Silver Shield Report #105- Bizarro World Investing

For years I have been saying when a bear attacks a camp you don’t have to out run the bear, you just need to out run the slowest person in the camp.

I have recently been corrected by someone who has had an actual bear encounter.

He said that anyone running will get killed by the bear and what you need to do to survive is stand your ground.

I feel this is the real lesson to survive the coming massive bear market in all intangible, counter party risk, debt based assets.

We need to stand still and not be emotionally involved in this incredible drama that is playing out.

We need to get our wealth in one place and wait for the music to stop, rather than chase hot markets out of one frying pan into another fire.

We need to rationally look at what is going on and decide the best course of action for us.

This week with all of the incredible news that is going on I have gone through all of the same reality checks that I saw in 2005 when I got out of the housing bubble and bought silver.

And like I did in 2008 when I left my business and held on to silver prior to the business collapsing and silver rising 500%.

I will spend some time in this Silver Shield Report to look at why I am giddy about sub $20 silver.

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1 comment to Silver Shield Report #105- Bizarro World Investing

  • matt

    made alot more with Cryptos in the past 2 weeks than past 2 yrs with Silver AND..a tiny fraction of what I put into silver..

    The biggest bul market in history underway!

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