Dr. Bruce Hagen–Warning Your Doctor May Be Hazardous To Your Health 21.Nov.13

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  • Americans rank 50th in longevity
  • Back surgery is one of the most over-prescribed medical treatments
  • Pharmaceutical companies exert undue influence on researchers
  • Americans, 5% of the world’s population, use 50% of the world’s drugs
  • Drug errors injure millions
  • Leading cause of death in America is IATROGENESIS (doctor-caused death) Look it up on Google (Death by Medicine)
  • In 2001 Americans spent more on side effects than on disease
  • OTC cold medicines are deadly and ineffective
  • Thirty ways to help prevent breast cancer
  • Twenty-seven ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Twenty ways that may prevent prostate problems
  • Your hospital may be a hotbed for infection (MRSA)
  • 100,000,000 unnecessary antibiotics are given yearly
  • Twenty percent of dialysis patients get there from ibuprofen drugs Motrin, Aleve, Nuprin and Advil—LA Times

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2 comments to Dr. Bruce Hagen–Warning Your Doctor May Be Hazardous To Your Health 21.Nov.13

  • Fred Hayek

    Good stuff, Kerry. I hope I’m nearly as sharp as Dr. Hagen when I’m his age!

    One thing that your listeners should be aware of, when you tell them to take control of their own health, is that doctors do not help you do so. I had cancer for which I was operated on twice by one doctor and then received radiation treatments supervised by another. Both doctors had a sort of mild god complex as their default modus operandus. I even specifically and repeatedly complained to the second doctor about the way the first one casually withheld information from me, not in an active way but as a matter of course. And then the second guy did exactly the same thing! Be aware that telling you everything is not your doctor’s usual way of functioning. They’re accustomed to treating patients in a somewhat demeaning, condescending way because your thoughts and your judgements are not seen as having any value in the treatment process. They want you to just tell them if it hurts and where. I’m sorry if that seems cynical but that was my experience and other people have told me the same thing. I have to say that all the nurses I encountered were terrific. So, after finishing radiation treatment, I made a point of giving silver coins to all the nurses but only the nurses.

  • kip caven

    After FORTY TWO (some say less but I was there) surgeries I can attest to the face that the doctors are mainly there to collect a check. I have had ONE dr. who really seemed to care-the rest were just butchers

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