Acquire Free Gold from Computers and Cell Phones

This video explains how I get Free Gold and other precious metals from old computers. I feel this is a good hobby to be involved in because the price of scrap Gold and Silver will go up with precious metals. Its a free way to obtain some more precious metals. I also think this will become much more popular when the supply can’t meet demand and prices surge.

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7 comments to Acquire Free Gold from Computers and Cell Phones

  • Michael James


    So instead of showing us the chemicals and process where we can extract the Gold and hold the Gold for ourselves you are advocating trading it in for fiat.

    Remember “if you dont hold it you dont own it?”

    Sure hope that site is paying you guys or that you are the site to send the Gold to.

    • Cal

      I am not advocating anything, do what you want. I am selling this escrap and going to buy 5 oz Rushmore and 5 oz trivium because I think the will do better then good scrap.
      I explain that in the vid.
      Thanks for the input!

  • Willy

    I sell a cheap DVD on eBay that shows how to get the gold off circuit boards very cheaply. I average 6-8 grams of 24k per week just collecting old computers around my small town.

  • trooper85

    very good ideas..i will start implementing this idea at once…bravo more please

  • ShinyRagz

    I love your information on escrap; I will use you ideas and send in a shipment. I will let you know the return. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Hermes

    If you search around the internet and YouTube you can find plenty of free tutorials on how to extract precious metals from electronic scrap. Ask.

    Mr. Willy with his “6-8 grams per week” is exaggerating, unless he’s scrapping 10-20 computers a day and doing an awful lot of work to get those “6-8 grams”. I have a feeling he’s just trying to sell you a DVD.

    In other words, don’t expect to get rich overnight. It’s work, not as hard as digging it out of a mountain but it requires effort and knowledge and skill. There are many people already doing this and most of them are stupid and just trying to earn a few extra FRN and don’t actually do any chemical extraction. Why? Because it’s difficult, and if it wasn’t then guys like Cal would also be doing it rather than selling their stuff to another guy. If you want to make money, learn the chemistry and metallurgy of recovering and refining precious metals from waste materials and buy the scrap from the 99% who won’t take the time to learn. They get the FRN, you get the gold.

    I will warn you all that almost everyone in this business is a crook, so you gotta work that much harder to avoid being ripped off. And now that this once low key pastime has now hit the mainstream, it just might be time to retire from the business before the crush of competition makes it impossible to afford a warehouse any longer.

    C’est la vie.

    • Cal

      Thanks for the info! I will be stripping the gold plating from the computer scrap from here on out. I just would rather get rid of the clutter right now, and with silver so cheap you can’t go wrong with investing the scrap cash in silver!
      Thanks for the input guys! I appreciate it!

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