” and “saudis” are responsible .

    Another thing is I see that u.s used and abused Israel and Saudia Arabia –
    U.S.A is the thug that threatening on weaker nations .
    america-centric attitude is irrelevant to describe process in the middle east .

    Thank you for your time and keep the great work !

    • Silver Shield

      One could say that it is the criminal elite in each country that is to blame.
      I tend to think if it was not for the active or passive support for each regime, they would no longer be in power.
      Potato, potato.
      Tomato, tomato.

  • 0ld-shekel

    I agree .
    Thank’s .

    I just want to add that I feel very bad when israeli leaders talk about a strike in Iran .
    The persian people never harmed the jewish people ,
    From what I see , 90% of the israelis are against an attack in Iran .
    People here are talking about how the saudis are afraid of Iran and how we are the puppet the suppose to sic on Iran – that’s a positive process of waking up .

    Thank you again ,
    God bless !

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