Heads Up About the Sound of Freedom


I wanted to make sure everyone knows – The Sound of Freedom is LIVE every Sunday night from 11 pm-1 am est at http://www.oriontalkradio.com/ and 1650 AM NY- Tell a friend!

I will be broadcasting live Monday November 11 through Friday November 15 from 9-10 pm est at http://www.oriontalkradio.com/ and 1650 AM NY – Tell a friend!

and don’t forget to check out http://thesoundoffreedom.info/

2 comments to Heads Up About the Sound of Freedom

  • AnonPatriot

    Thanks, Chris!

    THIS was a good listen…”This Is What The Opposite Consciousness Sounds Like”


  • Ryan Brooks


    I see that you are upset with Chris, but asking me to get involved and pick a side isn’t going to do anything to help. My philosophy is this: I have seen many people get very bold online in Youtube comments and comments on my own website, but if I would not allow someone to say something to my face, why would I allow it on my own YT channel or website? I am interested in getting information out there for folks that are looking for it. I am not saying that your particular comment is offensive to me, however I do not plan on helping you “expose” Chris. His work speaks for itself. You seem very adamant about it, I would recommend starting a youtube channel or website of your own to get it off your chest. Instead of throwing rocks, build your own house… I tried to contact you with the email you provided but it seems as though that address does not exist.

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