Silver Shield Report #102- Humanity Falling For The Same Tricks

This week we will look at how humanity is going to get fooled into the next tyranny and what you can do about it.
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3 comments to Silver Shield Report #102- Humanity Falling For The Same Tricks

  • You think you have some kind of special insight, well you don’t.
    You are reinventing the wheel according to Chris Duane.
    I know what money is long before Chris Duane because it is defined in Bouvier’s Law dictionary 1856 Edition.

    You don’t have a silver bullet or a silver shield. Your use of metaphors is no different than any progressive offering some kind of “New Freedom /paradigm.”

    I was attracted to your history of silver but that is all you have as to substance of facts and principles. The rest is your own whipped up bullshit.

    After you jumping into Andrew Maguire’s shit I have know further need for your bull shit.

    I am off your mailing list you arrogant shit head.

    Robert Jacobs

    • Silver Shield

      Anger Phase anyone?
      It hurts to have something you believed in shown to be false, especially when you have developed your ego around “truths”
      In order to become free you need to set the ego aside which is why I say listen to all and follow none, even me.
      If you choose not to listen to me anymore that is fine.
      I don’t remember you saying anything worth considering.

  • How how

    Silver shield has become a bit arrogant over the years, as if he’s the only opinion that matters, as if only he can do no wrong… Yes Sinclair has some questionable beggingings… But doesn’t silver shield? Spreading debt and death as u call it? And joining the military machien ? Clearly a mistake as I’m sure u kno , but hey we all make mistakes. I don’t see the Jim Rogers, Jim sinclairs or Jim Richards writing negative colums about silver shield. Or is this ur strategy to get more views ? I was gonna buy ur beautiful coins but realized ur a bit of an ass, and hey silver is silver last I checked , don’t need ur stamp on it.

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