Silver Shield Report #104- Consciousness Clarity

Last week, I pushed through some new and difficult ideas in the dark.

This week, I brought in Grace Dobosz to bring some clarity to the consciousness of the next paradigm.

This Silver Shield Report is a very powerful and positive report that will provide clarity, focus and hope for our future.

Members can log into the new Member’s Site and Forum here to see this latest SSR.

The Silver Shield Report is changing format for 2014 to a monthly report at a much lower price.  We will have another opportunity for new members to access the past 100+ forward thinking Reports as well as a continued access to future Silver Shield Reports and member’s forum.

3 comments to Silver Shield Report #104- Consciousness Clarity

  • Hi Chris,

    I’m interested in this article by Grace Dobosz #104 SS Report.
    Could I see it through my e-mail address. My work is rooted in Consciousness expansion and Energetic Healing of the Land, the Building and the Self. I also work with so called “Troubled Teens and Young Adults” aligning them to who they really are and what they came here to do in this lifetime. If interested, I can send you more of what I offer and am involved with. If not, it’s no problem.
    take care, David Kato.

    ps; my website has not been updated for about 7-8 years as a lot has changed with myself and my offerings.

  • Jim Sinclair is in charge of the new Singapore PM exchange. Will he mirror the CRIMEX or will he further himself form family origin?

    FOFA should worry me thinks.


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