Young Silver Stacking / Being Open to Opportunity

A discussion about going against the grain and stacking silver as a young adult. It is important to be optimistic and be open to different opportunities, because more millionaires were made during the great depression then any other time in US History. While everyone else is panicking, you can be someone who saw this coming and is financially prepared.

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  • David

    I’ve been collecting silver coins as a hobbie since I was a child. But I’ve since began collecting it as a store of wealth. I now have a young son (he will be 3 in December), who has about 11 ounces of Silver (one large 10 oz bar) and a 1 oz coin. he will get my silver and gold if anything happens to me, but what are some ways of teaching the very young about gold and silver?

    I’m also interested in those companies you spoke about.

    Thank you,


    • Cal

      He is one lucky boy. I would not be one to ask, but a few things I would recommend is getting them silver as a gift, get one that is appealing and shiny. If you can make silver seem cool, then it will be pretty easy to convince them.

      I convinced 2 of my younger brothers about silver. The youngest one is 11 and has 3.5 ounces so far!
      Just email me at: I can answer any questions you might have.

  • Cal: Inspiring video for the younger generation! I will post it on my blog, Objective Argentum.

    Best Premises,

    Martin Lindeskog

  • RG

    Have them watch Mike Maloney’s He has 4 30 minute long videos that show in lay man’s term what money really is and how banks scam us, it is a must watch for anyone new to get educated very easily.

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