What Happened To America?

I have had listeners to the radio show ask what does “murica” mean?  I have said that we are living in the product of over 100 years of social engineering. The movie Idiocracy may not be now, but it is happening. Brace yourself –

What can explain this rise of Murica? Social engineering? The great experiment of liberty gone wrong? Are people just dumb? What do you think?

3 comments to What Happened To America?

  • Michael van den Bergh

    Can an equivalent video be made showing intelligent, progressive, compassionate actions? I know we live in a world where sports people get paid in tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars while people working on cures for cancer are maybe on fifty thousand. I think we really need to start concentrating on boosting our morale and actually highlight issues that inspire, educate and improve our lot. That will be far more valuable than showing the never ending litany of human disappointment that social media and popular culture now trumpets. I am constantly reminded of the advents of consciousness raising I have had in my life: watching the series Cosmos by Carl Sagan on TV when it first came out in the early eighties, abandoning the religion in which I was raised, meeting certain people, reading certain books and coming across the efforts of people like Chris Duane. If there is social engineering occurring, deliberate or not, surely something akin to what I am suggesting is the antidote?

    • Ryan Brooks

      Michael, the videos I do about Idiocracy are my way of showing just how far the people themselves have lost touch with reality in the West. From my own experience, one of the hardest pills to swallow for folks is that we are not the greatest country in the world, and that we are actually a very sick, sick, culture. “If we could just end the fed, elect a good guy in office etc… then things would change” type of stuff. When they see this, they usually have a hard time with it. On the other hand, I have also had individuals tell me that the videos reiterate to them how badly this way of life needs to end, and that seeing some of the stuff I cover motivates them to keep learning new skills, networking with real friends, and saving real assets. I suppose the Idiocracy videos are only exclamation marks on the end of Silver Shields’ “This way of life is over” quote. I try to combat the never ending gloom and doom, anger, and hatred for what we have fallen for or participated in with humor. The Idiocracy videos do a great job of getting people’s attention and hopefully they spark interest in The Sound of Freedom Radio Show, where I do attempt to cover much deeper topics. Thank you for you the feedback.

  • Michael

    Ryan, I know where you are coming from but let me try to explain where I am coming from, right or wrong, naiveté admitted. I’m from Australia and I have never been to the US. Not that I don’t want to go, I just haven’t got around to it. I have all these preconceptions of that great country, good and bad. Fuck knows how off track those preconceptions are. I know that your country, like everywhere else, is made up of good people and has a small, rotten core to it that affects everyone else. As to your video, I know it’s important to shine a light on the shit that needs criticism/illumination. I constantly criticise the vacuous crap spewing through the mainstream media, either just to myself or others within earshot. And I know there are those who are seeing it for the first time and are thus going through that initial stage of recognition of the decay endemic in our societies. So, I suppose I am just at the point where I need to see the positive stuff. I read Walt Whitman and I get a feeling for the great America that was or could be or whatever. I purposely look for the uplifting and positive to get a lift. Mind you, I know it’s not as simple as that. The whole while I do have a feeling of dread about what is unfolding around the globe. I am not looking for the soppy, sentimental, feel good stuff with whale songs in the background, but shining the light on the shit would do well to be balanced with shining the light on the good. Again, mind you, I am not trying to pressure you into any type of “You should do this or that” type demands. You are making an effort here. I suppose I just want to see more of what is great about the US.

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