Stunning Mulligan Mint Testimony Released Ahead Of 11/18 Judgement Day has released an absolutely stunning  transcript of Mulligan Mint creditors meeting of October 23rd.   This release is ahead of the November 18, 2013, at 9:30 AM meeting where among many other things, the Chapter 11 Trustee to appear and give a report as to whether he believes there is a viable business model; report to the court as to whether he believes there are options for reorganizing or selling the business as a “going concern”; report whether conversion or liquidation is in the best interest of creditors; etc.

There is no viable business model; as I will never do business with the Mulligan Mint again and no one would trust Rob Gray with their money. The Silver Bullet Silver Shield brand is mine and I will be forced to open up more lawsuits should Rob Gray attempt to further destroy the brand that I built since February 25th 2011.  

As you will see in the Rob Gray testimony, my  Silver Bullet Silver Shield brand made up 90% to 97% of all of the sales for the Mulligan Mint.  When I withdrew my support on April 17th, because of all of these now admitted highlights listed below, the Mulligan Mint lost 90% to 97% of their business.   This despite his outrageous effort to relaunch my stolen designs May, after already stealing all of my profits, he was forced to give up by July 4th because he ran out of my stolen designs and no one would buy from him anyway.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 10.44.11 AMThis proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no viable business model and that this Chapter 11 Bankruptcy should be at the very least converted to a Chapter 7 liquidation, or thrown out of bankruptcy court as a fraudulent bankruptcy and criminal charges should be filed.  It is clear from the recent transcript of Rob Gray that he meets a majority of the Fraudulent Warning Signs listed below.

Bankruptcy Fraud Warning Signs
1. Concealment of assets X
2. Serial bankruptcy cases X
3. Failure to keep usual business records X
4. Incomplete or missing books and records X
5. Conduct well outside ordinary business or industry standards and
practices X
6. Unusual depletion of assets shortly before the bankruptcy filing X
7. Recent departure of debtor’s officers, directors or general
partners X
8. Unanswered questions or incomplete information on debtor’s
schedules and statement of financial affairs X
9. Frequent amendments to schedules, statements of financial
affairs and monthly operating reports X
10. Inconsistencies among recent financial statements, tax returns
and debtor’s schedules and statements of financial affairs X
11. Absence of knowledgeable officers to testify at the Section 345
12. Inability to contact principals of debtor at debtor’s stated location
14. Frequent dealings in cash rather than recorded transactions X
15. Sudden depletion of inventory post-petition without plausible
explanation X
16. Inflated salaries, payments of bonuses or cash withdrawals byofficers, directors,
shareholders or other insiders X
17. Transfer of property to insiders, shareholders and relatives shortly before bankruptcy
18. Payoff of loans to directors, officers, shareholders, relatives or other insiders shortly
before filing. X
19. Transactions with non-debtor subsidiaries, parent companies or affiliated corporations
owned by the same or related persons or entity X
20. A history of prior litigation or post-petition litigation involving breech of contracts, fraud
misrepresentations, etc X
21. Complicated corporate structures and relationships. X
22. Creditor confusion concerning corporate structure. X
23. Fire, theft or loss prior to or after filing. X
24. Failure to pay withholding and sales tax. X
25. Startup of a similar business near the time of bankruptcy filing. X

