My Warning About Jim Sinclair

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  • matt

    Here’s a tip..when Jim says Gold is going up..SELL..when he says it’s going down for me!1

    nice little sneak peek at the end too !!

  • Gareth

    Excellent video, Chris.

    Expose the sneaky foxes amongst us.

  • James Tetreault

    The oblique reference to Andrew Maguire at the very beginning seems a little unfair. I don’t think he ever claimed that he worked for Goldman. Bob Murphy said something to that effect when he introduced Maguire at the famous CFTC hearing in 2010. The truth, I think, is that Maguire worked for a company (J. Aron?) that got bought by Goldman in the early 80’s. At any rate it’s somewhat irrelevant. The guy gave incontrovertible proof that the futures markets are one big scam. And I’ve seen several interview with him on Max Kaiser’s show and elsewhere and I don’t think he’s part of any sort of “be the next oligarchs with gold” sort of crowd. He seems to be genuinely enthusiastic about silver as well, if a little naive about the big picture of how things run.

    • Silver Shield

      Andrew was put out there by many in this movement, including me, who only listened to Andrew because of his “Goldman Sachs whistleblower” status.

      No one would have listened to him if he was just a independent observer like us.

      If someone introduced me as a Goldman Sachs whistleblower, I would have opened up every introduction with a disclaimer that I was not.

      I find it very disingenuous that we had to wait 2 years and Jeffery Christian to find this out.

  • Glen

    Your video never explains why Jim Sinclair is traveling the world, telling all the serfs who will listen to take their money OUT of western banks, INCLUDING Rothschild banks.

    • Silver Shield

      So what… if he is just positioning himself and perhaps the Rothschilds of setting up the next financial oligarchs…

  • JC

    Thank you Chris-you hit this nail on the head. I knew he had worked for Volcker during the Hunt Brother assault, but I had given him the benefit of the doubt given his recent warnings to the public. Now that I know his family is tied to the Rothschilds I know he cannot change his stripes. You remind me to be skeptical of all these voices…it’s a snake pit. Thank you for your continued dedication.

  • Balsher Singh

    This guy seems mischievous

    His call about the silver doesn’t make sense because if gold rises,silver and all the other commodities have to rise with it

    • Silver Shield

      Mr Gold would have you not consider silver.
      I know that when this dollar collapses we will see silver move from a 1:60 Gold to Silver Ratio to at least a 1:9 Natural Mining Ratio of Gold and Silver.
      I expect it to go much farther than that since we destroy silver and treasure gold.
      Further Jim Sinclair seems to want a new Gold Standard which I believe would be in control by the same bankers who destroyed this world.

  • Balsher Singh


    A few days ago i found an ad on this site that i could purchase Silver Shield Report membership for $320,now it isn’t there?

    Can you give me the link to it?

    Also i read on another page that you have closed Silver Shield Group as of July 2012.Would you open it up again and when?

    One last question,You seem to have created a forum just recently,correct me if i am wrong.Is that forum linked to Silver Shield Group?I would really like to join it as i love forums and also wanna join in.

    Btw I am from India.I have been following you for 2 years.My parents Didn’t agree before but now they have agreed.I also spoke to you about 20 days back.

  • Mario Innecco

    I have been reading Jim Sinclair’s blog since 2002 and he has always be open about his background. He encouraged his readers to read Our Crowd and as far as silver is concerned he might not be as enthusiastic about silver but it has not stopped me from buying silver over the years. As far as I’m concerned Jim has devoted a great deal of time and effort to inform the readers of his blog and he has never charged a penny for it. The Seligmans might have dealt with the Rothschilds back in 1874 but that does not mean that Jim Sinclair is dealing with them now.

    • JC


      You are naive. The Rothschilds don’t randomly get into these types of relationships – they are of a tribe mentality and expect relationships to be loyal and ongoing. Hell, if you read their authorized biography you’ll note how keen they have been on only marrying within the family to secure their power structures. We’re talking hundreds of years of inbreeding here.

      Jim served them during the Hunt fiasco and no doubt is on their rolodex as this latest chapter is rolled out. I don’t agree with Chris on everything, but this call makes sense – they do want to divert you away from anything they can’t control, which includes silver and any other currency they do not monopolize. We need to stop cheering for these guys who seem to randomly show up on the pulpit with solutions. It is neither random nor a solution that benefits the masses.

  • Rich

    I think the Silver Shield is dead on. The most important thing for patriots to understand is that we can never again permit a private central bank to rule by controlling the money supply. Great job, Silver Shield.

  • LUK427

    Is this why the big boys stay away from silver (The Pilgrims). BrotherJohn just got his website up again after having problems. He did a great follow up called the silver cowards. I have never heard about the pilgrim society and the suprresion of silver other than that article from SilverBear Cafe. Thanks Chris for having the balls to make this video,I was telling a friend last week about some suspicions I was starting to have about Sinclair.

