My 2012 Warning About Andrew Maguire

In order to be a whistleblower, one should first be an insider…
Anyone can tell the problem, but if their solutions are of the same consciousness as the problem, it will fail.
BTW Jeff Christian is still a paper troll.
The Original video can be found here

4 comments to My 2012 Warning About Andrew Maguire

  • “Transfer of Wealth”

    Have heard you use these words together more than once.

    Joe the Silverfuturist pretty much shut down his youtube now he realizes what that means to his goals of “helping people”.

    Speak more to The Truth of Capital being only of the Fruit of Labor (how much of you car, clothes and kitchen came from China) and have a message that is undeniable.

    You seem to be playing to the PT Barnum of “investors” who want to eat off usury – Jesus raised his fist for a reason and getting closer to that is getting closer to what is REAL.

  • Keith Worrall

    Both of the videos are insightful, and would help people on the periphery of the gold and silver paradigm. Pity it will not be available to all of humanity.
    What are your thoughts on people such as Mike Maloney and David Morgan.

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