Chris Duane on Peter Schiff Radio

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3 comments to Chris Duane on Peter Schiff Radio

  • Paul T

    Peter Schiff is an absolute genius on economics in my opinion. He always keeps a clear vision on the future of the economy based on what’s presently going on and using common sense. When Mr. Schiff speaks, people need to close their mouths and listen because his track record speaks for itself. As for you Chris, you have been doing an awesome job with everything you’re doin. Not bad for a jarhead. (I was an 0311 myself in my former life NYUT!) keep it up and we’ll do the same down here in Alabama. Because of folks like you two, I have quite a few friends on board preparing for the inevitable.

  • How how

    Schiffs the man! Been calling it right for last 10+ years with the videos to prove it

  • Paul T

    Don’t that idiot still owe him that penny?

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