Among the many highlights of the transcript…

  • Rob Gray and David Gray took over $500,000 in personal expenses in the past year from Mulligan Mint while numerous suppliers and vendors still have not gotten paid!
  • “What happened to the RMC silver?” Rob Gray responses “I don’t know. I have no idea.” Rob Gray is referring to the 70,000 ounces of missing silver from Mulligan Mint that Republic Metals Corporation owns and claims that it was possibly stolen.
  • Phil Pozderac was fired for not complying with Mulligan Mint’s drug policy (smoking marijuana) and then received a severance package of $485,000 as a reward!
  • Rob Gray funneled money from Mulligan Mint into his Singapore bank accounts!
  • Rob Gray funneled $650,000 from Free Lakota Bank into Mulligan Mint!
  • Rob Gray claims he does not own Free Lakota Bank but started it although he still owns the domain name as of November 16, 2013 (Whois) and throws Eddie Allen the manager of it “under the bus”!
  • Mulligan Mint made a down payment of $41,000 on a $920,000 building which is owned by SLV Properties. SLV Properties is owed by Rob Gray’s wife Kira Gray. (Embezzling Example #1)
  • Mulligan Mint made a down payment of $138,000 on a $760,000 home that Rob Gray, David Gray and Kira Gray lives in which is owned by AG LOGISTICS. AG LOGISTICS is a company owned by Rob Gray’s wife Kira Gray. (Embezzling Example #2)
  • Rob Gray offers to convert Provident Metals $35,000 loan to a 5% ownership of the new Mulligan Mint, Inc. which has a pending lawsuit, millions of dollars in debt and just filed for bankruptcy.
  • Rob Gray and Kira Gray took a $30,000 family vacation funded by Mulligan Mint!
  • Rob Gray claims he owns Silver Bullet Silver Shield as his own personal personal property!
    • Q. What about the Silver Shield coins?
      5 A. That’s an interesting question. I believe
      6 that I own this personally.
  • The only CPA Rob brought in to “clean” the books was Scott David Eller.  What Rob did not say was that Mr. Eller was awaiting sentencing for the Dallas Cowboys Mortgage fraud case where is is now in Federal Prison and ordered to pay back $1.7 million.
  • Money Laundering from page 140:4.         Q.  On Schedule B there’s a loan to a customer in
    5 the amount of $284,761.30. The customer is CHD2
    6 Productions. Who is that?
    7          A. The original loan was for $288,000. I believe
    8 they’ve paid down that loan to the amount that’s listed
    9 on Schedule B. That is a long story and I’m not really
    10 sure where to start.
    11        The customer/investor/money launderer of
    12 sorts lent us money last year and we have subsequently
    13 been paying that out down to the 16,000 ounces that has
    14 yet to be repaid. And that 16,000 ounces, instead of
    15 him selling it to us and us paying for it in cash, he
    16 wanted to borrow against it. So we’re supposed to have
    17 16,000 ounces on hand as collateral for this $288,000
    18 loan.
    19        Q. So who is — do you have more precise contact
    20 information for CHD2 Productions?
    21        MAN: (Inaudible).
    22        MS. LARUE: Okay.
    23        MS. HAYWARD: So you owe him 280,000?
    24        MR. RUKAVINA: No. It’s listed as a debt
    25 owed to us.

Go to for this and much more.

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  • matt

    I don’t know Chris…I think we should send detective GI JOE JACK down there with his handy cam to find out just what’s going on..;))

    Or maybe Adam Rambo …oops he’s what? nursing his behind after picking up the soap? Oh dear!

  • Chris

    Hey man. I am sorry you got burned by Gray, but shit if this site hasn’t turned into another version of the ripoffreport -specifically for MM.

    We get it. That’s all im sayin

    You have done some outstanding and inspirational work with SBSS, and all of the other great things you have done. I wouldn’t go near MM for anything after reading the very first posting about it, because I trust you and your sincerity

  • Imagine if Rob Gray was a female.

    Odds are you would have a restraining order and/or be in jail AND she would be out screwing over more victims (who wanna be screwed over).

    We are meant to get screwed in life. Focusing on it gives it energy. Let the time pass and scarcity will give way to ABUNDANCE.

    Be the Thrivalist MAN!

    You will get your chance to redeem – you cannot take it. Let the time pass no matter how long – you will get YOUR chance.

    You feelings will never change. None of us here will ever know your feelings – why do you try?

    Let go – Let God.

  • Sage mind

    Thanks for keeping us all posted
    This is a huge lesson and rsther than privately wondering the whole group stays informed
    There are a lot of teachable moments here
    Thanks Chris


    I have been trying to follow this.

    Can someone put up that big update thread please.

    For some reason I can’t find the link anywhere.

    People would like updates.

    Good Luck Chris, don’t give an inch.

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