My Warning Of “Patriot” Violence And/Or Government False Flags

3 comments to My Warning Of “Patriot” Violence And/Or Government False Flags

  • NIX

    I wrote to M.Kessler he has words of free man, but violence is the last thing you want. thank you Criss. Sometimes people confused protection with agression but deep down people are good in my view ( just overwhelmed ) they will always have a bigger gun.

  • Ron


    So tell me buddy, what are you gonna do when the F.E.M.A. troops come pounding on your door to take your survival food and your guns? Also, what are you going to do when the scavengers come to your house to take your food and valuables? That’s a tough question isn’t it? It would be like eating crow to let armed government troops come into your house to take what you have worked for and are depending upon for your survival. The inspired “My Cold Dead Hands” speech by Charlton Heston tells me that might be a good time to make my stand and I think logic supports it. If we all commit to doing that no one could prevail against us to take our freedom away. But on the other hand I’m also inspired by Gandhi who
    defeated the oppressive occupation of the British in India without firing a single shot. Oh, and what about the minutemen. Talk to us Chris, this one is a tough call with a lot on the line.


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