Silver Shield Revealed

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Argyraspides - BU - SampleI have always taken a great deal of care to put a lot of meaning behind everything that I do. When I first stepped out into the public spotlight I put a lot of thought into the name I wanted to write under, and after much thought I chose Silver Shield.  This is the story behind Silver Shield. 

When I set about to wake myself up to the reality of this world,  I ran across one name over and over again that was at the heart of all of the problems in the world.

The Rothschilds were the first global Debt and Death family.  They went from humble beginnings in Frankfurt Germany to the most powerful family the world has ever seen.  Their true family name was Bauer, but soon changed their name to Rothschild after the Red Shield where they attributed all of their power from.  The Red Shield had the seal of Solomon on it and they had the key to create incredible wealth through debt and death.    They have since used this wealth to consolidate power into the world’s central banks and dominate the consciousness of humanity into one of trusting Debt and Death. I soon became depressed thinking about how powerful they were and how hopelessly enslaved humanity was into this consciousness.

Argyraspides - PROOF - SampleI then had a revelation that no matter how powerful they were they needed us more than we needed them.  Their power relied on our consent, debts, service and careers.  No one was putting a gun into supporting this debt and death paradigm.  We can at any moment become free to create our own paradigm.  I sought to create the opposite consciousness, one that would be the antithesis of the current paradigm.  The beauty was that I only need to to free myself and I could leave a path for others to free themselves. I thought real hard about a name that would resonate with this idea and I came up with Silver Shield that stood in stark contrast to the world Red Shield created.

It was not soon after I set about creating the Sons of Liberty Academy, The Greatest Truth Never Told, The Silver Shield Report, the Thrivalist and then the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.   When I started creating SBSS coins I saw it not only as a way to put silver into people’s hands, but to physically show how silver will shield you family from the collapse of the Debt and Death paradigm.

In researching for the Silver Bullet Silver Shield video series, I wanted to see how silver was valued throughout all of history in terms of human labor.  I saw many examples of where basic human labor was valued at a 1/10 of an ounce of silver was the average pay for people outside of a fiat money world. The examples of Roman Soldiers getting paid a Denarius for each day they served the Roman Legion.  This not only paid for their food and housing but also their families and taxes.  In the Bible we see that people working in the vineyards were also paid a Denarius for their day’s labor.

The most stunning example was in Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

“In the operations of war, where there are in the field a thousand swift chariots, as many heavy chariots, and a hundred thousand mail-clad soldiers,with provisions enough to carry them a thousand LI, or 400 miles ,the expenditure at home and at the front, including entertainment of guests, small items such as glue and paint, and sums spent on chariots and armor, will reach the total of a thousand ounces of silver per daySuch is the cost of raising an army of 100,000 men.

I saw this and many more examples including 2/3 of the world living off of $2 a day or the dollar equivalent of a 1/10 of an ounce of silver, as sobering view of what are labor is going to be worth when this paradigm collapses.  I turned it around and used this fact as the most powerful motivation to stack silver.  I viewed every 1/10 ounce of silver as a day’s buffer for me and my family from a harsh reality in a new financial reality of a post dollar world.  I soon saw that I had more than a 1,000 ounces of silver and that would equate out to 10,000 days  or 27 years of savings.  No longer did I worry about things outside of my control like the powerful people in the world and the unsustainable world they have created, I now was self empowered in mind and wealth.  My scope soon changed from helping myself to creating generational wealth and having the means to create a better paradigm.

When I first started creating Silver Bullet Silver Shield coins, I knew I wanted to tell this story and I sought to create an image that would tell the harsh reality of labor valued in silver throughout history.  Since slaves were never paid, I felt the hardest workers for the least amount of pay throughout history were soldiers.  Literally risking their lives in battle and dealing with the most difficult conditions for the least amount of pay.   In my research I came Alexander the Great’s Argyraspides.  The Argyraspides were Alexander the Great’s best legion of warriors.   They were veterans, Silver Shield Ad1and although most of them were over sixty, they were feared and revered due to their battle skills and experience.  Argyraspides literally translates in “Silver Shields” for which they carried into battle.  

The new 1 ounce Silver Bullet Silver Shield Argyraspides is the culmination of name, meaning, message, value and wealth behind the Silver Shield.   It is my hope that this will help share the story about how we can live life consciously different and also provide the wealth to shaping the next paradigm built off of resonating abundance.

10 comments to Silver Shield Revealed

  • matt

    be careful not to over do it Chris. Too many releases too soon me thinks!

  • stackin

    Love the history behind this coin. Another great design, keep them coming.

  • Matt C.

    I was wondering what was the design on the back of the coin, but after looking at your other coins I realize they all have the same back. I never realized that before… just in case anyone else is wondering what the back looked like.

  • Chris-
    You are starting to resonate more and more with my goals of proving Capital can only come from the fruit of Labor.

    Of all content supporting you on the sidebar – none give it like you.

    Thank you.

    Here is to soon becoming an Argyraspides along side veterans of your stature (cause I swore I would be in the best physical shape in my life by 60 – which is attainable).


  • I swore to only buy Silver at closest to spot from the coolest refiner ever.

    I actually might just buy this coin just as it connects with me almost more than the metal itself.

    UDAMAN Chris.

  • Matt

    Chris what private mint are you using to make your coins. Or anyone out there that might know.

  • Tyler

    I like the point about 1/10 an ounce of silver per day, but I think there is a detail missing here. Yes, soldiers got a denarii per diem, but they also had the expectation of plunder. They would sack cities and even pilfer fallen enemy soldiers to make up the difference. This was allowed and even encouraged and was certainly considered as part of their wages (albeit not a guaranteed amount). Also, and I am sure it was just a slip of the tongue, if soldiers each get 1/10 an ounce of silver per day then 1,000 ounces would support 10,000, not 100,000. I know, just me being nitpicky, but great message otherwise. Keep up the great work.

  • Herman

    Why a statist soldier for your coin? Who cares about their precious silver shields that protected them as they went to conquer, rape, pillage, and murder for Alexander? Your last Sic Semper coins was great! This one reminds me of Jack’s spartan coin. Another statist warrior coin.

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