My Warning To Expatriates

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  • Dave

    John Mcfee interview is not from Coast 2 Coast but Art Bells new show Dark Matter which Art Bell would not find funny that you have marked it up wrong, as Coast 2 Coast have been playing sneaky since he came back out of retirement.

  • Cleburne61

    Chris, if you believe humanity is going to get fooled into a new generational faux gold-standard, what is the most compelling reason to keep increasing our silver stack in light of that?

    • David


      Chris has answered your question[s] about why he thinks are the most compelling reasons to increase one’s physical silver holdings. Answering those sorts of questions is something he does often and has done recently.

      Here is a recent one:

      Everyone needs reassurance they are doing the right thing occasionally; maybe this will be it for you or others.

  • David

    One friend has bought land in Costa Rica for retirement or expatriation.

    Another friend immigrated there in 1953 from East Germany at age 1 with his family. A good move by his father as conditions were not good there post WW2, and later the iron curtain went up. Anyway the friend that grew up there knows the country and has friends. He plans to retire there but he is a citizen and speaks Spanish like a native. Costa Rica has been perhaps the most democratic and welcoming of all Central or South American countries. But he said if you have a nice home in a small subdivision [like his parents had], they had to hire a full-time security guard or the houses would be robbed. Get out of the city and life may be better; maybe not.

    Chile and its’ government and economy sounds good…but only if you get into a community of expatriates that stick together…including watching each others backs.

    The gras always looks greener somewhere else. Maybe it is IF you can stay safe and IF their laws value and protect American expatriates. I assume that will last as long a expatriates support the local economy.

    • Chumbawamba

      So leave a country where you have to watch out for the government to go to a place where you have to watch out for the populace? What’s worse?

  • Cleburne61

    Oh, I’ve watched all of Chris’s vids. I’m a strong hand. Been stacking hard into every dip for 2.5 years now. Some of my friends have sold months ago, I’m buying some of their stack back from them.

    It’s not about assurance here.

    It’s about wanting to see how Chris ties together a forward blueprint for the awakened, if he believes that somehow the Giants in our world are able to maintain their con through a faux gold standard for another generation?

  • LeadFollow GetOuttaWay

    Well, I like Chris a lot. But this is where I will take issue with him. I know he means well. And I’m certain that this advice is actually very good for someone who does not own their own business in a manner that enables them to move.

    It’s actually pretty simple to leave. Much simpler than most would make believe.

    It doesn’t take being a millionaire. But if you do have some source of stable income, that would be useful.

    Costa Rica is basically a poor American state. Panama is the same. But like John said in the video above (I think it’s John), Americans are arrogant and for that reason, it’s sometimes a bit more difficult. Living in your chosen country for a few years and doing your best to fit in will help a lot. As will learning the language.

    There are some really good Central American and South American countries to choose from. Uruguay, Chili, Nicaragua to name a few.

    I do think it is a mistake to move to a country and let it be known that you have millions of dollars. Whether you have it or not. It would be far better to move to some where in the middle to upper class, but without having visible assets that mark you as rich. That way you don’t get asked for $500,000 and have to tell them no. Having multiple properties, condos, giant areas that you control etc. set you up for problems.

    Just move in, keep your nose to yourself, make friends slowly, don’t flash wealth, be humble and learn the language. You would be amazed how far those things will take you.

    There is lots to love outside United States. It takes a person that is very flexible. You will bend or you will break. But if you are the kind of person that is flexible or wants to become that way, and you want to live where its much more free then the United States is, there are lots of places to explore.

    The open mind wins the day. Keep it open and you will do well no matter where you choose to be.

    And hey, if you do happen to be single, or you plan on being before long, you might find that this is an impressive option.

  • archivesDave

    Always keep in mind we were in a bad recession and on an ‘elitist gold standard’ before the Fed Reserve was implemented by the Elitists as per Bill Still and g Edward Griffin exposes.
    We are in a similar predicament now, exactly 100 yrs post.

    Expect these same Global Elites to come up with the next scheme, perhaps ratcheting up the Fed Reserve template to a global level and using some type of natural resource/gold/commodity basket &/or (carbon?) tax mega bond as collateral.

  • Marc

    I really do enjoy to a point the intellectual discussion the gang has, but your end game is never really logically figured out. The Elite Vile International Liers (EVIL) have the worldly game fixed. But they do not win in the end. The Lord of Heavens Army’s (Jesus) is and always has been in control of the affairs of this world. Your new world order is as far out as the current Elitists is and will not succeed as there’s will not. Evil needs to be delt with once and for all before a new world can be born and last and that is just what is going on now but it is not over until The Lord decides…really.