  • Hubert du Haut


    Maybe you should stop being so paranoïd, and at least, if you want to spend so much time doing research about someone, do us a favor by spending some of this time getting to know him, communicate with him, read a bit his blog.
    I’m not saying Sinclair is always making the right calls (only God does that), nor that he is particularly modest, but one thing I’m 99% of is that he doesn’t have a hidden agenda and is a honest man.
    I’ve known the man for 3 years via direct mail communications about quite various topics and also reading his blog. We had one or two arguments about points of disagreements.
    It’s so easy to criticize someone you don’t know anything about but via what?? his bonds to a family on the web? He has never hid it.

    ” Now that I know his family is tied to the Rothschilds I know he cannot change his stripes.”
    This absurd statement sums it up.
    Maybe you should cool down your anger on being wrong about buying silver at 40 $ + and selling your house, instead of bashing relentlessly everyone in this area. Some may deserve it. Some don’t.

    • Silver Shield

      Nothing paranoid of questioning the golden boy.
      All of what I have said, he said himself, what is wrong with that?
      I think it is much more important to question those that speak words we want to hear rather than the devils we know.

  • Mr. Jim Sinclair is out of touch. He has shown he doesn’t know the difference between NASA and the NSA. He may know gold because he was born unto it but seems quite clueless to the world around him.


  • Censored?


    How is Mr. Sinclair’s family history any more important then your own. How much debt in the debt and death paradigm has your family car business created? Should this matter or be a reflection upon your character? Perhaps your motives should be questioned.

    Mr. Sinclair has said get out of the system, get out of the banks, cash out IRA’s, he has said to buy gold and has endorsed silver through his belief of a dramatic price rise. Which of these beliefs do you disagree with? Mr. Sinclair has most likely helped far more people then you and if he does know that Gold is to be the next paradigm, how nice of him is it to lets us know and encourage us to buy?

    You have now attempted to bring into question: Jim Sinclair, Jim Rickards and Jim Rodgers. Are you doing this because of your dislike of the name Jim, because you want more YouTube views or because you are what you claim these three men are?

    Enough already!

    PS – All questions are rhetorical – Listen to all, Follow none!

    • Silver Shield

      I say listen to all and follow none.
      Question everything including me.
      It is all well and good to speak about getting wealth out of the power but when you look at his families history of gold manipulation (Rothschilds or Jay Gould)
      or the fact that Jim sold his clients gold at $265 May of 1979 before it went to $420 in the 5 months later,
      or that he was involved in the selling of millions of ounce of the Hunts silver to the will of the Federal Reserve.
      Or that he is certainly looking becoming another financial oligarch.
      Rickards and Rogers are suspect too as I question them…

  • blowout

    Jim Sinclair and the others have destroyed any who have taken their advice, so I’d say NEVER, EVER touch a miner again.

    As far and Maguire vs. Christian, it’s not like one is a liar and that implies the other is telling the truth. Maguire and Christian are both frauds if you ask me. As far as Christian, what kind of weasel attacks with words from somebody’s ex-wife?

    They’re all a bunch of frauds, just like Rob Grey. While we’re on that, why should anybody listen to Chris Duane when he was upside down on his opinion of Mr. Grey?

    I don’t know what to believe anymore, all I know is I’ll never touch a mining stock again, and probably won’t mess with metals either. They’re too rigged.

  • How how

    Well since we all agree silver will be having an “orgasmic rise” at one point , y not just stack silver then trade it all for gold when the ratio is more favourable. Now we can all be happy cuz we all got as much gold as possible. Considering we going to a gold standard when all the dust settles I suggest u strategize on how to get as much as u can. Instead of wasting time and energy on these paranoia trips lol

  • If Jim is truely of Sinclair lineage.Then his family were responsible for returning the Orkney Islands back to Scotland.The Orkney Islands had been held by one of the 10 Tribes of the Anti-Christs.They were called the Goths. As in Gothenburg and Gottland .In other words Scandinavians (as they would be called nowadays).Scotland was outside of Anti Christ territories.The Stone of Scone was brought to Scotland (indirectly) by one of the Prophets.So he (Jim) would appear to be of impeccable ancestry.

  • True Metals Insider

    I’ve been a metals insider for 10+ years, working within various forms from Retail to Wholesale. All I have to say, most of these market analysts are right only 50%, the other 50% they are dead wrong. These guys are the greatest peril to wealth. I’ve personally been watching for 10+ years. Most have never held a Series 3 or even 7. I could go on for hours. These guys NEVER discuss risks & risk management. Just full throttle screw you tactics. Personally don’t get it.

  • Jim

    Hoo Boy, what a shill for the Rothchild Baby Eaters this Sinclair guy is!

    That’s why he tells anyone who will listen to take their money out of the big banks; take their savings out of CDs; convert their stock shares out of the street name into their names; convert some/most/as much as you’re comfortable with cash to physical and guard it; keep only day-to-day expenses in cash in the banks; pay off mortgages; get out of debt; become self-sufficient for your basic food and shelter needs.

    Yessir he’s really trying to destroy the American Middle Class.

    Are all his calls always spot-on correct? No.

    But he’s close enough.

    And he’s been very up-front about his history.

    Remember, too that some of the most influential anti-communists and anti-collectivists started out as communists and statists.

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