Silver Shield Report #103- The Final Shift In Consciousness

Here we will discuss the evolution of man’s consciousness, the milestones and possible evolution of what we become.

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2 comments to Silver Shield Report #103- The Final Shift In Consciousness

  • marc

    The Lord of Heavens Army’s is always in control of this world. Call on Him. Read the Bible.

  • Ron

    Yes indeed, read the bible. But where shall I hold it (the bible) when they burst through my front door to loot my house? In other words we need to do more than just read the bible and pray. We need to get ready to rumble ! An old friend of mine advises me to relax we have been through worse times before. I had to agree, look at WWII, we could have lost it all so easily. But we didn’t come through those tough times easily and without a struggle. So we need to be
    ready for anything. I say, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. And like Chris says, get out of the system and don’t support the corrupt elite that prey on us.


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