  • Mots

    This is good advice. Exceptions do exist as stated, particularly if you marry into the culture. In my case after marrying into a Japanese family AND working for large companies there, I still feel a need to be very sensitive to community spirit and let go of my American arrogance and pleasure seeking attitude to get more accepted. That said however I am convinced that Japan can be a good place to relocate IF the person meets certain conditions: 1. single and wanting to start over (able to marry and learn a new way of life) 2. have something to offer (unusual skill is best) although a hard working attitude and interest in agriculture-working the land, in my opinion could work. 3. modesty and willingness to be sensitive to the needs of others. 4. ability to live in a society without guns and drugs (even American style strong medical use drugs are sparingly prescribed as greater sanctity of the body is respected). I am slowly introducing to my community, individuals who seem to meet these conditions, although most Americans definitely should not consider relocating to this country, which is drastically shrinking in population.

  • Mots

    Matt: regarding your argument that Japan is all contaminated:
    I am constantly getting blowback into my face why I am a radioactive rotted brain ( or why Japan is destroyed etc.
    But in fact I am about 600 miles upstream (south and west) of Fukushima. California/Alaska etc. get more radiation from Fuku than I would. If nuclear reactors melted in Long Island then you would not expect Raleigh North Carolina to light up (same respective distance and direction), because the radiation from NY area would blow and drift East and North (Newfoundland and the UK and Spain would receive much more than North Carolina would).
    Most Americans would not fit well into Japan and I would not recommend most people relocating there for reasons other than the oft quoted radiation rotted brains argument. However, it works for me…….. despite my allegedly “radioactive rotted brain” disagreement with mainstream Chris Martenson energy collectivism thinking. Perhaps it is the little details and niches /insights like this that provide value to those looking for something good that others would not think about. SO, DONT COME to Japan because we got radioactive rotted brains and cannot shoot guns or shoot up drugs. Now, the Chinese problem, that is another story altogether. I predict that the next biggest move will be: 1. China acting to territorially TAKE from other south China sea countries such as Malaysia and Phillipines, Brunei (China is ALREADY DOING THIS slowly!) while 2. Simultaneously destroying the US desire and ability to fight by crashing the dollar (after they have sucked up as much gold and silver at low prices)

    • matt

      Mots..appreciate your reply ..would be interested to hear more from someone who is there ..although I think that the truth about it inside Japan would be squashed..I know from a friend in Japan that Docs are no longer allowed to release data on their findings i.e Contamination and cancers..Her sister now has Thyroid cancer and from what I have heard the cancer rates are exploding there..No one can deny it is a mess and very dangerous situation..The CEO of Tepco just died of cancer too..Lets hope they get it under control..and all the best!!

  • Finn

    Because most people can’t leave the country is not a reason for those who can to not….

    Most of the rest of the world does NOT hate Americans. They do not like US government policy. Have you traveled over seas? If you have you would know this is not true.

    Chris does a great job of promoting fear based ideas which limit the human mind. A fearful human mind is not rational. I’m not suggesting he’s misleading people but he’s also operating from fear.

    It will cost many people “money”. This interview with is highly suspicious as he was (is?) suspected of murder.

  • vx

    This very video is arrogant.

    Has Silver Shield or James Westly Rawles lived an extended period in another country? (and not as a soldier, or short term tourist). They’re not anti-American …. just speak to them as a regular,equal human being (in their native language).

    You’re posting a video from an american yuppie who was fortunate enough to make a stash and then he left the U.S. apparently thinking everywhere else spanish speaking would be just like Miami, as in living a conspicuous life of consumption as a “rico” in his compound wouldn’t invite attention from officials.

    This is as far removed from most peoples reality as Doug Casey and the millionaires he caters to.

    You embarrassed yourself being associated with this video.

  • Didius Julianus

    Move if you can and you have some fortitude for some cultural adjustments. We live in New Zealand now (3 years), have permanent residency and love it. If you can do it, do it. We are middle class, not rich.

  • I will take my chances with what little I have as I plan to leave the former Republic. I know I wont be escaping any corruption, just the chemtrails.

    John is a high profile guy and a bit of an excentric. You cant go to a foreign country and act like you own the place b/c you are rich. There are places where if you treat people with respect you will still get respect even as the dollar collapses.

    I am a bit suprised at you, Chris, for suggesting that remaining in the former Republic is the better option.

    We shall see.

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