“Is Mulligan Mint a Ponzi Scheme?”

Stephen Macaskill asks Rob Gray if Mulligan Mint is a Ponzi Scheme and this is his attempt to answer.

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23 comments to “Is Mulligan Mint a Ponzi Scheme?”

  • matt

    Incredible but not unbelievable!!

  • 8Ball

    He should borrow Corzine’s “vaporized” statement…

    • matt

      yeah..Or Obama’s “you get to keep you health insurance” line..PSYCHOS EVERYWHERE….I’M OVER IT!!!!!!

  • Rob or should I say “Mind Mechanic” as you like to be called, thank you for plugging my website, http://www.mulliganmintexposed.com in your sale pitch speech to lure more investors/victims at your Mulligan Mint Open House. Do you really think that was very smart? LOL

  • Brian

    How is it that this guy hasn’t been scooped up by the Obama cabal and used to push O’blah blah care? He is as delusional as the Liar n Chief is.

  • RogueLibertarian

    Chris…it seems as if you are a plant by the banksters to destroy and discredit one man who could destroy the banksters. Either that or you are a vindictive first class piece of excrement. I tend to lean toward the belief that you are a petty, evil little boy who wanted to take his ball and go home…even when the ball wasn’t his.

    • matt

      AH HA HA HAAA ..RL..Are you suggesting Rob could ‘destroy’ the banksters?? That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time..Rob is of the same blood type as these parasites..Pathalogical liars and thieves..You are delusional on a grand scale

      You just took this internet ‘trolling’ to a new level! sad sack!

      • RogueLibertarian

        Ya know matt…maybe Rob and MM couldn’t take on the banksters. I’ll give you that. Can you defend the man child Duane for being a petty vindicive little collectivist?

        • Jeremy

          1. First off, you really discredit any argument you have when you start calling names (“man child”, “vindictive first class piece of excrement”, etc). You are the one using children level language.

          2. How do you get that Duane is a collectivist???

          3. One thing Chris does and does well is research the heck out of any topic he covers – personally, I’m glad to see it all out there and if it helped just one person from being a victim like Duane and other parties on the lawsuit, then it’s wort it.

          4. Obviously there was major fraud and/or illegalities going on if the government seized the operations – are you defending MM in this fiasco?

    • Happy

      Stop trolling, Jack. I really just wish you’d stay out of this.

  • matt

    I think your narcissistic language is more of an insight into your character than your assumption on Chris..Personally I have had very positive communication with someone (Chris) who seems to be doing their best to find positive solutions and encouraging others to also find their own and offing suggestions as well

    I have purchased some of the rounds he has produced and am very happy with MY decision to do so..If he makes money out of it than good luck to him for taking the time and energy to DO something..

    If silver goes to Zero..I have no one to blame but myself as I made the decision to buy metals long before I heard of Chris

    There are several good blogs with intelligent people doing their best to offer a positive solution and help others..AND THEN there are MANY who just bark and fire negative remarks, offering NO positive solutions at all

    The easiest thing to be in this world is a critic..You don’t have to do ANYTHING but critic others efforts.

    I am a musician and film maker and I get it all the time..Ironically the ones who have the most criticism are those who offer NOTHING! I am always open to hear other people opinions but will only take it serious if they can offer something as good or better..Monday morning armchair quarter backs are a dime a dozen..So I would suggest you go and do some work..Show us the fruits of your labour and I/WE might take your words with some kind of validity..Otherwise STFU!!!

    It is very common to find people who suffer from jealousy and if you dig real deep and be honest you will find that you hate that which you yearn to be yourself..Like the sad guy who knocks the guy who gets the hot chicks because secretly he wants to be that guy himself..

    Don’t hate chocolate just because you like vanilla..Just like vanille..you will be happier as a result


    • David


      Some people who post are just internet “trolls”. They may not even believe what they are writing, they just want to churn things.

      • matt

        I’m aware of that..But obviously people who have the tendency to do such things have underlying issues and JUST MAYBE..You can help turn a light on for them as the less people who turn on each other..the more will contribute and unite to a common cause..namely..empowering the individual so he doesn’t seek empowerment via groups, clubs, factions etc..as individually empowered people we are much more powerful as a collective..and the power elite want nothing more than for the little people to be divided via..left/right, black/white, religious means etc etc etc etc etc

        Negativity is not the opposite of positivity..Just the absence of it!

