2007 Proof Obamacare is Eugenics


2 comments to 2007 Proof Obamacare is Eugenics

  • Times like these you nail it.
    Thank You

    Please refer to the fact:
    Capital Can Only Be The Fruit Of Labor
    more often and find the true light in being a Thrivalist.

    You speak to Cost (not talkin Price and Value) like a car salesman too often – when you do actually speak to Costs.

    Again thank you.

  • casey

    I cannot believe all the sheeple clapping and cheering. Americans have truly gone insane if this mans words are reason to be happy. The answer of course is to
    take care of your own health spiritually, mentally and physically everyday, it is not easy but it can be done. The biggest health information library is at every ones fingertips the internet of course. Start Dr Sircus and Naturalnews.

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