“Iran Is More Barbaric”

Hey Chris,

Regarding your recent “End Of The Petrodollar?!” video.  I am as disgusted as you are about the corruption, hidden taxes, manipulated markets, theft and undeclared wars in our country, but is Iran a better alternative?  I would argue Iran is more barbaric, more oppressive, less free, and less democratic, (on a smaller scale of course) and they actively seek our destruction with the means to carry it out.  Sharia law, state sponsored terrorism, displacement of millions and mass murder in Syria, nuclear proliferation… even with all our problems I don’t see the anti-hegemon as a better alternative… what am I missing?

Big fan and avid follower
David C.

PS thank you for the heads up on the thieves behind Free Lakota, I got out just months before the law suit.



If you look at the history of Iran, you will see a nation that has been under assault and robbed since the original deal with British Petroleum.  They have not invaded any country in the past century.  On the contrary we have started more wars and spread more debt and death than any nation in the past 40 years.

That is not to say that I would want to live in Iran, but we should leave them alone.  Sharia law is what is their religion and people observe.  No different than say people following the 10 Commandments here.  With the exception that they do not allow usury which is part of the reason for antagonism towards this nation.

Barbaric? meh… I still think that title belongs to the US with their brutal murders of innocent civilians, destabilizing governments, depleted uranium and not to forget the 3 largest war crimes of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   Look at the combined wars and death of the British and the American over the past 300 years and you will see that little Iran is not even a foot note.

State sponsored terrorism?  No nation on earth has a trillion dollar war machine like ours.  Just because we have flags and yellow ribbons does not mean that war is not terrorism.  It is just with a bigger budget and a lot more profitable.

Iran is more about the petrodollar than nukes.   The reason why the Shah was overthrown was because he was pursuing nuclear power with Westinghouse and when that contract was cancelled and the Shah went with a German and French companies he was overthrown.  And that was after the Democratically elected Mosedegh was overthrown in a coup staged by the British and Americans when he had the gall to ask for a 50/50 split on oil revenues with the British.  And let us not forget the Iran Iraq war where they lost over a million men fighting the US backed Saddam.

If you were Iran and you had nations like the US for decades threatening their ways what would you do?  Personally I would be racing for a nuke, because if anything, once you have one the US no longer bothers you.

The anti hegemon is no good guy either.   They are just the other side of the global dialectic of collectivists.  I cannot imagine a worse place to live than China, but man are they are certainly playing their cards right.  Putin for as cleaver as he is, is simply out for power and glory for himself.

For us it does not matter what transpires, because we have no control over it.  We just need to read the news and make the best decision based off of it.  I feel the dollar is toast and the ramification of that is astounding.

The most logical step is to become independent of the doomed paradigm with real friends, real skills and real assets.  The future is decentralization of power to the most local and responsive level after the fires of the Anger Phase burn out.

I hope once the veil of the illusion we have been living under is lifted humanity will stop trying to live at the expense of others and release the what they have inside of them to make the world better.



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  • Hawkeye

    And on that note of sobriety, here is further enlightenment medicine for David and all others suffering from Western corporate Faux News media bias and propaganda:
    (The author is retired military/intel officer, patriotic in the deepest sense, and pulls no punches in the war for journalistic truth. Also is managing editor of http://www.veteranstoday.com/ )

    Iran Deploys Two Bombs Against The West

    Wake up and see the much bigger picture.





    • kybelboy

      Propaganda slanted the other direction is still propaganda. These websites are no better than mainstream organizations except some flaunt their bias while others disguise bias while sprinkling in real news stories. I’m still an American, right or wrong. I will not assist the America haters. We are going down and do not need help; we are doing an excellent job of that on our own.

  • Rainmaker

    To choose between two evils is still to choose evil.

  • Urbane


    The Main Stream Media are known to be the worst for propaganda especially since many are known to have been seeded with state disinformation staff, staff coerced, and productions censored; yes, some alternative media is affected too. You need to look at several sources to get nearer to the big picture without distortion, or lies of omission i.e. the whole truth.

    America is just the name of a continent, but has become errant short hand for the evil USA /corporation/ which says it owns /everything/, and /everything/ born, inside it’s boundaries, or any new citizen, including you, so get educated, and see your slavery, and the masters abuses of power. Take the Blue pill; read “The Shock Doctrine”, and see the 8-part Jordan Maxwell series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDl8MCC8T-o

    Fighting this evil head-on is stupid, and will likely only get you hurt or killed, so as Chris Duane said, we need to think differently (in our various slave countries), so act differently; thus sap the masters power over us, and eventually make them irrelevant.

    An example of indirect action is the 10th Amendment movement in several states to starve the NSA sites of resources, so hopefully make the sites unusable or too costly to operate.

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