        • David

          “the power elite want nothing more than for the little people to be divided via..left/right, black/white, religious means etc etc etc etc etc.”

          I couldn’t agree more. As on example government + big banks + Fed love it when people are focused on vilifying one political party and canonizing another, rather than learning things like this:

          • matt

            yes watched it the moment it was released..been trying to share it but still getting blank looks and ‘yes but what does it mean’ comments..

            like I said..empower yourself first..only then are you of any good to others IF they are prepared to listen.

        • RogueLibertarian

          Yes you have totally enlightened me and opened my eyes. I now see that clearly Chris Duane is 100% right and Rob Gray is 100% wrong. There is just no way…NO WAY…that Rob Gray will ever proved to be vindicated in this matter…no chance.

          I want to go on notice here predicting the future. I predict that MM will finally fail due to the unrelenting pressure from the Duane/Demos/Republic PR and legal machine. Shortly thereafter the unholy triumverate of Duane/Demos/Republic (DDR) will announce they are buying all assets of MM out of bankruptcy for pennies in the dollar. It is widely believed that DDR has already been so brave as to begin picking out who gets which office. Then DDR will announce it is starting a mint and this new venture will be ran shockingly similiar to MM. But it is here where things will start to go wrong for Duane and Demos.

          You see, Duane and Demos have gotten in bed with a member the ruling facist elite. Now I don’t think these two country bumpkins fancy themselves corporate raiders…I just think Republic is using them for all they’re really good for…USEFUL IDIOTS. D&D are being played by their true masters… Republic Metals. They’re blind hate and ignorance will end up costing them plenty.

          The powers that be are scared. Rob Gray found a way to operate a mint in a manner where the risk of daily precious metal price voliatility is nearly eliminated and the costs of material inventory. This would ensure that precious metals could be brought to the masses in an affordable straightforward manner. Obviously TPTB cannot allow such a thing to happen so they trot one of their own already in the industry to destroy MM. D&D were all too happy to go along never knowing all along that they were the greater fool. Good luck to the folks on this website. You’re about to get a lesson choosing who you associate with.

          • Gus Demos

            Did “DDR” sneak into the mint in the middle of the night and fork lift the 80,000 ounces out and vanish it?

            • RogueLibertarian

              What’s the matter Gus…did I strike a nerve?? Why can’t you respond to my comment instead of trying to change the topic?? Either MM defrauded and stole or they didn’t…only time will tell. But what will be your defense when it becomes obvious DDR started this whole smear campaign just so you could steal another man’s production? Rob Gray may be a thief…but you know what’s worse than a thief?? A thief who steals from a thief. That’s you.

              • Gus Demos

                No nerve struck at all my good man, I simply thought you were telling a fictional fairly tail so I was trying to assist you, similar to the movie Big Fish, at the ending…. In your final version I would add something really catchy, try this one out… “Rob comes from a long line of Entrepreneurs, his grandfather invented the fork & the question mark in the same year”…. People enjoy hyperbole if you use proper tone… Also maybe go with the angle that Rob was a POW or something, build up the audience empathy… But I think your story has real potential, maybe not Spielberg big, but Tarantino big… Good luck…

          • matt

            Seek help..you have serious issues!

            Looks like a case bruised and bashed EGO and lack of responsibility for ones actions.

            CASE CLOSED!!

            I have an 8 yr old I can converse with on a more intellectual level..

            good luck ‘Jack’

            • matt

              Gus..more like a very cheap porno involving animals with some of that cheesy WAKKA WAKKA 70’s music..with Rob, Adam and Gi Joe Jack all lined up, pants down on all fours ready to take it from behind from a well hung donkey!

              “but you know what’s worse than a thief?? A thief who steals from a thief” NOW THERE’S logic..ha ha!! this is funny bordering on very tragic!!

              Hey what’s worse than an liar? I liar who lies to a liar!!

              You are the company you keep one could say!

              having a laugh there Chris??

  • charlie

    way to dress for the occassion

  • Any chance you can post an un-edited version of Stephan Macaskill’s talk? It’s a shame for folks not to hear it in it’s entirety. I was there and it was pretty good.

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