Why I Don’t Like Being Thanked For My Service

Warning – There are parts of this video that are extremely graphic
As time passes, and my own memory of what Afghanistan was like slowly fades away, with each patriotic holiday like Veterans Day I find myself saddened more and more as I see the American people being groomed for the next war to continue our sick way of life. Instead of thanking veterans, Americans should take a good look in the mirror, and try to stop making more veterans.




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6 comments to Why I Don’t Like Being Thanked For My Service

  • moreliberty

    It’s is an odd feeling for me as well. After ten years in the Marine Corps, to include three combat tours in Iraq, I’m very uncomfortable with these thank yous. What I do though is tell people that I didn’t fight/kill for apple pie, mom, the flag or our nation – none of that was ever in jeopardy or at risk. I simply tell them that I fought for my fellow marines next to me.

  • Archangel

    Powerful video. I thank veterans, really look them in the eye and let them know they are appreciated, not becuase I support the cause, but to let them know that people care about them. They endured pain and suffering and major emotional and psychological damage. My kind words might bring a moment of positive to an often painful memory. I especially do this for Vietnam vets like my father. He was drafted and never recovered from the emotional scars. It’s hard to see a 67 year old man who never cries, come to tears at the thought of his past he’s never been able to deal with to this day. These men carry a huge burden with them, and saying “You are appreciated” and “welcome home” might give them a moment of peace. Love overcomes all. That is the only way. Great message, thanks for sharing.

  • Pronoun

    I tell people to say, “Glad you’re back” instead of “Thanks for your service”. Because really what service did I perform? Someone tell me. The logic used to justify war today goes right over my head. It makes no sense why we went, and the powers that be will never attempt to explain. “Thanks for your service” implies that there was this necessary task, and that some risked their lives and well being for it. I risked my life and the lives of others and I don’t know why it was necessary. But, that guy with the flag on his lawn and stickers on his truck thinks he knows.”Supporting the troops” merely means team spirit to those who view war as a football game. “Thanks for your service” means that you wanted me to go to war, that instead of stopping this dishonor and speaking up, you chose to rally for the home team. This cognitive dissonance is embarrassing.

  • My eyes were opened in 1990. I could not agree with what we were doing in the name of freedom, we were over there to take away another country’s natural resources and to spread our debt world wide.

  • BigMamaTEA

    I would like to add to the above, a lot of the people who are currently thanking our Vets, are themselves Vets, or spouses of Vets (Me) who returned home to boo’s and spitting from Vietnam. We were determined that when the next round of Vets came home that would never happen again. Those soldiers (draft was still in for most)were treated in such a vile manner, we said never again.

    So please current Vets, please realize that there is another side of the story. We mean no harm.

    God speed.

  • I have never known what to say to returning veterans, words are inadequate to thank them for what they fought for, whatever their reason. Their sacrifices have been genuine, regardless of the illegitimate nature of the wars. When I was young, Vietnam was going on, every night I saw and wept for these young men, barely older than myself, fighting and dying. I promised that I would speak up and do my best to stop any kind of conflict except defensive, that our Country engaged in. Clearly I have failed, but these veterans have not. They are not extremists, threats, or scary for truth they now know. From this point forward I will tell them the truth, that I honor each of these warriors by fighting to keep all young people from having to learn the horrifying lessons they have. Thank you for the video. God Bless YOU

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