My Warning To Investors During Collapse

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3 comments to My Warning To Investors During Collapse

  • Balsher Singh

    Spot On

    if Gold goes up,silver will tag along because of their if gold goes to $50,000,silver will go upto $833 at 1:60 ratio and most probably above that as the ratio will shrink

    and this isn’t a game of dollar but what happens after the dollar collapses

  • Dood-
    I just luv it when you slam guys like Sinclair.
    That article is gold.

    NEVER FORGET – Capital can only come from the Fruit of Labor.

    Good work Chris.

    Oh yea – when your Output is greater than your Input your Upkeep will be your Downfall.

  • Paul T

    Maybe you should do a warning about bitcoin. Clearly it’s the new “tulip mania”.

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